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Kim Hyun Joong, “I’ve dated a female celebrity for 5 months before”

SS501 Kim HyunJoong reveals that he had once gone out with a famous female celebrity.

He was on SBS ‘Strong Heart’ aired on 15th December when he revealed, “I have once been in association with a female celebrity for a period of 5 months.” He had revealed that after being ‘attacked’ by Danny Ahn with the question when SES Shoo was talking about ‘Idols’ Love Secrets’.

Danny Ahn said to Kim HyunJoong, “Even though you don’t have a girlfriend now, you have past dating experiences (with female celebrity)” and Kim HyunJoong gave many a shock by saying coolly, “That’s right”.

He added, “In the past, I have dated once. Because I don’t like dating and hiding it, we have dated openly in public places so we didn’t get to date for long.” with that the other celebrities on the show asked how long it was and he answered, “5 months”.

Kim HyunJoong said, “For that 5 months, we went to watch movies at big theatres, I like fishing and we went fishing, we even went to the market together to eat sashimi together.”

Fellow member Park JungMin said, “I don’t know about this at all. Were you by any chance dating with a ghost?”

Meanwhile, Kim HyunJoong also talked about incident when he has seen a ghost in the group’s dorm.



57 Responses

  1. if she is a figment imaination why is there so many rumours and this whole going to canada thing to see her?

  2. Lee Yunha is a figment of imagination of some fan. There is no such person.

  3. did KHJ go to canada to see his GF lee yunha? cuz she is studying there??

  4. If it was hwangbo,im happy to them. She is a kind,easy going and cool girl, just like him. But why they broke up??

  5. I just watched Champagne and when UEE came on the screen and hyun joong picked her HJB said “oh so it was true?” something like that made me think it was UEE that he dated …


  7. I don’t like Wang Bo, for my IDOL, (Kim Hyun Joong …pls….wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  8. I really hope KHJ & HB can join We Got Married Season 2, I really highly suggested for their come back.

  9. i hope they are dating lee yunha and khj. i dont want him dating a celebrity

  10. Only they know the truth…lets just be happy for them if they (HJ/LY) is really dating, maybe that’s why JJ and HJ went to Canada who knows maybe LY is there since she’s Canadian born? Anyways im more of a Hwangbo fan, i hope she finds someone deserving of her love and someone who will love and cherish her coz she’s a woman who is very beautiful inside and out.

  11. If that is true Hwang Bo is one lucky girl. I’m wondering who is he dating now? hehe

  12. this is definitely hwangbo..i watched the show and the memories they had in wgm r the ones oppa described..i just dont know abt the movie thing tho?

  13. No HJ (maybe PDnim) bought sashimi for her when they went to Pusan.

  14. I’m fan of JoongBo. I think his answer is refer to hwangbo but who know the girl he dated for real
    Maybe he protect her by explain the good time in WGM that make the fans think about hwangbo instead of his real girlfriend. Because as you know k-fans are very horrible.

  15. Found your site while searching Google for something else Lol Well, you have got a real cool post, indeed! I may come back and check it out again. Keep posting & merry XMAS!

  16. there is this site supporting her and hyun joong…


  17. i beleive LEE YUNHA and KIM HYUN JOONG are dating. I don’t know why but i want to believe it, maybe he’s just not saying anything becuz he doesn’t want this girl getting hurt… you guy probably know that hwangbo got a LOT of anti fans after the whole WGM thing. He’s just protecting her… i’m just beleiving its true and its MY OPINION! i just want this girl to know that not everyones going to put her down and not everyone is going to say she’s ugly or not a nice person just because she dating the one she loves… its hard trust me..

  18. YA! i heard read about that lee yunha girl too!
    people are like making up stories about her and her identity. Are KHJ and this girl really dating? everyone keeps saying they’re together… -.-

    • But this lee yunha girl, according to all these people, isn’t a celebrity. I even read some where that she studies in canada? Have no idea how these people know these things… Maybe its made up?

