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Super Junior KyuHyun updates minihompy again after news of HanKyung’s case with SM Entertainment

After news went out that Super Junior member HanKyung has filed for provisional disposition of contract with his management company SM Entertainment, member KyuHyun‘s recently minihompy post has caught the attention of many fans and netizens.

KyuHyun wrote on his minihompy on 21st December after the news about HanKyung came out, “Even a beast don’t bite the hand that feeds one…I can not understand” expressing his disappointment about it.

But the post has also attracted much criticisms from netizens after it was posted, and KyuHyun has later set the post as private and posted the phrase on his minihompy “My only intention was that I wished that (he) goes on the good way (좋은 길로 가길 바라는 마음이었을 뿐)”.

Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that HanKyung has submitted application for provisional disposition of contract terms with SM Entertainment to the Seoul Central District Court recently.

And SM Entertainment has came out to say that they will “try to settle things with HanKyung through communications for the sake of Super Junior”.


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    • Ay… u misunderstand kyuhyun. He didn’t mean Hankyung, he meant Yesung’s turtle! When Yesung fed the turtle, it bit him hard and the wound was bleeding a lot. Kyuhyun wanted him to throw the turtle away but he wouldn’t so here is the “I CAN’T UNDERSTAND” thing.
      “Even a beast…” is for the turtle!!! please don’t judge kyu!!!
      In his diary, he said “Hangeng hyung please dont leave~ if u leave suju won’t be completed~ It’s 1/13”

  2. although it’s sad that hankyung is leaving suju but i will just support 100% whatever his decision..hope he is still suju “hyung” even if he no longer SJ members.

  3. I will pray that everything works out for everyone

  4. I completly understand why Kyuhyun said that, he’s probably really hurt and confused. I would be too if I was him…we can only hope and pray that everything will work out but after this im not sure if Hankyung and Kyuhyun’s friendship will ever be the same. I hope they can repair their broken relationship. Maybe another episode of Intimate Note will help

  5. WOW…..WOW………..
    just cool down everyone………….
    please don’t get into a fight as we’re all suju’s fans……
    stop the ‘what i think….what u think’ thing…….
    please stop blaming either han geng or kyu hyun……
    we’re just ‘outsider’ who don’t know what really happen right………..
    just stay quiet n keep support suju…..
    no matter what the results are………..
    please don’t make the already bad situation become worst……..
    we’re all suju’s fans a.k.a family as one……..
    GBU all………..

  6. I would also like to support all in SJ and respond on the above Kyufan88’s comments.

    Kyu loves, trust, support, depend on and respect Han as his “elder brother” in SJ and as SJ-M leader very much.

    I too believe Kyu has a great shock of his life, confused, unbelief, disappointment, feeling betrayed, sad and hurts when received such sudden news…especially one came from your close “family member”.

    He maybe too quick to response to the news, but he is truthful and genuine with his feeling. I don’t think it’s wrong and everyone has the right to speak freely to their family members.

    I could fully understand and empathy with Kyu. You too, if you have been in the similar position or situation before.

    I too hope to see a happy ending for Super Junior family, and there will be a win-win solution for SM & Han.

    And I believe SJ family is able to solve their personal conflict and different opinion peacefully among themselves, as many of them do prayer and will seek for peace instead of dispute.

    It’s already hard for all of them during this most difficult, trying time, therefore we SJ fans E.L.F. in worldwide should continue to give our full support and pray for them instead of bashing anyone of them.

    SJ, SJ-M, Kyu & Han, you all have your E.L.F. worldwide support! Hwaiting!!!

  7. I believe Kyuhyun is shocked and hurt at the same time by a “brother”, and he has every right to express his sadness and unhappiness to a “brother”. He is merely pointing out the true facts, and I believe he feels much as a whole for SJ-M. So, do not be hard on him cos he love his Hankyung more than we do. Try putting yourself in his shoes before bashing him!

    I just hope that there is a quick and good solution soon, so that it will not affect SJ 4th album coming out this year……….

    Kyuhyun, you are not alone, you have many fans supporting you!!! hwaiting!!!

  8. Do not be hard on Kyu, Hang or SM.

    We do not know the full story, the actual contract SM had with all its artist, but one thing for sure I believe there wasn’t gun pointing when a contract signed.

    Most trained SM artist are very successful comparing to others. SM could have spend much money in all well rounded professional training provided and image consultation to their artist before debut. Also money spending on accommodation, food, promoting their artist, good composer etc etc etc… If you owe a company, you will know the huge expenses spent.

    Therefore, I agreed that even how idiot the company is, SM did trained and really promoted Super Junior & Hankyung well. He has became famous becos of Super Junior, if without SJ, to be frank he may not be what he is today (not too be hush)……Becos there are too many competition in Chinese market.

