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[Featured] Meet Dia, underrated Korean female soloist

Teenage solo singer Dia revealed some photos during the album jacket photoshoot to her upcoming album on her minihompy recently.

She’s talented and has a great voice, but pretty much underrated, go under the cut to know more about her.

Thanks to Luminosity, a blog that covers on underrated singers in Korea, here’s more about Dia.

  • Stage Name: Dia (DIAmond)
  • Real Name: 김지은 (Kim Ji Eun)
  • Born: June 12, 1992
  • Physique: 162cm, 47kg
  • Place of Birth: Incheon Metropolitan City
  • Hobbies: Performing, Painting, Movies, Dancing, 옷디자인
  • Education: Attending SangOk High School
  • Awards: Youngdong chupungryeong Song Festival 2008 target | Youth Song Festival 2008 Incheon Bupyeong target | Gold dongseongro Song Festival 2008 in Daegu | Pohang Beach Song Festival 2008 Gold |The Revenge Song Festival in 2008, Silver

She released her 1st album ‘Dream’ earlier this year in February with the title song ‘Dream’.

She has been rather inactive after the album release. But she is known for her great covers.

And leaving you with some of her recent photos posted on her minihompy. These were taken during her album jacket photoshoot. Her next album is set to drop some time around January next year.

Do keep a lookout for this young vocal powerhouse!

Thanks to Mardi for the updates on Dia!


22 Responses

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  2. […] singer Dia is more known to many as ‘teenage Park Bom’ or ‘Korea’s […]

  3. haha.i was shocked when i heard that there was a korean singer named DIA. haha. i thought there wouldn’t be.haha. we have the same nickname.love it (:

  4. >.> her nose job bothers me

  5. […] Featured on KBites previously, teenage vocal powerhouse Dia is back with a new single album ‘Kaeret’ and the title song ‘Another Boy’ has been revealed! […]

  6. btw, thanks sookyeong for the article~ ^________^

  7. Her nose job is bugging me. I love her voice.

  8. her voice would be wasted on mainstream pop. it’s very very soulful. she should sing more of those kinds of songs!

    …which, incidentally, will probably mean that she will always be underrated. because in the world of kpop, it’s mainstream pop that usually rules 😦

  9. I actually knew about her a few months ago, she performed on music core/bank (I forget) But my favourite song from her is Smile! You guys should definitely youtube it or something 🙂

  10. Pretty nice song and great vocals but some part hurt my ears..maybe bad quality

  11. she’s pretty! ^____^
    i don’t understand why people give talented artists like her not much attention…
    btw. she remindas me of bada 😀

  12. she’s pretty and i love her voice. she sings great covers too. pity she’s underrated. but seriously, what’s with the pics with the poo??

  13. she’s pretty, young & talented xP
    wats with da poop pics xD

  14. She kinda reminds me of a young Bada

  15. OMG scary voice… WHY CAN’T I SING LIKE HER?
    And to think that i’m older >.<

  16. wow shes so pretty and she has a beautiful voice. I can’t believe shes younger than me o.O

  17. wow shes so pretty and has a beautiful voice. I can’t believe shes younger than me o.O

  18. She looks exotic.
    She doesn’t look korean, more american type looking person.

  19. What’s with the poop pics? LOL!

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