      • yeah! that’s what i though but its kind of weird how EVERYONE knows this whole story like how she was a DSP trainee and she’s gonna go back soon, if she wants too and stuff… well i’m not sure what’s going on, i really think hyun joong want to just protect her from the anti’s and stuff you know? she’d probably have a hard time when she makes her debut.. well if she does that is LOL. i heard she’s canadian born too… but i don’t know.

    • they aren’t dating… hyun joong just said in that interview he is totally single now…. in the past he dated this girl..

  19. lols if its hwangbo she wasnt her gf right since they were.. married.

    anyway thr’s news floating around even before Strong Heart that thr’s this lee yunha dating hyunjoong. dunoe who she is tho :X

  20. he’s only dated once? He said another time that he dated a girl who was from his clan, so that was why they had to break up.

  21. HwangBo? She’s 6 years older than him, wow, I personally don’t know many guys who would accept a lot of girls who are older than they are by more than 2 years

  22. he is just sooo cool!!
    and he is funny at the same time!!
    ~he is soo lucky that no one ”noticed” them!!!~

  23. Ahhh! I kinda had a feeling when I read the headline that the JoongBoers would have a field trip over this…

  24. It’s probably Hwang Bo and he’s referring to his time on WGM. They started filming at the very end of April 2008 until mid-October 2008, so that’s 5.5 months. And to his hints that they’re no longer dating–well, they stopped filming for the show. But that doesn’t mean they’re not seeing each other in real life…

  25. it’s definitely hwang bo..they’re so comptible..bagay sila 🙂

  26. i think the girl is his patrner at WGM hwangboo. they did all the activities he mentioned at wgm.it’s a show ppl.hee

  27. “we even went to the market together to eat sashimi together.”

    hyun joong and hwangbo did this in WGM in japan

    correct me if i’m wrong

  28. oalalalalalala

    (Eng Sub) Kim hyun joong WGM Fishing Moment XD

  29. 5 months, yeah may be they dated before bof, coz he’s so popular en really big in asia right now, fans must be caught him if he date or watch movie together with gf.

    really curious who was the lucky girl, female celebrity, is she a singer or actress? was it hyo ri? i hope it’s hwang bo, but only leader knew it.
    leader didnt even tell other members that he was dated with his gf..? even jungmin didnt know about it . i know they dont talk about their privacy too much, but dont know that leader kept this relationship from members.

    anyways, i’ll support him no matter what, i know he is wise, he’s always be my number 1, despite he has gf or not, i still love him.

  30. ITS HWANGBO !!!!! !!! ….he wnet fishing with her and….he went in a super market with her TOO !! soo..maybe it’s her !

  31. O.O serious?!?!
    5 months is not short for an underground love!
    esp for artistes ><
    gawd. can't sleep now, as im dying to noe who's the personnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!! T T sigh.

  32. rofl my darling jung min and his wit

  33. haha he’s always cool when it come to awnsering questions.

  34. HwangBo? since they went out publicly …. others may think they are filming instead of going out actually…….

  35. Woww, I am so curious now… Who is the famous female star dated him?

    Hyun Joong ah, U ROCK!

  36. hwang bo?

  37. is it hwangbo? XD though it’s more than 5 months lol

  38. I’m curious now..so he likes fishing? sweet so do I. gotta love Jung Min’s comment-he so funny .

    • yap he loves fishing, he goes with YS sometimes.. and the members in Malaysia.. WOW utterly amazed that NO ONE AT ALL spotted him and the gf?? How is that possible?? Now I am curious to know who she is

  39. “I don’t know about this at all. Were you by any chance dating with a ghost?”

    ROFL!! Love JungMin ❤

    argh… now I want to know who is she =)

    I'm surprised that fans didn't caught him.
    Maybe it was before the big Boys Over Flowers.

    can't wait for the subbed version of strong heart! ^^

    • so true. if they went around openly in public, you’d think that those stalker fans of his would know. especially since it was for 5 months, not a week.

  40. Whose that Girl?! so curious

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