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Super Junior DongHae latest minihompy post, “Stifling…Depressing…No strength…You?”

Yet another member of 13-member idol group Super Junior has caught the attention of netizens with his minihompy post about the recent news of member HanKyung.

Member DongHae wrote on EunHyuk‘s minihompy on the morning of 22nd December, “Stifling…Depressing…(I gave) no strength…You?”

This follows after it was reported on 21st December that HanKyung has filed for provisional disposition of contract terms with SM Entertainment. Also earlier on 21st December, member KyuHyun also talked about his feelings about the news on his minihompy.

SM Entertainment has responded by saying, “For the sake of Super Junior, we will try to settle this through communication”.


It seems the post is posted up on EunHyuk’s minihompy few days back but Korean media is now feasting on the news.

19 Responses

  1. Aww, what’s happening….
    SM family, it’s falling.

  2. This is Hae’s comment on Hyukjae’s cyworld
    Hyukjae even answered him xDDD~
    people nowadays~
    they should inform themselves better

  3. Why is whatever cyworld update that people find, they go to a sudden conclusion that its about Hankyun. I mean Netizens just find whatever and say “This is about Hankyun” etc no matter how old the post or when it was posted. Netizens are just stirring up news which is making it harder for Super Junior 😦

  4. in allkpop it said that sme stated bout this message which sme said that this was posted 3 days(?) before hankyung announced bout his contract.
    so technically its not actually related unless if hankyung spoke bout this wit the super junior members before he brought it to the media..

  5. NO NO NO
    this wasn’t in December, 22nd
    this comment is from 17th december!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    correct it, please, we need to stay calm!!!!

  6. it could also mean that he is really tired, etc. due to SJ-M’s hectic schedule in China and Taiwan?? not only SJ-M but also SJ’s super show concert. argh~~~

    am i just trying to console myself 😥

  7. its posted on the 17th but the suju members probs knew abt it way before the media did~ i hope all this chaos + dbsk’s lawsuit ends quickly~ really dont want the top 2 groups of asia to disband~

  8. ahw! i still don’t get it!
    i didn’t get kyuhyun’s post . as well as this!

    and what did eunhyuk say that donghae commented on??!
    can some one explain this to me?!

    im really curious!


  9. it’s almost christmas and still, not a good thing for kpop. i wish suju and elfs all the best

  10. Me too!
    I’ve no strength! T.T

    i’m not in good mood to do anything since i heard that news ! T.T

  11. that comment of him was actually posted last week, on 17th dec. not last morning (: just a heads up. and he posted that as a comment in hyuk’s CY.

    maybe he was referring to hankyung’s case after all. T____T

  12. ohh poor Donghae =(
    this situation is obviously difficult for the members. =/

  13. “for the sake of SJ, we’ll try our best”
    well im sure i read the same thing for DBSK.. look whats happening now?

    anyw i though hankyung was in china with SJM? how on earth did he managed to file this thingy?
    and that would mean SJM has to stop promoting.. at such a crucial time as well D:

  14. isn’t DongHae’s words commented at EunHyuk’s cyworld on 17Dec?

  15. OMG!! what does donghae mean?????

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