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Secrets to 2PM ‘jjit’ TaecYeon revealed

2PM TaecYeon reveals the secret to earning his nickname of ‘jjit’ or ‘rip’ TaecYeon with ripping his clothes during 2PM’s performances.

The boys were interviewed on KBS 2TV ‘Entertainment Weekly’ on 12th December when TaecYeon said, “You have to replace the buttons with clip buttons.  I don’t have a good build and want to just rip until my stomach area. But when I rip them off, all the clips came off.”

The boys also talked about having a special performance with designer Andre Kim, “Already Nich Khun has done it. And he was angry when the working was not done right.”

Meanwhile, the boys introduced themselves as vocal JunSu, strength TaecYeon, butt ‘jjang’ JunHo, ‘ang ang’ WooYoung, wink Nich Khun and well-eating ChanSung during the interview.


9 Responses

  1. Ang ang WooYoung..reminds me of Wild Bunny

  2. ‘ang ang’ Wooyoung..ah..so cute…hehe…
    haha..i remember that Nickhun once said that he’s not winking machine..hehe…and yet he introduce himself wink nickhun..=)

  3. for me, the best sic pack is Jay. sorry Taec. hihi =D

  4. ‘ang ang’ wooyoung! 😦 I miss the wild bunny days. Jay… ;'(

  5. well, it’s a good thing all the buttons came off, taec 😀

  6. yeaah,they prefer introducing like that because there’s no leader in the group…
    when there’s jaebum , jay will introducee himself like ,”hello,this is 2pm’s LEADER,jaebum.” but now , he has gone so other 2pm’s member decided “there’s no leader in the group now”

  7. i loved the way when they introduced themselves..
    with nicknames so cute & funny xD
    but they forgot JAY ><
    i want 2 know what will be his nickname !!

  8. What?! he didn’t have a good build !!
    is he kidding ?! he have a nice & hot body ><
    i want 2 know what will be his nickname !!
    old man with pink!! LOL!!!!!

  9. AHHAHAHAHA best butt junho

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