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SHINee Onew confesses, “My relationship with JongHyun was growing distant…”

Idol group SHINee member Onew gives a shocking confession that he had once been distant with fellow member JongHyun.

SHINee was on SBS Kim Jung Eun‘s Chocolate aired on 12th December, when Onew revealed that. He added that his personal talent was ‘living body gag’ and he imitated JongHyun‘s voice on the spot, rousing laugther from the audience present.

JongHyun said, “Because of the voice imitation, Onew and I reconcile our relationship which was growing distant.”

Meanwhile, on the show, the group revealed that their ideal type is MC Kim JungEun, and they reenacted parts of drama ‘Lovers In Paris’ on the show.


56 Responses

  1. I KNOW SHINee’s awesome ! Onew have a unique voice and make people laugh, Key is SUPER talented. he can dance, sing, and rap ! taemin can dance really well, Minho = awesome rapper, Jonghyun, really can sing well ! they dun need to act cute cos they are already cute(: these are all they’re PLUS points. sure they have some weaknesses but everybody has right? DUH. sheesh. hmm, i love SHINee, big bang and 2pm ! i lik most korean grps(: so hey, those who dun lik SHINee , dun waste ur time yea? (in writing comments and watching their vids?)
    2PM !

  2. No matter what she/he/they said..
    SHINee saranghae! I know you’re working so hard
    Can’t wait for your new album ^^

  3. ONEW!handsome and cute alwayssssssssss!miss onew so much!

  4. i love shinee forever!!!and to those who don’t like them,well then great!it just means more opportunity for us fans who love shinee very well.and obviously to those who are saying bad things about shinee oppas,you HAVEN’T been updated to the world.but as i said,i won’t convince you guys that shinee is a ver good boy band because they ALREADY are!!!and more opportunity for us!yaay!!!haha…whatever!i hate to fight~haters will just die unhappy and go to hell.haha.shinee oppas fighting!!!!! πŸ™‚

  5. j’aime beaucoup se goup lΓ  j’ai Γ©coutΓ© ous votre chanson et je vous dire
    l’ets go shinee ilove you onew

  6. there are differences among all the entertainers in the world..

    some artist became what they are today because of hard work..
    well, we can’t really appreciate what they are really doing because we’re simply watching them do their shows and everything that they have to do, and because we’re not there to watch them give their 100 and plus percent effort just to give us a huge and spectacular performance that’s why you simply say what you say! and you think that it’s nice because your outspoken and vocal, or whatever you call it!

    You don’t think of the people who are affected in this matter, because you heartless haters are empty!

    If you don’t like SHINee or any other entertainers, I advice you to not watch them so that you won’t have anything negative to say! That’s a GREAT solution to your hating problems! I also advice you to focus on your idols so that you won’t have a problem on how to criticize someone or some people you don’t like!


  7. I just want to say… there’s a fine line between constructive criticisms and tactless comments. Know the difference before you claim that you’re just stating your own opinion …If your comment is unnecessary and obviously biased, and your soul intention is to bash the idols, please keep your thoughts to yourself πŸ™‚ Though there isn’t any written rule stating that one can’t say his or her own opinion, there’s this thing called ‘tact’ …Don’t be surprised if SHINee fans (such as myself) retaliate regarding hateful comments most especially if it’s totally uncalled for.

    I believe they’re one of the most talented groups out there, considering how young they are. And, SHINee delivers such strong and consistent live performances β™₯

  8. @Samn + the rest of you haters…What the hell is it to you, anyway?

    Nobody is forcing you to like them…so why do you feel you have to express your idiotic, negative opinion and offend fans?

    Why are you comparing them to other totally different artists?

    And FYI, Jonghyun has soul, Onew’s voice is gorgeous, Key is super-talented, Minho is an AWESOME rapper, and Taemin is a effing good dancer!

    And DBSK wannabes? SHINee are under the same bloody company, writers and mgmt, so there’s BOUND to be similarities, obviously.

