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SM Ent, “HanKyung’s problem, for the sake of Super Junior, we will try to settle it with communication”

There has been great interests and concerns from fans after news have it from Chinese press that Super Junior HanKyung has filed for provisional disposition of exclusive contract terms with management company SM Entertainment.

With that SM Entertainment’s currently stand is, “We are currently confirming the news” and said that they will reveal more as things are confirmed.

Through OSEN’s phone conversation with SM Entertainment on 21st Dec, it was also revealed that, “For the sake of Super Junior, they will try to settle this through communication.”

Article Source:Osen

Meanwhile, thanks to Twelfs, it has been known that member KyuHyun wrote on his minihompy today, “”Even a beast don’t bite the hand that feeds one… I can not understand” (In English)

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  1. thanks for the post! book marking now

  2. Loved it, bookmarking it now.

  3. i think sm is being very mean.And why would so many artists sue SM and ruin their career .maybe SM is at fault here.If smthing like DBSKs situation happens to other artists then they should sue SM altogether.SM IS BEING REALLY SHITTY DOING SUCH THINGS TO SUCH WONDERFUL ARTISTS AND HANKYUNG WOULDNT DO ANYTHING WITHOUT THINKING.I hope this ends soon for better and o one else is caught in the mess.I LUV SUJU AND OTHER ARTISTS FROM SM.SMENT SHOULDNT BE SO FUCKING PIGS.AND TO COME TO THINK OF IT ITS REALLY SHOCKING WAT SM IS DOING CAUSE IT WOULD BE NOTHING WITHOUT ARTISTS

  4. It’s been so long already, that was for God’s sake the end of 2009 and now it’s gonna be April.
    And there are like tons of rumours saying he’d be joining some SD5 (SDT sounds better – Sexually Transmitted Disease) group which EE-Media (I don’t know what eff-ed up agency is this ’cause I’ve not heard of them in my ENTIRE life) is gonna spend million bucks to create the group for him.
    HanKyung belongs and will always be a part Super Junior, so if there’s any agencies out there hoping you’d get your luck by having him to sign a contract with you thinking you’ll revive a brand new Super Junior ’cause of HanKyung’s influence — You’re so wrong.
    Super Junior always consists of these 13 dudes — LeeTeuk, EunHyuk, HeeChul, KiBum, SiWon, SungMin, KangIn, RyeoWook, KyuHyun, DongHae, ShinDong, YeSung and last but not least, HanKyung.
    Nothing will change.
    That’s what Super Junior is and will always be.

  5. I detest “anonymous'” statement about hankyung. it’s obvious that you are not a fan. thus you do NOT follow his progress, work and contributions, you do NOT know his attitude, his background, what he is like as a person..and I do NOT think that you actually know the circumstances in hand and the policies of SM before you judged him the way you did.
    According to the latest news from Korea, Hangeng is not the only one who filed the lawsuit. Other Super Junior members have also filed a similar lawsuit, and they include: Leeteuk, Yesung, Kangin, Eunhyuk and Donghae. The only reason why news about Hangeng was exposed first, is because of his nationality.

    According to the lawsuit, Hangeng has not had any rest in 2 years, causing him to suffer from fatigue, which also resulted in chronic gastritis, illnesses related to his kidney, lumbar disc herniation, as well as a visible decrease in body strength.

    However, SM Entertainment rejected Hangeng’s requests for rest, and continued to schedule activities for him, which caused Hangeng to suffer a lot of pain.
    According to the contents of the lawsuit, since the time of his debut, Hangeng didn’t even have one day of rest per week. For 2 years, Hangeng has continuously done his overseas schedules as well, and had no choice but to continue with his schedules without any rest. In his contract with SM, there are clauses stating that he has to pay the company monetary damages should he be unable to fulfill the schedules arranged for him. Thus, even when he was in poor health, he had no choice but to follow through with his schedules.

