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[Hot!] SBS Gayo DaeJun performance lineup revealed!

After all the teasers that SBS has been showing regarding the upcoming 2009 SBS Gayo DaeJun, many music fans are all hyped about what to expect for the music festival this year.

The performance line-up for the concert has been revealed! We see the appearances of many idol groups and also solo singers, together for some special stages.

Go under the cut for the full details!

Show: SBS Gayo DaeJun

Male Group:

  • SHINee – ‘AMIGO’, ‘Ring Ding Dong’ & ‘JoJo’ (Remix) + performance
  • 2PM – ‘I Hate You’ & ‘Again & Again’ + ‘Heartbeat’ (Remix) + Acrobatic Performance
  • Super Junior – ‘Sorry Sorry’ & ‘It’s You’ (Remix) + performance
  • Beast – ‘Bad Girl’ & ‘Mystery’ (Remix) + performance
  • MBLAQ – ‘Oh Yeah’ & ‘G.O.O.D Luv’ (Remix) + performance
  • 2AM – ‘This Song’ & ‘Friend’s Confession’ (Remix)


  • Son Dambi – ‘Crazy’ & ‘Saturday Night’ (Remix) + After School Joint Performance
  • Lee Seung Gi – ‘Will You Marry Me’ + ‘Let’s Break Up’
  • JYP– ‘Honey’ + ‘She is Pretty’ +’ No love No more’ + performance
  • Younha – ‘Password 486’ + ‘1,2,3’
  • Kim Tae Woo – ‘Love Snow’ (feat. slime)
  • GDragon – ‘Heartbreaker’ + ‘Korean Dream’ (ft. Taeyang) + ‘Hello’ (ft. Sandara Park)
  • Taeyang – ‘Wedding dress’ & ‘Where u at’ (Remix) + performance
  • Baek Ji Young – ‘Like Being Hit’ (dance ver.) + ‘My ear’s candy (ft. 2PM’s Taecyeon) (Remix)

Female Group:

  • T-ara – ‘Lies’ & ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’
  • After School – ‘Diva’ (Remix) + ‘Because of You’
  • KARA– ‘Honey’ + ‘Wanna’ + ‘Mister’ (Remix) + performance
  • SNSD – ‘Gee’ + ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ (Remix) + performance
  • 2NE1 – ‘Fire’ + ‘I Don’t Care’ (Remix) + ‘Let’s go party’
  • Brown Eyed Girls – ‘Abracadabra’ + ‘Sign’ (Remix) + performance
  • Davichi – ‘8282’ + ‘I made an accident’
  • 4Minute – ‘Hot issue’ + ‘Muzik ‘(Remix) + performance
  • F(x) – ‘LA chA tA’ + ‘Chu ~ ♡’
  • Jewelry – ‘Variety’ + ‘Love story’

Special Stage:

  • Lee MoonSae Stage –  SHINee JongHyun , Super Junior Kyuhyun , Kim Tae Woo, Baek Ji Young
  • Lee Seung Chul Stage – SNSD, Davichi, Seo In Young
  • Trot joint stage – Park Hyun Bin, Jang Yoon-jeong & Song DaeKwan
  • Special Change Stage – Brown Eyed Girls, KARA, 4Minute & SNSD
  • Dance Stage – KARA Nicole, 4Minute HyunAh, SNSD Hyoyeon, After School GaHee, Jewelry Ha JooYeon & 2NE1 Gong Minji
  • 8090 Legend Stage – Super Junior, 2PM, SNSD, 2NE1 & T-ara
  • Wonder Girls overseas instant call video message
  • Baek Ji Young & Lee Seung Gi & Kim Tae Woo & Son Dam Bi joint stage

Source: Bestiz


Wow! Can’t wait!

Which is the performance you look forward to the most?

106 Responses

  1. can’t wait for Taeyang and GD’s performances! 🙂

    Big Bang Fighting! 🙂

  2. i can’t wait for 2pm, brown eyed girls, 2ne1 and beast perf. gd and taeyang too! good luck guys.

  3. to watch it live on sbs site..do i have to install the korean laguage??
    because i clicked to the page and now this message pops out..
    pls can someone help me

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  5. this is the actual lineup?
    i thought it was dismissed as false already.

  6. dance stage…its going to be awesome, minji, gahee and hyoheon definitely a fierce battle, and yes 2ne1, gdragon and taeyang, YG family yay and of course lee seungi..awesome.

  7. can’t wait!!!

  8. does anyone else know the dates for kbs gayo and mbc’s gayo?