    And TBH SHINee are actually very unique in their image and sound.
    Okay, so they can act a bit TOO ‘scripted’, innocent and smiley sometimes, and that can get annoying, but REMEMBER that they are under huge pressure from that sadistic SM company to project a certain ‘pure’ image, and that is damn hard to keep up.

    However, the boys are genuinely hard-working, nice people who are just trying to be successful and make a living.

    Which is more than can be said for you.

    I doubt SHINee would care. If you don’t like them, ignore them.
    Have a nice life, BBs.

  9. SHINee is one talented boygroup. Jonghyun has an incredible voice,same as Onew. Key is irresistible,Minho, he’s handsome, and his voice I say is manly!Taemin is one of the best dancers I have ever seen!he dances like MJ!!!
    You haters hate them because they are so talented and good looking!taemin smile is not fake!!!you just cant admit that his smile melts your heart!
    If you don’t like SHINee then don’t mind them!!!

  10. yoo..guyss..cant u guys juz stop itt..
    juz finish it this wayy..
    they all can sing,dance,and rapped..
    ur deft if u cant hear them singing n rapping,
    ur blind if u cant c them dancing,
    and sanm juz stop..
    heyy..they’re juz wanna make a living..
    their human 2..juz like u..
    its not like ur a pig..
    we all dun care if ur in any other group fan girl
    or i can say..a bitch..
    juz stop it..

  11. aiya
    shinee is ok to me as well
    although i dont dare to speak out like you but i have to agree
    shinee is like dbsk-wannabes
    you can see how they support dbsk and suju
    they support dbsk more than suju
    shinee is also too thin and without the hair they look ugly
    i hate how they filrt with the snsd
    they are all unnatural on shows and camera whores
    you can see how they stand during the ending of music programs
    even it is not them being nominated but they still squeeze to the front
    agree to some point
    nod nod :DD

    • hahha i agree with you. but we have to consider that they are SM artistes so if you look kind carefully, you can tell that their lines are always scripted and they seldom reveal their true selves. i feel that they are always bounded by something and cant be who they really are but idols SM want them to be. its kinda sad cause i think they really have the potential.

  12. I really don’t like the way everyone who brought up the wonder girls onto their comments :/
    I admit that I am a huge wonder girls’s fan and I got totally offended by you saying that wonder girls can’t sing or dance or bla bla
    Please, wonder girls are indeed mediocre but you have to admit that yeeun, sunye, and sunmi are decent singers! For goodness sake they CAN sing kay! You’re totally on denial if u say they can’t!
    Plus yoobin is one good rapper. Although you can’t just say that yoobin is better than shinee minho 😦
    They both have their own plus points k.

    And God! Shinee CAN sing k! Honestly I thought only shinee and 2pm who are very stable in their live performances (among the idol groups).

    K whatever, you may find this comment irrelevant whatsoever. I only wanted to express how greatly disappointed I am that wonder girls is being dragged here :/

  13. Oh baby, if you’re gonna talk about talent, don’t mention the Wonder Girls. They have ONE decent singer and mediocre dancers.

    Basically, your comments show a huge level of ignorance.

    You say Onew can’t sing?
    Oh lord, that can’t be ignorance (?) I hope.. You’re probably deaf, so I’ll let that go.

    It’s pretty obvious you only hate SHINee because you’re a DBSK fangirl.

    You expect a 16 year old to be as good as a 30 year old? Delusional.
    Of course they need time but they’re definitely not talentless.
    They’re good looking and they have tons of talent.
    The keys to success. πŸ™‚

    Plus…They’re unique.

  14. ^
    japan’s most popular – arashi – is.. well, i wouldn’t call them talented.

    • they are talented more than kpop artists as ENTERTAINERS. they sure how to entertain audience during concerts and performances which i don’t really see in kpop world — well, speaking of different style.