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  7. […] SM Ent, “HanKyung’s problem, for the sake of Super Junior, we will try to settle it with communi…. Super Junior KyuHyun updates minihompy again after news of HanKyung’s case with SM Entertainment « K Bites. Super Junior DongHae latest minihompy post, “Stifling…Depressing…No strength…You?” « K Bites. […]

  8. why is this happening,?
    hankyung must be thinking that there is something that is not right, that made him do that, b/c why make such a decision leaving SME. esp. the SuJu,.(huhu, i want to cry)
    so for me, whatever hankyung’s decision i’ll support him if it’s for the good.

  9. People were jumping to conclusions on Kyuhyun’s post…remember that he did not specifically say what he was referring to. I doubt he would be so blatant as to openly criticize Hankyung’s decision like that on his blog. Even if he is referring to Hankyung, my understanding is that each member of SuJu has a different contract and so he may not truly understand how bad Hankyung’s is and just reacted based only on his knowledge of his own contract. He’s only a kid; the fans need to calm down. SM does have a history with its artists though.

  10. Maybe Kyuhyun posted that on his cyworld because he was still quite shellshocked from what happened. And yet, words like that are pretty harsh. I’m sure Hankyung will have his reasons for taking SME to court; given his purehearted nature, he really doesn’t seem like the sort who will sue his own management company over a trivial matter.

    Kyuhyun may be satisfied with the terms of his contract, and that’s why he thinks that Hankyung is biting the hand that feeds him. But as for Hankyung….i guess there comes a point whereby enough is enough. Let’s just support his decision, whatever it may be.

    After all, we all know that the people managing SME aren’t exactly the most reasonable around. Since the era of H.O.T, artistes have been unhappy with SME, so why should this even come as a surprise?

    • Well said! I also agree that Hankyung must have good reasons for suing based on his personality/image.

  11. I’m sorry but I can’t feel 100% bad for these idols. Changmin and Yunho are genuinely happy in SM Ent.
    Kyuhyun’s loyalties lie with SM too apparently and there’s nothing wrong with that.
    Who I really feel bad for is Zhoumi and Henry, because SJ-M was Hankyung’s baby and SJ-M is all they have right now in SM Ent. without Hankyung SJ-M won’t function right.
    People are so eager to jump on the bandwagon but is it really so hard to believe that maybe just maybe their intentions aren’t 100% right? They are just human after all.
    Just want you all to know that Lee SooMan was spotted at SNSD’s 1st concert waving not one but TWO light sticks. He cares about all his “kids” and he is NOT the devil in disguise. SM’s board of directors on the other hand….

    • You, and none of us, have any idea if any of these idols are “genuinely happy” in SM Entertainment. Just because they stay doesn’t mean they’re happy; it takes courage and a willingness to risk to sue. Otherwise, they have to put forth a brave/supporting SM public front. I’m not saying any side is 100% right, but there’s no need to criticize idols for standing up for their rights.

      Seriously, just look at the trend of under the Big 3 companies and you’ll see a huge difference.

      SM Entertainment–
      -H.O.T. (disbanded and made virtually nothing off their records)
      -Shinhwa (ugly legal battle with SM, who tried to make them stay so Shinhwa had to sue and pay lots of money to keep their group name)
      -S.E.S. (disbanded and in response to the DBSK lawsuit, Eugene said it was a shame companies take advantage of new singers)
      -Fly to the Sky (left SM on bad terms).
      -BoA (the only “happy” one is BoA and that’s because she’s an SM shareholder)
      – Leeteuk, YoonA, Taeyeon, and Onew are part of the Milk Club (i.e. depressed people) according to their minihompies. That just screams rainbows and butterflies of happiness to me.
      -post-DBSK lawsuit, it appears SM has not changed any of their contract terms if Hankyung is now suing for similar reasons as DBSK
      -Re: Lee Soo Man, SNSD’s Sunny is his niece… if that’s not a good enough reason to attend their concert, then what is.