    Hankyung’s backed out will definately cause much harm and hurt to SM and especially SJ-M members, who have put in so much effort, hardwork and their best to cater to the Chinese market. Especially most difficult for Henry and Zhoumi, think what will happen if without SJ-M?

    I’m not sure if Hankyung is the only one with the 13 years contract that he feel unfair? Hopefully is just a renewal and not terminate….. ;-(

    We know and can tell that both Kyu and Hang were closed. I believe Kyu just want the best for Hang, for Hang to have a serious thought and win-win situation for all. And as close friend Kyu is allowed to speak of his mind, it’s also Suju family problem and they will find a way to settle among them brothers. As E.L.F. we just need to continue to support and pray for them to work out the best solution! and not bashing on anyone of them.

    Super Junior Hwaiting! Kyuhyun hwaiting! Hangeng hwaiting!

  9. kyuhyuns allowed to speak his mind.

  10. super junior is one

  11. here we go again…people reacting too much. give these guys a break. let them express their feelings.

  12. stop member bashing!!!! ELFs do not be divided!! we are ONE!!

    both hankyung and kyu had their own reasons behind their feelings. in the end they have spent a decade of their lives together. basically family. they will find a way to sort out all of this on their own terms.

    lets just wait for the outcome and not make unnecessary conclusions on our own that will cause more confusion and heartbreak.

    ELFs please 13elieve in our SUJU. support all of them and not one or the other.

    ELF+SUJU = we are ONE!!!

  13. […] disposition of contract terms with SM Entertainment. Also earlier on 21st December, member KyuHyun also talked about his feelings about the news on his minihompy. SM Entertainment has responded by saying, “For the sake of Super Junior, we will try to settle […]

  14. Why people only bashed Kyuhyun? And what about Hankyung? He’s the one who wants to leave the group.
    What about the other members? If they didn’t know that this thing could happen, then suddenly one of the member decided to quit, how do they feel? I’m sure they confused and shocked also.

  15. WTH!!!???? How could kyuhyun say that about hankyung?? Obviously there is something wrong that SM is doing to make him sue them. Shouldn’t the rest is super junior be comforting him and talking to him to see what the problem is?? DAMN! Is this how team mates are supposed to treat each other???!!!

    I really think what kyuhyun did was just plain wrong! After that, even if SM and hankyung are on good terms…how do you go back to work with a team mate who said this and didn’t even try to understand you?

    • ever thought about the possibility that hangeng never told them beforehand about this?
      imagine how they would feel…

    • Why can’t Kyuhyun said that? He has his own feelings, is it wrong to expressed his feelings? He must be shocked with Hankyung’s decision. I would do the same thing if i am him. So i don’t get it, why people bashing him.

      • agree with this. people should stop acting like they know what’s really going on.
        they’re the one involved and all of us are merely observers…

      • he can say whatever he wants thats true, but its what he said that is the problem [to me at least]. i mean he didn’t have to sound so accusational and everything.. i mean is it wrong for han to fight for his own rights too? i probably don’t know what’s really going and stuff but this kinda matters are sensitive and he should’ve known what to say and what not to say. i mean, many artistes blogs have been shut down because of things they’ve said and he should have expected the reaction – you have ppl both supporting and against you; and if you can’t stand the criticism that is to be expected, don’t even write in the first place! furthermore it’s not only han that is involved in this case, i’m sure some cassies are upset at what he wrote too!! i respect his rights as a person [freedom of speech and all that] but i still think he could have anticipated the situation and approached it differently. he’s probably much too young to worry about the kind of matters han’s worrying about now lolx

      • @cmon

        *sigh* People start to jump into conclusion again. Did he ever said that Hankyung’s a beast and SM’s the hands? No, right?
        From what i know is that Kyuhyun has a witty personality & he’s just expressing his feelings. And he did that in HIS OWN CYWORLD, not in Hankyung’s, not in other members cyworld, not in the television. Where do you expect him to wrote it? In his diary? In his journal? So no one can read it? Puhleasee…
        I think that he already knew what the consequences would be. Don’t get me wrong, i respect Hankyung’s decision.
        The problem would be, people only respecting Hankyung’s bravery to stand up against SM, but why can’t they also respecting Kyuhyun’s opinion/feeling [whatever that is]? That’s all.

      • @si muntu
        … how does your brain even work ?
        Your argument makes no sense.
        Than if Kyuhuyn quote wasn’t directed to Hankyung what can the quote possibly be referring to ?
        Is there even another possible answer ?
        and since this comes up RIGHT AFTER the news got out, i think its safe to jump to conclusion that this quote is for Hankyung
        I don’t mind what he said… i just think your argument is stupid

    • agree,kyuhyun is ma fav suju and i dunno what kyuhun meant,but still agree…after all of these,can suju still be the same suju even with hankyung on it?i thought sj’s huge success was mostly relied on their “friendship”…now it seems confusing after this…anyway,lets calmdown and wait passionately till someone(HK,SME<KH,or any other suju)talks

  16. i have mixed feelings about this…
    but if i were him, i’d also feel betrayed…

    what happened to you?