  15. Wow , that’s a pretty long comment
    Hmm , at some point you stated , I have to agree with you.
    Nowadays in the Kpop industry/music,I cant seem to find anyone who can foray into foreign markets like DBSK did in the past.
    Other than big bang,I cant think of others.
    I feel that the country that is hardest to foray is US then Japan.
    China is like if you learn their language,you get to have fame.That’s how I thought but doesn’t mean it is right but ya,Japan emphasize lots on talent.
    Shinee to me,although im not a huge junk fan like you guys but in future might be okay not now though.
    Girl generation might get a chance but I dont want them to foray into Japan the number 1 pornography industry in the world
    i cant imagine how it is like girls alone in a foreign country so ya
    basically that’s how i thought xP

  16. to all those responded my comment
    wow i just wrote my own views and here you got tons of hate mails
    i mean i cant express my view points
    since this is comments section i just comment what i thought and that’s it but you guys are overreacting
    just what i say make such a huge response on you guys means you guys are really sensitive in huge sense
    well i guess that’s it
    i shouldnt have waste time writing in the first place
    second im not an anti but rather just a passerby
    ya i admit my grammar and vocabulary is horrible
    gonna brush up my english lessons and mugging time

    • @sanm …. you said.. “wow i just wrote my own views and here you got tons of hate mails” … could that be because you wrote your bad comments bout shinee in an article that is about shinee and only shinee fans are supposed to be reading it? I mean, I wouldn’t read articles about Wonder Girls or other artists that I don’t like, that’d be wasting my time… what kind of idiot would read and comment an artist they don’t like? and btw your comment about the puppy or whatever is just stupid…..

      • honestly speaking
        the puppy example is quite good
        it’s realistic
        i think most of you here are kids so you don’t quite get what samn means
        i know she/he might be rude in stating all these
        but i respect all views,at least she have some point somewhere
        SHINee is hard to go to the top too
        last year i thought they will win against big bang but they didnt
        this year too they somehow sort of lost to 2pm
        make sense
        not stupid πŸ™‚

      • you are just trying to be expensive and ya…..ikp is right. i never go through an article about the group i don’t like and about o-news fake smile….do you really know how true smile is given?? or have you ever smiled to someone from heart??? and Tae-Mins dancing skill…do you even know what a real dance is??? If you don’t like him then it means you don’t like king of pop Michael Jackson too cuz Tae-Min is his fan and he is tae-mins idol so…..in SHINee, all members are great and JongHyun,can you sing or are you a singer or have any idea what true singing is???
        Min-ho is a model and a singer too in this young age and you should be proud of them…..and ya..this is my point of view as you told us about your point of view

    • hi sanm, i dont think its wrong to give comments and im not going to say that you have bad grammar or vocab but i just want to tell you that you are kind of wrong to say all the worse than who and what. it just goes to show that you are an absolute hater and not someone giving constructive comments.

      Firstly, yes SHINee members look a little gay but they have already said over and over again that they are a band that focuses not only on music but also fashion and they are indeed wearing the trendiest stuff now. I can say they are at least not boring although they sometimes go overboard.

      Secondly, i agree with you that minho cant rap/sing.

      Thirdly, Onew’s voice is definitely freaking good. I dont think his voice suits SHINee’s title songs well but when you hear him sing trot or ballads, you will know what is good.

      Fourth, Taemin is skinny but can you blame the boy for that? He was borned like that and alot of people can never gain weight no matter how much they eat and he just doesnt have the face for a muscular body. If he is not your type then fine, im sure there are alot of people (like Jea of BEG) who likes him.

      Lastly, SHINee is definitely a talented group. I’ve watched most of their live performances and i must say they always deliver every single time. They definitely have what it takes to be on top. As for whether they will last, time will tell.

      By the way,tell me if im wrong but from your comments my guess is that you’re a huge DBSK fan that became a SHINee hater because of a stupid scripted report.

    • well, if you rephrased and said something like, i dont think they are that talented and their oufits looks quite bad then im sure there wouldnt be such a huge response. from the looks of your comment, it really seemed like you hated SHINee to the core so naturally SHINee fans will stand up for their idol group. And if you go to international fan forums you should know SHINee fans are not as rude and overly SHINee sided as other idol group fans. You should have realised how much idol groups mean to their fans, we arent the ones that are too sensitive, you just werent sensitive enough to have realised that.