      YG Entertainment–
      -Jinusean (publicly have spoken about how YG is truly like family to them, and if you see all those pics Sean posts of his kids and their cute clothes, you know he was paid fairly)
      -Teddy (formerly of 1TYM and now writes/produces for YG artists); former ones include Wheesung (who still remains on good terms with YG)
      -G-Dragon stated on “Strong Heart,” YG gave Big Bang months of vacation when they were stressed out recently, that says a lot about YG’s flexibility and the fact that he cares about and listens to his artists
      -YG’s willingness to limit 2NE1’s schedule so they wouldn’t be exhausted and perform well proved to be a great idea.
      -post-DBSK lawsuit, YG revised their contract terms to be fairer to their artists

      JYP Entertainment–
      -the man is on great terms with Rain (even though he left to start his own entertainment company)
      -he’s been seen clubbing with now-disbanded g.o.d. members (which means they must have fun hanging out with him as a person, ergo they’re on great terms)
      -the Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun has said he splits profits with them 50/50
      -also post-DBSK lawsuit, JYP revised their contract terms to be fairer to their artists

      • Yeah, there is a huge difference. I think SM is really unfair, if so many artistes are suing them then something is really wrong.

  12. OMGGG~!!!
    No fucking way! This can totally not happen … I understand what DBSK has gone through, but why Hankyung ? My beautiful & lovely 3rd Angel … I`m going to check his Cyworld. (:

  13. well obviously artistes do it for a reason. i mean we alll know how much artistes put in during their trainee years to get to this stage in life.. yet although big companies eg SM put in loads of money. its just MONEY afterall. the artistes train 24/7 for god knows how many years and are still doing so.. after being tied down for such a long time without getting much out of it, im not surprised they’re trying to do this.
    yes in kyuhyun’s point of view they shd be thankful but that doesnt mean just “shut up and do as your told and take what your given”..

  14. SME, you really have to do this!!! If you don’t want your artists to leave one by one.

  15. hmm….Just thinking…
    I understand both sides of the comment fights here
    but what I don’t understand is SMent being so stupid…
    I mean this DBSK controversy opened some of their artists that yes, they weren’t treated well enough. But you know SMennt should have made provisions to the contracts of the artists they still have that don’t rebel against them because you know…JYP and YG did that and look everybody is cheering for them.
    replay…SMent should have adjusted the contracts back when Shinwa filed a lawsuit against them.
    give SHINee a few years and I bet some of the members will do the same as the sunbaenims….but then again I’m just some random person…what would I know

    • nono, its SNSD first, then SHINee.. and then maybe f(x) too? LOL.
      i bet all the contracts are super long and after a few years then get tired of being tied to suchhh a longgg contract eg DBSK and SJ’s hankyung now thus resulting in this mess D:

    • I agree with what you said. SM should totally have modified the contract back then. If so many artistes are suing them then something must be really wrong with the contract, not with the artistes.

  16. Kyuhyun needs to get his priorities straight that companies may “feed” them but that’s only because they have to and you are being denied so much with the pitiful dividend that SM gives out to its artitsts.

  17. I don’t blame kyuhyun’s message.

  18. *Shinhwa*.. sorry, I wrote his name wrong.

  19. *sigh*……………………………..*sigh..x3!!
    Let’s see how it’s going end this new lawsuit!! … The only thing a think is that SM really never think in his artist .. since H.O.T… SHINWA.. DBSK… now Super Junior too…I don’t think .. that they (the artists) have no reason. I mean many artists have been known difficulties with their contracts. … surely they (the artists) has right and SM has a bad history with artists … If you ever ask me which side are you? in this situation, I will say I’m the side of the artists, who are the ones we have enjoyed have made us dream and thrilled us with his songs, his voice, his passion for the stage, the magic of angels

  20. Didn’t anyone else realise what kyuhyun wrote? its seems to be implaying the hankyung is biting the hands that feed him aka being an ungrateful git.

    I don’t know who to believe, all i know is that it’s usually SM in the wrong.

