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Jang GeunSeok reveals his special relationship with actress Park ShinHye

Actor Jang Geun Seok was on KBS 2TV ‘Jang GeunSeok Ideal Type World Cup special’ recently when he talked about the special relationship he had with actress Park Shin Hye, they both starred in recent drama ‘You’re Beautiful.

He said, “My mother has once said that she really like Park ShinHye, who lives in the same neighborhood. There was even once when she told me to try out with Park ShinHye as a couple.”

And when asked how it went, Jang Geun Seok, “We hit well together. And so my mother asked me to invite Park ShinHye to our house.”

He also revealed that he had really liked Ha JiWon when he was working with her on KBS drama ‘Hwang JinYi’.

He revealed during his appearance on that when he was filming for that drama, he really felt that he has fallen in love with her.

“When I was filming ‘Hwang JinYi’, it was the tough period of time after I broke up with my girlfriend. Under this situation, I really liked Ha JiWon noona during the drama filming.”

He also confessed, “Not just that, I felt really excited when I did the kiss scene with Sung Yuri noona in drama ‘Hong Gil Dong’.”

Meanwhile, during the show, Jang Geun Seok showed the nervous side of him while having to choose between actresses like Ha Ji Won and Sung Yuri for his ideal women.

The show will air on 20th December at 10.25pm.



30 Responses

  1. i like park shin hye and jang geum suk the best copple

  2. i like park shin hye and jang geum suk the best couple

  3. I really think JGS has hidden feelings for PSH…there’s so much flirting going on with these two….and JGS always has that sparkly mysterious smile when they’re together, when he’s asked about PSH or when she’s mentioned to him. He loves to stare at her and even stares at her differently off cam and keeps talking about her. He loves to kiss her too, If you’ve seen their BTS for YB, he always tries to make a mistake by kissing her purposely on their kissing scenes even when instructed not to..LOL..JGS acts too much than the limit of just being friends..:D.. They are actually very close and I believe they have a future as a couple.

    you guys should check this out 😀

    …^.^ I’d love them to be together…hope they stop the thrill of curiosity for us fans and make it real already!! 😀

  4. T.T huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu….i cnt take it anymore..why did he died in hwang ji ni…i dnt wacht it anymore… 😦

  5. i like him alots and when his mom said that they’re the best couple ever he was like”i also think that too”
    i think right now he have fallen for park shin hye.

  6. they’re really like a fairy tale couple!!!they really look good together!!!i love it when they do duets!they are awesome 🙂 i love them in you’re so beautiful!!!!!!!! wish they would do another one and more…..please….

  7. whoo…park shin hye ang jang geunsuk were the cutest couple ever.,.,i wish that they were really a true couple!!!!!!!! ^_^!

  8. I dont think Jang Geun Suk falls in love with Park Shin Hye because he didnt mention that he like her but his mom.

    Anyway, in my opinion, comparing Park Shin Hye with another two girls he said that he like, I think Park Shin Hye does fit him the best.

    (Pls, Dont date her because of your mom.)

  9. supporting Jang Geun Suk with Park Shin hye to be a real couple.Jang Geun suk is number one in Vietnam viewer’s heart forever.

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  11. I absolutely loved Hwang JinYi + Kim EunHo. Their love story was so heartbreaking. They were both so innocent. JGS was such a cutie in that drama.

  12. maybe the mom wanted JGS to date not older woman 🙂

  13. hihihi just date!!! 😀

  14. I believe in a saying “Mother’s knows best”. They always know what’s best for their child.
    Jang Geun Suk should listen to his mom. Park Shin Hye is perfect for him..
    OMG I’m smiling like crazy since Shin Hye’s got the Mom’s approval..
    Just date already!

  15. They would make the cutest couple ever!

  16. wow Park Shin Hye should be flattered coz Jang Geun Suk’s mom likes her. Hope they’re really dating!

  17. hahaha so he nearly dated PSH? or whattttt. suspense much! hope PSH gets into his finals xD

  18. Geun Seok is so cute. He fell in love with all the lead actresses (all so beautiful/pretty). I guess he likes Ha Ji Won the best (he said he likes feminine ladies).

    Shin Hye is more like a sister than a girlfriend. But his mum is also very cute and tries to influence his boy’s choice of girlfriend… ha ha.

  19. I remember i cried in Hwang Jin Yi when Ha Ji Won asked Jang Geun Suk(who is lying in the coffin) to leave well.

  20. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  21. so so so anxious for tomolo’s episode…hehehe

  22. ah, i will really love it if he ends up with park shinhye in real life! they look great together 😀

  23. So did she go over to his house and meet the mother????? LOL.

  24. Are they together…
    I love the together, but it seems like he only likes her as a dongseng.

  25. ❤ geunseok and shinhye!!!

  26. OMG OMG !

  27. omg! geunsuk and shin hye? xD so cuteeee<3

  28. <D
    he such a cute boy!

  29. so geunseok and shinhye are dating now?! If yes, omg! I’m so happy for them. I love both and they look good together!

    • no.. they’re not dating 😛 that would become a scandal ahaha.. you know how korean netizens are =.=

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