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Lee SeonHo and Hwang WooSeulHye to replace UEE-Park JaeJong on MBC We Got Married

Actors Lee SeonHo (28) and Hwang WooSeulHye (27) will be the new couple on MBC We Got Married.

After couples like After School UEE and Park JaeJung, Hwang JungEum and Kim YoungJoon left, the show got itself a new couple. Lee SeonHo is known to have taken part in drama MBC ‘Tamna Island’ and Hwang WooSeulHye also participated in movie ‘Penthouse Elephant’, and the 2 will start appearing on the show from January next year.

The 2 had their first filming for the show on 17th December. This is also their first time meeting.

And many are anticipating that the 2 will reach stardom like the previous stars on the show like Crown J, Marco, Hwang JungEum and UEE.

Meanwhile, this is Lee SeonHo’s first appearance on variety 4 years after his actor debut. Before debut, he also did modelling. He was recently more well known through the drama ‘Tamna Island’.


Lee SeonHo! The cutie from Tamna Island!

I’m gonna watch WGM for him! ((:

12 Responses

  1. hmm interesting replacement. maybe i will continue to watch this show.

  2. They are really beautiful couple. I think they will be a big hit.

  3. gosh they need to end this show…..its been dragging for sooo longgg….~~~

  4. kind of wanted to see another idol on the show…lols…

  5. hmmm~~I want to see Jang Keun Suk ans Park Shin Hye in this show~~Can this happen??

  6. he looks like he has a hot bod? any bod pics for convincing? otherwise I turning the TV off after Gain & Kwon comes on. lol

  7. I;m just wondering, if there was a proper reason why the real couple left?

    But then again, its a wise choice. Public display of affection to the ENTIRE nation could turn out to be a disaster. I want them to get married for real cos they’re really cute together.

  8. who and who?

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