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Davichi Kang MinKyung voted #1 with the face that aged the most

Davichi Kang MinKyung was chosen as #1 for the one “whose face age the most”.

On KBS Star Golden Bell aired on 12th December, the guest appearances present have all voted Kang MinKyung as the one with “those face that age the most”.

Group Secret member Jeon HyoSeong said, “Kang MinKyung is 89-er and 1 year younger than me. At first, I thought she is an unnie since she is a seonbae and is taller than me. But turned out that she is younger.”

SES member Shoo said, “The way I see it, I think Kang MinKyung and I are from the same family tree. Her little little moments are all similar to mine.”

Voted at #2 was Jung Juri. Jung Juri said, “I debuted at 21. From then I was being called a housewife.” Lee SooGeun added, “That’s the kind of face you will not get tired of even if you look at it in 10 years.”


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  1. It’s these little trivial things that go to show that there is way too much concern and focus on looks. Like really? Why would you point out to someone they look like they have aged a lot?
    Although, Perhaps maybe the translation is a bit off, and in Korean, it it might not sound so offensive.

  2. aww this poll seems a bit mean…i feel kind of bad for her

  3. Agree with 121. Boa looks like an attempt to rehydrate beef jerky. I thought she looked like in her late 30s last time I saw her.

  4. LOL
    But she is really pretty and cute, isn’t she?
    that’s enough =))

  5. Although i know it sounds harsh, i don’t think she’ll be upset by it. Honestly in my years of Kpop i’ve learn’t that Korean Humor is pretty evil and centers around exposing peoples insecurities. Wang Bi ho any one.

    Anyways i also thought she was much older then her actual age at first because she’s soo tall and really talented lol, but when you look at her, her face it really round and cute.

    • With Wang bi ho, as you soon as you enter his theatre, you know what you are getting as a celebrity and well his humour isn’t in bad taste, just a twist in what they sound like in korean words etc

      He is a comedian and thats what he is doing, he is a shock jock and his shows allow him to do the things he does with no probs, if people had probs, the show would have closed and there goes another good comedian

  6. lol to be honest ever since I became interested in kpop Ive noticed many female also male idols kind of look old for their ages and about kang minkung im also shocked that she is one year younger than me as Jeon HyoSeong said she looks like unnie same thing goes to CL she look very old for age and also ISY she is 25 but she looks like she is in her 30s the only 2 idols is dara who look likes she is still teenager and nam gyuri seeya seeya ex member

  7. aww…that’s gotta hurt…why make polls that hurt ppl’s feelings?

  8. aww…that’s gotta hurt…y make polls that hurt ppl’s feelings?

  9. i like watching sgb and all the goss and stupid stuff thats goes with it
    there was the one about who they want to protect the most, they said sunny
    or when the new presenter, not the one that got reinstated (the guy) i hope ou know what im talking about, where he tries to say something but could have said it a better way
    but really, to get a vote of whose face age the most
    thats like saying your young but old at the same time
    sorry but you dont look like 21 but 25
    things like that hurt and im hope she does get offended by it
    when i look at her, she still has her cute puppy baby face

    anyway my rant is over

    • I agree with you.

      Because I am tall and I wear black glasses, people always tend to think that I am 25 and I hate it.
      They always say with a freakin smile “omg… you look so much older”…… yeah great…….

      people should keep those thoughts in their head.

      For me, Kang MinKyung does definitely look her age.
      Plus, she is not THAT tall. she isn’t even 170cm.

  10. haha i think this poll is kinda bad~~ XD

  11. she’s an 89’er meaning she will turn 21 by next year 2010.. and when I first look at her pic she looks 21 to me. and she is very pretty

  12. i think so too!! i thought she was around 24 years old.. but she is pretty ^^

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