  9. i want big bang 😐

    but hey, at least got GD, taeyang and 2ne1 😉

  10. Omg, I was actually hoping DBSK would be there, guess I got my hopes too high. D:
    Rawr, won’t be the same without them…

  11. I thought there will b a very special/secret stage of A.N JELL…still hoping for it! =P

    & I would like to see Rain & MBLAQ together on stage…but then it won’t happen soon huh? go MBLAQ!! ^^

    my wish for 2PM & 2NE1 collabs also not granted I see…(~~!) 2PM FIGHTING!!!

    i’m looking forward to Super Junior’s perf too since what had happened recently…

    anyway,my root is YG Fam so definitely can’t wait to watch performances by GDYB & 2NE1…hope 4 their best!! =)

  12. i wish sbs gayo daejun jaebeom be there

  13. i want jaebeom at sbs gayo daejun

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  15. cant wait for the special collabs. 😀

  16. wah so looking forward for the special stages…

    as for the dance stage man…its gonna be awesome best dancers of each group.

  17. omg.. i cant wait this event… woooo :w00t:

  18. Omona..
    This like going to be the best show ever…
    Its a pity that Wonder Girls, DBSK and Big Bang not joining this year..hm..
    And as for the dance stage..i cant wait for Gahee performance…hehe…i bet she can make us said ‘wow, she’s hot.'<3

  19. [b]looking forward GD/TY/2NE1 ^^ [/b]

  20. I think I’ll be looking forward to the dance battle for GaHee and Minzy. I’m a 4minute fan but.. honestly I’m a bit tired of Hyuna. There are other girls in 4minute that dance well and no one knows it because Hyuna is everywhere.

  21. seems like SNSD is doing a lot of perfs that night. I hope they get some rest..they just finished their concert in Seoul.

  22. ONLY B2ST I am looking forward to!!!

    “SO BEAST”

    Can’t wait to see B2STly-boys burn the stage with their talented and style!!! ^____^

    B2ST Jjang—–>> FIGHTING!!

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  24. Stop generalizing guys on everything. Can anyone just enjoy a performance and the performer instead of constantly saying whose better, they are all good dancers in there own way. *sigh*

  25. Video stage from WG~! ❤ ❤ .>…… …. … )

    But can’t wait to see the other perfs~ ah, like a concert I want to go to TT__TT

  26. looking to 2pm’s stage mostly 😀

  27. its gonna be great .. cant wait

  28. I can already imagine the dances the girls will be performing….

    • I imagine that too.
      Minji would dance sexy,but she’s too young for that and I doubt YG would let her. And hopefully, Hyo won’t recycle the dances she did before. Hyuna and Nicole does have a thing to dance “sexy”. Maybe because they feel more comfortable with it. Not really an After School fan, but sorry Gahee would pawn everyone out there. She’s just holding back and we know it.

  29. I’m def looking forward to the dance battle. I just hope it won’t be a short one, but kinda of a long one and it’s more like a dance battle than each girl just do their own short dance.~^^

  30. im looking forward to EVERY FREAKING STAGE!!
    except for trot lol im not really fond of it.

    okay HATERS? wtf. dont generalize a fanclub just cause their SOME rotten ones. thankyou verymuch ^____^

  31. looking forwaard to allllll performances :]

  32. woah looks good!! so many perfs. i’m personally looking forward to GD’s, Taeyang’s and the dance battle 🙂

  33. omg cant wait!
    GDYB, 2NE1 & 2PM <333
    dance stage with Minzy cant wait ❤
    i want to WG to be there also and perform! ^__^

  34. Dec 29th at 9:55 PM.. argh I’m gonna miss this live. ]x

    But omgah yay, excited for the perfs! 2AM! 2PM! BEAST!! Ooh but I’m liking the male group lineup for sure. :]

    GD! Taeyang! 2NE1!

    Ooh I want to see My Ear’s Candy again with Taec + Baek Ji Young. ^^

    But wow, seriously so many things to look fwd to, whoo. =D

  35. cant wait for the dance stage!!! well cant wait for all Joint and special stage!!! Looking forward for the Gayo Daejun!!


    i AM looking forward to WG’s video! woooot

  37. homg, thts an osm lineup *_* i want them to do dbsk for legends though…

  38. looking forward to Wonder Girls overseas instant call video message =D
    and other perf too..xD

  39. LOL

    don’t get your hopes too high kids.

    this is still the rumor list.