    • yea..its good for u to realize how stupid you r when u leave ur hateful comments in first place..why dont u think before u pointed up something??
      there is a karma, when u did a wrong thing, u will end up to be wronged..
      u should know that..i already saw a lot of SHINee live performances, & they are amazingly good..if u really have a chance, just take a little while to get to know them..then, u will terribly regret of what u say..
      sorry to you SANM, but every comments u told us before its not true..
      learn from a mistakes & dont judge the book by its cover

  17. when they were red in their days of replay , i love their song and dance
    but as juliette came up,i feel like are they in for music or for appearance ?
    ok that blondie wrote it but i dont feel the song at all , weird song to start with and not catchy
    i hate shinee now ,
    to be specific after they release statement about dbsk case
    how can they be like that ?
    dbsk used to look upon them as their fave dongsengs when they just debuted the same time as dbsk 4th album
    which can be seen in the GDA08
    but i was so damn disappointed when they dont support someone who helped them before
    this means they are just hypocrites
    to be truth , their rapping is worser than yubin of wondergirls
    their vocalist is worser than daesung in big bang
    their dancer is worser than 2pm wooyoung
    and the main dancer is fucking damn thin
    like the wind can blow him away at anytime
    and so thin and ugly too
    is like a big pizza face sticking to a stickman
    onew look like some not so good vocalist that squeeze in just bcoz of good looks
    key and minho is two only know how to act pretty
    seriously sment should strt with talent rather than appearance
    imagine other who can sing better than them
    i only realise how many girls or stupid fans out there fall for them who cant sing and rap well
    at least 2pm although cant sing well their dance is otherwise
    shinee to me are very boasty
    they boast about their looks and so on
    and i hate taemin’s fake smiling face , i bet his unsimiling face is freaking not nice
    shinee will not survive long
    now the top notch in korea are only
    i bet no other groups can foray into japan
    if shinee goes to japan , their songs are ok and dance are not impressive
    i dont think japan will accept them

    • true enough.. after their Noona nomu yepo i didnt like the other songs already,. i thought they wud shine & do better though, but after a few singles, i still couldnt find whatz so special in them.. oh wells..

      • well then that’s too bad, because if you really tried harder to see how fun it is to watch these guys, you’d understand.

        but then if you really can’t, then… i guess it’s just better when you don’t know what you’re missing. ^_^

    • then dont ever read an article about them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      …i luv shinee!!!!!shinee 4ever!!!!!
      BTW,where’s taemin????

    • shinee won’t survive long?
      okay first, they’re in sm. that explains everything.

      second, they’ve been accepted by so much sunbaes:
      park hyo shin, kim bumsoo, kim taewoo, wheesung, etc.
      they have talent.

      japan literally accepted them -_- get your facts right.
      don’t you see their popularity rising?

      apparently, not.

      shinee to you are boasty?
      obviously you dont know shinee to say that.

      name 3 things they’ve boasted about.
      they have never boasted about their appearance.

      taemin’s fake smiling face? you call that fake?
      you sure cant distinguish real smiles and fake
      smiles huh?

      get to know kpop way more before you say stuff like this.

      top notch in korea are those list?
      okay, yeah they are
      but dude YOU’RE being a freaking hypocrite; and yet
      you call shinee a hypocrite. pretty sad.

      you say shinee can’t dance.. and yet
      you’re saying wonder girls are top notch? -_-
      you say shinee can’t sing, and yet you say
      wonder girls are top notch.

      super junior is top notch alright, but don’t you see
      their age?

      shinee already went to japan f.y.i -_-

      • welll i didnt read what you bullshit
        but thats just my opinion
        like it or not is your choice
        is not like im scolding them
        im just stating my opinion
        if you cant allow me to even express my viewpoints i could just join any anti fansite and scold the hell out of them
        im being honest here and if you try to contradict do all you want
        it’s like in the world the uinjustice world
        someone get beaten , and there are onlookers who couldnt help
        you are just like one of the onlookers viewing how people got beaten out and would not help
        the fact that you reply already show what character you are
        appearance > music
        it is like buying a dog
        a cute puppy VS a dog with impairs
        you will be the one that choose the cute puppy
        wouldnt you ?

