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KARA Kang JiYoung’s funny parody of ‘IRIS’, anyone?

KARA member Kang JiYoung‘s recenty parody photos revealed have given netizens a good laugh.

A set of composite parody photos of Kang JiYoung posted up on an internet portal site recently has been the topic amongst netizens. The essence of the parody came from Kang Ji Young in a pose. The original photo shows JiYoung holding a mic in her hand, but the netizens who did the parody composited different items into her hand.

There is even one that parodises hit drama ‘IRIS’ where she was seen together with actor Lee ByungHun.

Netizens’ responses were, “Sync rate 100%”, “Looks like the real thing”, “Gangster JiYoung with IRIS – daebak”, “Cute”, “Really funny” etc.

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  1. […] the series of funny parody photos made by fans, using a photo capturing KARA Kang JiYoung’s pose during one of KARA’s performances, […]

  2. […] It seems that she has acknowledged the spree of photoshop-ing of her recent public performance photo done by netizens. […]

  3. HAHA!! That was so cute.

  4. haha,.. lol jiyoung,.. so cute. Same expression..

  5. omg… the other parodies of her image in L4D & GTA is just priceless

  6. she’s so cute :b

  7. lmaoooooooooo

  8. HAHAH!!! GTA and Ninja Assassin one is SO FUNNY! I bet she’s an assassin in disguise…

  9. I dont get it.

    Love GTA style!^^

  11. Gyahaha totally cute XD

  12. loved the GTA style!! 😀

  13. LOL that’s what fans do! HAHA cute!

  14. hhahaa omg this is so cute! love her<3

  15. LOL

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