  40. “# Lee MoonSae Stage – SHINee JongHyun , Super Junior Kyuhyun , Kim Tae Woo, Baek Ji Young”
    ^ this… is going to be amazing 🙂

  41. Looking forward to hehe ofcourse *super junior*-can never forget these boys and…everything w/ 2ne1 included and..I guess that’s the top 2 groups I’m most excited for, although I am eager to see all of them.*this may sound off, but I hope to see some interaction b/n crazy heechul and odd-ball dara*

    • aahh..’.crazy heechul and odd-ball dara’. I love to see that too. I wish these 2 can be the MC of the show. sigh…
      I hope to see dara, donghae and yesung interaction since i heard that they were friends before debut.

  42. i miss dbsk =[[[.
    hihi, but i cannot wait!

  43. everyone is talking about…uhmmm..its kinda long if i stated them one by one…actually, im looking forward to all of these performance but i just want to point out my WONDER GIRLS…seems like others have forgotten them already…they’ll be in this even too but in a video message! hooooray!!! i miss them! this even would be a lot better if WG were actually in Korea…anyways, its good to see different artist performing together on stage!
    im a bit surprised coz GD will be attending despite the controversies on his concert! oh well…that’s great! i hope this festival would be a memorable one! how i wish DBSK and BIGBANG can perform too…*sigh*

  44. Hyo Yeon will kill them all :p Minji can dance too though. I’m looking forward to all the SNSD stages, in fact.

  45. 好期待

  46. Oooo … After School is represented in 3 stages! Woot!

    Dance Stage should be interesting … course my bias leans to Jewelry’s Ha JooYeon and After School’s Park Kahi

  47. yay shinee going to perform my favourite song from shinee. amigo. 😀
    and yay from kara ! 😀

  48. i think it’ll take me one day to watch this on youtube.. lolz… with these many performances i hope my computer wont crash XD I so love this… its an awesome show to conclude the year 🙂

    and HATERS be gone…. with a great show like this for our entertainment and happiness why are you spoiling it with hate??? sheeeeeeeeeeez..

  49. OMG DAEBAK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS THE BST I’M SO EXITED !!!!! 😀

  50. wanna see the Dance Stage…. ❤

  51. 2NE1 ALL THE WAY

    For the haters… GET A LIFE!!!

    How insecure and bias can u get?!


  52. i just cant wait for every performance!!!

    it will be so great!!!

    but what i can wait the most is YG’s family and JYP’s family!!!!!!!!!!! they will totally rockkkk!!

  53. 2PM & BEAST !!!
    but yay i cant wait

  54. i knew it!!
    of course there will be another GDYB stage!!
    i waiting for that!!

  55. excited! super excited! yummaaay! what a good way to end 2009! hello 2010! amen to that!

  56. Wait.. 2NE1 and T-ara? Are they doing a special stage together, or individually under the same category. Hmm if it’s together, that would be really interesting 😀

  57. This is going to be AMAZING!! Last year was awesome so I’m totally excited for this year!!

  58. Oh Gosh!!! I cant wait KARA perform,. YAY!!!!


  60. LOL the dance stage will be filled with blackjacks saying, Minji pwned everyone, Minji killed them…etc,. case in point, the dance stage with BEG, KARA and 4minute before. Blackjacks can’t seem to understand that there’s a thing called sexy dance and Minji can’t pull it off. .2NE1 should never be included in the same stage with other girl groups. Blackjacks don’t give any respect to other groups when commenting.

    • wow

    • too much SNSD…

    • I think you’re just making things up in your mind. And as I can remember, SNSD fans also often said that Hyoyeon pwned everyone. It’s not just Blackjacks. Every major idol group has its share of rabid delusional fans so stop sounding like a hater.

    • Hmm, i’m not a Blackjack or anything but you can’t comment something like that just because SOME Blackjacks do that. Like hey, every fanclub, there’s bound to be a minority who bashes on other groups. So yeah.

      And.. tho sorry, i do really think Minzy is quite sick when it comes to dancing. That girl is amazing enough to send my guy friends who are dancers shivering. Well that’s what they said.

      • @ Beetle

        AMEN TO THAT!

      • AGREE . HAHA your comment is unacceptable. you can’t target a fangroup like that. im not a black jack. but there will always be rude fans from all fangroups you cant make assumptions liek that.
        and minzy cant pull off sexy dance? her name is provocative minzy that should give you a smack in the face.

    • welcome to the world of HIP HOP HAHA!!!! duh~~~~ dont you watch hip hop music video’s on mtv??? where do you LIVE??????? minji owned it big time… no bias.. she CAN DANCE DUDE!!!! and you know why some blackjacks say that?? BECAUSE ITS ACTUALLY TRUE! duh.. seriously…. saying blackjacks dont have respect do you even have one in the first place????

    • @HAHA You forgot that it is called a DANCE BATTLE not sexy and s*utty moves.

      Sexy isn’t called a REAL dance plus i don’t think dance school teaches these kinds of sexy moves anyway.