      • to sanm:
        …wtf are you talking about?! you arent even making any sense in your comment. you say ‘the fact that you reply already show what character you are’ uh how hypocritical cause you just RESPONDED to grace’s comment back. so i guess it just shows your character too ? & if you didnt read her ‘bullshit’ then why are you commenting back so angrily & judging her saying she would choose a cute puppy or whatever? that has nothing to do with what she was even talking about. if you’re going to arguw your point with someone, please be on topic and make sense.

    • dude, if you’re just going to be hatin’ on ShiNee on a ShiNee article(which is just plain senseless), at least learn English, k? your grammar and vocabulary are horrible.

      • I just learned english this year
        so may I know what’s samn’s mistakes are ?
        sorry i love english alot and very wanting to see what mistakes i should learn for
        and by the way
        im a huge/big fan of shinee music πŸ™‚
        hope you teach me some english
        thank you

    • what are you talking about?

    • hey, if their song isn’t catchy, why would it won so many awards?
      and SHINee would never do that to dbsk! they gor manner!

      yea i know they were lots of people that’s better than SHINee. SHINee isn’t perfect.

      so what if taemin so damn thin?

      SHINee got talents. they won MKMF rookie award. don’t you know that?

      isn’t it normal for celebrities to boast their look? i mean, look at other artists. like they never boast their look.
      and SHINee never boast their look

      taemin’s smile is fake?? huh, you know nothing about SHINee!
      and have you ever seen taemin’s not smiling face? it’s so damn cool

      i admit SHINee is not as good as the artists you mentioned there, but they debuted way before them. it’s normal.

      shinee has been to japan 3 times, and they were accepted.

      i know you just share your opinion but don’t write it here. it’s a shinee article. lots of shinee world would see this article and of course they wouldn’t agree with you.

      and yet you said we’re overreacting. we just want to straighten what you said.

      and, you really know nothing about SHINee.

  18. aww SHINee & 2PM!

  19. I don’t get it . . What is it means onew and jonghyun relationship was growing distant?? what is ‘living body gag’?? Is that kind of imitates someone acts?

  20. rofl but his imitation is soooo good
    it’s exactly how I sound when i sing Jjong’s parts in SHINee songs xDDDD

  21. I love shineeee… onew and jonghyun were growing distant?

  22. I don’t get it , what does “living body gag” have to do with the vid ?

  23. They are a talented group. SME should stop dressing them in clothing that are like drag or borderline girl clothing

    • I can tell you’re refering to what jonghyun is wearing. πŸ˜›

    • like what talent ?
      jonghyun may sing well but his voice cant let him to be a solo artist
      if you say about vocal
      a main vocalist is able to fly solo as powerful
      i cant imagine him being a soloist with that sandy voice which although good but not nice to my ears
      taemin’s dancing if you called that good i got nothing to say
      im a person with high expectations especially you come from a very reputable company
      you should have to dance well not smile fake
      onew ? tell me what is his talent ?
      minho ? if you say rapping , but it sound worser than wonder girls yubin , he even lost to a girl group
      worser than i heard …

      • are you serious about onew? his voice is amazing.

      • LOL to the nth power to this hater. Have you actually heard Jong sing? Have you heard his cover of 7 Years of Love, First Time, and Nothing Better? I feel sad that you don’t realize how amazingly talented he is. Taemin’s dancing, Onew’s singing (and that’s fucking On to the New that you’re talking about), and Minho’s rapping are all amazing as well.

        by the way, although i personally like Minho’s rapping more than Yoobin’s, i respect the fact that you think otherwise. however, i don’t see what’s wrong about his rapping sounding “worser”(as you put it) than Yoobin’s, because Yoobin’s his freaking sunbae and she’s more experienced and such. so what if he loses to a girl group in your ears?

        And also, fix your vocabulary and grammar. Not only are you a senseless hater, you’re an illiterate one too.

