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Rain, “MBLAQ is my first and will be my last production”

Singer Rain gives a shocking confession about group MBLAQ groomed personally by himself as his “first and last producing.”

Rain had a fanmeeting ‘Rain on Christmas’ on 17th December in Seoul KangNamGoo with readers of HighCut magazine. He said, “Perhaps, these friends (MBLAQ) will be the first and last that I will produce. I just want to give hope to these kids. I have been through times when I want to dance but I have no money and can’t do so. Now I’m just giving my help to these kids.”

He continued, “The road that I’ll walk is still very far. As an actor, I still have many to improve on, and as a singer I still need to work harder to do better. I still have so far to go, and who am I teaching now? If MBLAQ does well, doesn’t mean that I can produced out other kids too?” and spoke with hope.

He ended, “First, I want to concentrate on these friends (MBLAQ), and then concentrate on myself” expressing the wish to mature as an entertainer. But he continued, “But then again, you would know. I may just change my mind some day.”


I love the way he puts his words on this (:


20 Responses

  1. hope he’ll be around producing more great entertainer!!
    ~bi-sshi FIGHTING!!~

  2. […] Rain, “MBLAQ is my first and will be my last production” « K Bites. […]

  3. MBLAQ are funny guys LMAO

  4. DAHEE! dont leave her in the cold palace. I like his focus. It’s definitely the way to go. Kinda similar to YG’s style..and not SM’s style who basically has a new grp every year

  5. love his statement a lot..he is so smart and know himself better

  6. what about another trainees Rain?? i want to see your “Female Rain”..i hope she still make debut early next year..

  7. they need more practices & experience
    certain member’s skill don’t live up to their name
    “Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality”

  8. What about his other trainees and the female “Rain” that he was supposedly producing?

  9. there are many boy group now a days that coming ,but this group i like the way they sing and dance . I am a big bang group but im impress in this group they have their own statement of style .

  10. what happen to the “female rain”?

  11. Rain is the best..
    I hope his dongsaeng will success in this entertainment industry..=)

  12. When I’ve read the title I thought … ” DAMN. Why Rain? I know that you’ll produce more artists” But wrong.
    I think Rain is moe someone who doesn’t want to earn lots of money (e.g. SM?). He’s so great 🙂
    I love him. ♥
    But I want that Rain produce just one another group. A female MBLAQ would be great XD
    Or solo singers! ^____^
    (duo would also be great XD)

  13. how about the other trainess in the his company? :((

  14. i’m glad he wants to concentrate on mblaq for now. instead of trying to constantly debut groups and being unable to promote all of them!

  15. i think rain is a great producer,so hope mblaq nt the last he produce.

  16. i really respect rain for knowing his flaws and trying to fix them and improve as and actor/ singer.

    i miss him. I want full house 2. or any KOREAN drama just because I love him in korea.

    oh rain. pls guest at mblaq’s idol army !!

  17. lols hrmm actually i don’t mind if it is. There really is enough boybands in the industry atm. MBLAQ is great, but they still lack professionalism imo. Besides, I want to see more of his hotness in dramas…Full House 2? ^^

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