      The ones i see who are great in dancing is minji, gahee and hyoyeon. They will pwn the other girls.

      Minji and hyoyeon will likely do popping.

      Gahee will do something like the one she dances in quiz to change the world?

    • wait.. we’re you talking about that old dance battle? i don’t think you’re that blind to not see that minji pwned them all right? not a 2ne1 fan nor hater but i have to say minji tore it down! the other girls were just shaking their asses — which they didn’t have btw. props to minji for her sharp chest pops! it always blows my mind. but for this dance battle, i think hyoyeon got this. & btw, in my opinion, in the dance battle, minji’s performance was way more sexier than the other ones. theirs were too forced. you’re complaining about how other “blackjacks” don’t give respect and bla, bla… from the way i look at it, you’re contradicting your own statement, ’cause you’re disrespecting other blackjacks. i hate hypocrite fans like you.

      • “shaking their asses-which they don’t have” LMAO I agree on the last two comments. Even a non-fan who isn’t biased would day Minji owned that dance battle before. Can’t wait to see the next dance battle! OMo, LEGEND STAGE is gonna be awesome!

    • if you have your favorite girl group and she has to participate in a dance battle would you not say she pwned everyone? lol..deny it or not..you’ll be a little biased..

      fan or not..we can already say that minji is good.
      and dont generalize the blackjacks please.
      doing that we can already say that your disrespecting.

    • So you think you’re being better than some of those blackjacks by writing this comment? Anywho, whouldn’t it be the same for other fans. Wouldn’t sones say HyoYeon killed it, wouldn’t 4minute fans say Hyunah killed it and so on and so forth? PLEASE, STOP BEING SO IGNORANT.

    • lol i think the the sexy dance u talking about is being a slut dancer. whahahah ur so lame u know??
      Blackjacks,Sones,4Nia,and other FCs are rooting for this.
      really looking forward.
      sbs gayo daejun will gonna be awesome !

  61. Dance Stage – Kara’s Nicole & 4Minute’s HyunAh & SNSD’s Hyoyeon & 2NE1’s Gong Minji

    8090 Legend Stage – Super Junior & 2PM & SNSD singer stage + 2NE1 & T-ara

    miss suju boys and 2NE1…

    of course looking forward to others as well… this included everyone from every companies… hopefully no complaints again… =P

  62. omg i am so excited for this :

    Special Change Stage – Brown Eyed Girls, KARA, 4minute & Girls’ Generation

    my favorite girl groups!!!thank God no 2ne1 in this segment!!!!!

    • There’s no 2ne1 because 2ne1 has alot of performance to do. LIKE DUH!!! Plus they have other things to do besides that. Hater much?

      Even if these groups perform together, it would likely be a boring one. Remember MAMA performance? The abracadabra and butt dance together? That was lame.

      • LOL! Sooo true!! 2ne1’s stage presence is far mesmerizing and compelling even if those girl groups will be combined together..

        If u think this comment is arrogant and bias, read urs again!

        2NE1 JJANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • @Providence Of course 2ne1 got charisma and all but please don’t make it like 2ne1 is better than any other groups.

        @karashidae They are performing in a Legend stage and THAT is better than seeing them together with other girlgroups. You should know why 2ne1 always not together with other girlgroups because YG never seems to put them in any collab with other girlgroups (in my opinion). Plus YG doesn’t bother with these things.

    • 2NE1 has more things to do…
      and their Legend Stage is already good..so i think collab with other girl group is impossible..
      they are also preparing for their next ALBUM..they have no time for other things..

  63. of course G Dragon,Taeyang n 2ne1…>O<
    but i will enjoy 4 other perform too…^O^

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  65. no 2AM + 2PM stage..? ….

  66. Sounds great!!!
    I love Suju&SNSD collab
    But is there no collab between rookies like Beast & MBLAQ??? like a dance battle? =(
    I think more collabs are better
    And Wonder boys won’t be again???
    *sad again*

    Anyway can’t wait for this big year-end show =)~~~

  67. wonder girls..

  68. gdragon and taeyang.. why bìgbang not perform? i miss them in bigbang formation.. g dragon yay!

  69. OMG!!! YES!!! I cannot wait!! It’s gonna be good!!!
    Yaay~ I’m excited for the joint D’Sound & Craft the stages! And the dance stage~

  70. im looking for the dance stage 🙂 finally hyo yeon and minji will face 😀 the ultimate dancer!!!!!!!!!!! im torn but im rooting for minji!!!!!!!! WOOOOH!


  72. omg…can;t wait for it…

  73. too many perf 2 luk 4ward to. so xcited

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