  21. isnt it suspicious that more and more sm artiste are rebelling? sm better treat their pple well…

  22. I think SM is unfair to the artists not only slav contract but time to rest.

  23. Noooo hankyung wtf???

  24. i’m guessing that Super Junior HanKyung wants his contract thrown out and have a new contract.

    i’m also guessing that he wants one of the new clauses for his new contract to be about food. if you see that SNSD has to eat so little food, then what do the Super Junior Boys eat?????

    the boys of Super Junior have to have BIG appetites. they are boys. and they must want to eat a lot.

    they probably have an old clause in their old contracts that says they CAN’T GET FAT. Super Junior HanKyung has to negotiate a new contract that allows him to eat as much as he wants and that he is allowed to gain weight and that it is allowed that he can be a FAT IDOL.

    of course, he probably also wants more money and other privileges that he doesn’t have under his old contract. but he should make sure that his new contract allows him to eat as much as he wants.

  25. what caught my attention is kyuhyun’s remark on his mini-hompy…he’s clearly talking about hangeng…

  26. ive been feeling the same way too. great to know someone who think alike, among all the typical answers.

  27. i never believe in SM

  28. if he’s ungrateful for all sme has done for him, i say sme just let him go. i think the fame has gotten to his head..if sme let him go i’m sure he’d be back..not that sme would ever want him back at that point. what exactly does hankyung do extremely well for him to become a headache like this? sme artists are getting bloated in the head.

    • and then shinhwa and h.o.t is bloated in the head too?

      • great to think someone who think alike, among all the typical answers

        @lol: come on, this current situation has nothing to do with shinhwa nor h.o.t. if EVERYONE brings other past issues in current issues, its really pathetic.

    • puh-lease, SM isn’t exactly the fairy godmother, either LMAO
      i mean, YG and JYP revise their contracts for better conditions to their artists ?
      don’t you think all these “bloated-in-the-head” SM artists had done some teeny weeny contribution in that ? *sarcasm noted*
      and FYI, without hankyung there’s no suju-m, which means SM’s chinese expansion is, well, no more.

      • and @ cp17 well, don’t you think it’s a little… “interesting”, though, how SM’s history seems to repeat itself ? i wonder why…. *again, sarcasm noted*

        and no need to go “you’re a delusional suju/han kyung fan” on me coz i’m not even following them *shrugs shoulders*

        i just think this SM vs their own artist is amusing (and probably coz i’m still sour over SM’s treatment to shinhwa when they decided to leave <,<)

      • then one can say, without SME, hankyung wont even be in korea. LOL.

      • wasnt even thinking of ‘you’re a delusional suju/han kyung fan’ in first place. lol.

      • well, you ask “what exactly does hankyung do extremely well for him to become a headache like this?” , i’m just responding to that. LOL.

      • I agree with you. If SMent’s artistes are suing them but JYP and YG artistes aren’t, then there should be something wrong with the SMent contracts.

    • u said ” think the fame has gotten to his head” seriously in which plant ur living in ? ur not being really here its so damn obvious that their something seriously wrong with SM policy and the terms of their contracts b/c if there is nothing wrong with their policy and the terms of their contracts so why then their artists are filling lawsuits against them? plus SM history with H.O.T and shinhwa shows how nasty SM policy is and Im sure Hankyung will not be the last one to fill a law suit against SM

    • I don’t think HanKyung fame got to his head. He’s the artist that donated tons of money to the people in need.

  29. even Hankyung has a problem with SM..I hope they settle this rightaway..
    “For the sake of Super Junior,we’ll try to settle this through communication..”
    Why can’t they do the same with DBSK then??


    • LOL when DBSK trio issue first started SM said exactly the same thing and that they will try their best to solve the problem with trio but SM end up not trying to solve the problem but even make it bigger and worse but I guess after this SM most really start thinking carefully b/c if SM does not change their policy Hankyung will not be the last artist that work under their company to file a lawsuit against them

  30. did KyuHyun wrote really wrote that ?


    tho . SMe . you better fix this!
    it’s the last . i think …… if ever this ends up like DBSK’s case then fuck!

    -tho i really really hope this gets solved! hurry SM and talk to hangheng! … i hope it turns out fine!!!!!! i really hope so!

    -also i hope you also solve your problems with DBSK . we want them back!


  32. i really hope this ends quickly and nicely T___T

  33. yes, please try to solve the problem. sigh, kyu ):

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