      • woooh, now SOMEONE does not know
        the definition of talent.

        stop hating on shinee just because
        you dont want to admit that they’re talented -_-;

        gosh, whats wrong with them being so talented?

        jonghyun’s voice isn’t powerful? then you’re literally
        saying almost EVERY singer in korea can’t sing.

        taemin’s dancing isn’t good?
        man, how old are you to say this?
        are YOU even good enough to dance?
        not smile fake?
        aw, are you jealous his smile melts every girl
        and that cant happen to you? 😦

        yeah, onew can SING. if he had no talent, he
        wouldnt have become a singer in the first place. duh.
        hes also smart.
        ranked 2nd out of his whole high school.
        bet you, YOU cant do that.

        well, minho isnt the greatest rapper, but one thing for
        sure is, is appearance is one of the best for
        an idol group.
        have you seen his face??
        or again, are you just sad you cant be like him? 😦

        yeah, i’m sorry shinee’s too talented for you 😦

      • tehhehee you made me laugh!

        Way to be ignorant!

        you obviously are deaf!

      • well, you can’t please everybody.. as we all say.
        But I guess you’ just have to watch their performances and observe something positive, rather than sticking to negative ones.
        You have high expectations, but you don’t notice that it’s too much.
        SHINee members are trying their best to give everybody a great show. And I think you haven’t heard them sing well, because they usually sing and dance in their performances, coz that’s what their work is all about. It brings more entertainment to people and their fans.
        Onew has a really good voice, you should really think about what you said. And seriously, MINHO and TAEMIN are great.
        Minho’s rap isn’t bad.. nor “worse” than yu bin.. (like what you said) Taemin is a great dancer, Onew and Jonghyun, and Key are great singers and dancers also.

        you just have to think about everything that you have said.. because as everybody says there is room for improvement,
        and I know SHINee is working on it..!


      • i just noticed sanm didn’t mention key.
        kekeke. key is awesome btw. =)
        SHINee hwaiting!

      • Then why dont try become a singer.. Person who r airhead like u will never sucess.. i bet u have no talent at all.. trying to find fault in everyone ..
        They r one talented bunch so GET LOST

      • sanm, i think you’re just bored. you’ve got nothing to do so you compare.. i think you grew up in the same condition. people around you compare… you have a high expectation?? i think not. definitely you’re biased. every other group or soloist you mention have their weaknesses.. i’m not going to mention it LIKE YOU DID… you’re opiniated but channel it to a better use. THESE IDOLS ARE HUMANS TOO. EVERYBODY, I REPEAT EVERYBODY… ARE NOT PERFECT…

      • you just haven’t heard jonghyun singing solo huh?
        he’s one talented singer. if he’s not, why would artists like Zhang Li Yin featured him at one of her song? and why would SM trust him to be the lead singer? because he’s talented.

        onew could sing! he’s the 2nd main vocalist!

        like you can dance? taemin could dance so damn powerful you know.

        minho could rap so powerful. guy’s rap and girl’s rap are different! okay, i’m a fan of WG, i admit that yoobin’s rap is so damn cool, but minho doesn’t lose to her!

        know shinee more before you bash them

      • what are the point that u get when u always pointing at other’s fault??
        bash,sick,annoying,being hated,irritated & pathetic..its all u get from ur unworthy comments..
        u should think before say something.waht is wrong with shinee??
        is they really had commited a sin to u??if so, u still should be calm & think with a sound mind..everybody in this world was gifted by a talent..so with shinee..
        if u think taemin is not good in dancing, so u should take a dance class for 5 years to be as same level as him..Jonghyun??u can be as great as his sandy voice if u go to the vocal class for 2 years i think..Onew??his voice was giftted..i bet u never can achieved his level till u major in singing..minho..ooo,his good & able to rap..or maybe u can rap also since u can talk a lot about them..why dont u go for some classes,study & then come back 5 years later to comment about them????good luck to u

      • geez ! what is wrong with you ? ALL of them are talented yah ? apparently , you’re the first person that that i know that said all these bout them. amazing you can point out their ‘weakness’ when everybody else thinks they are great ! oh. what have you got to say bout Key ? hmm, unless you can rap,sing,dance better than them then fine. if not, shush up !

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