    “don’t go crazy over money!” – DON’T DON

    —remember that hardcore song you guys sung


    • try asking sm to sing that instead

      and what’s with asking them not to get caught up with money. the measy amount they earn compared to sm is ridiculous. and they are humans too, and the lifespan of their work is so much shorter than other jobs regular ppl have, so when they’re past their prime, they don’t even earn that much [little] anymore! who’s going to support them after they’re past their prime? definitely not supporters like you and me who probably would have moved on to other groups. what becomes of them then?

      • you sound like one of those fans who think they know what’s really going on in the background of things…

        i didn’t direct that line to geng only, it’s to everyone, because that was the source of chaos…

        isn’t that the point? they’re just about to secure their position on top and his already leaving his group in midair… isn’t that too much? their career just boosted up and he already call it quits?

      • “you sound like one of those fans who think they know what’s really going on in the background of things…” actually… you did, too (sound like you know it all) LMAO *peace*

      • @lea
        even with their career ‘boosted up’ do you srsly think his life will be any much better than before?

        think abt sj selling 200k albums and dbsk selling 500k albums and chunjaesu are already filing lawsuits! what more with sj splitting among 13 ppl?! it’s ridiculous!! he’s probably feeling unjust about his predicament that’s why he’s filing the lawsuit!

        and i support him fully because even though i may not know exactly what happens behind the scenes, i believe top stars deserve top money.. maybe not like us bigshots earning millions but even taiwanese bigshots earn so much more than them! and some taiwanese stars are not even as internationally acclaimed as them! and that’s why i feel so unjust for the sm artistes!

        i srsly think there is something wrong with the contract and something shd be done immediately! i might be going on and on about money but c’mon, that’s the basis of everything. with their kind of work and effort, they deserve every single cent that sm is robbing them of. i applaud and stand for their fight for their rights.

        you can believe that he shouldn’t have came out just when they were about to make it big or wdv, but i still stand my ground that it’s a good call for him to make and i respect his decision.

  17. […] disposition of contract terms with SM Entertainment. Also earlier on 21st December, member KyuHyun also talked about his feelings about the news on his minihompy. SM Entertainment has responded by saying, “For the sake of Super Junior, we will try to settle […]

  18. If Hankyung doesn’t stand up for himself NOW,then when is he able to do it then??The public,including the fans have no clue about what the heck is REALLY going on in the company now..We don’t know know which is the truth..We may think that Super Junior and DBSK have gotten what they truly wanted but NO!
    Hankyung and Jaechunsu filed the lawsuit for a REASON..
    I don’t think Kyuhyun is wrong either..He’s a member of Super Junior so if I were him,I would be upset too because this means that Kyuhyun CARES for Suju AND Hankyung and therefore,I respect both sides..
    I just hope that this will end asap!

  19. […] Yet another member of 13-member idol group Super Junior has caught the attention of netizens with his minihompy post about the recent news of member HanKyung. Member DongHae wrote on his minihompy on the morning of 22nd December, “Stifling…Depressing…(I gave) no strength…You?” This follows after it was reported on 21st December that HanKyung has filed for provisional disposition of contract terms with SM Entertainment. Also earlier on 21st December, member KyuHyun also talked about his feelings about the news on his minihompy. […]

    • you all see it if the band disband the rest of the younger will felt hurt the most .. stop revaling thing out and be a good supporter to the rest

  20. @tuna I agree with you. They probably get less than DBSK members get seeing as to how many concerts theyve done and how much their albums were sold and divide by 13 + house expenses + managers + their daily needs = not enough. Even just by one show it still gets divide [ I meant their money or how much the pds paid them ]. At least someone is standing up for themselves. And plus in about a year or so Heechul and Leeteuk are set to serve their military terms. Super Junior will eventually split and go on with their own ways and live their life. But too bad most of them have to stay with SM since most of their contracts are 5-13 years.

    • most of sm contracts are OVER 7 years.
      5-7 years isn’t bad actually.
      the fact big bang and 2ne1’s contracts are 5 years
      and wonder girls/2pm are 7 years..
      ss501/kara are 7 years too.

      sm has it over like 9.
      most of them have 13 .

  21. […] This follows after it was reported on 21st December that HanKyung has filed for provisional disposition of contract terms with SM Entertainment. Also earlier on 21st December, member KyuHyun also talked about his feelings about the news on his minihompy. […]

  22. Admist all the chaos… i somehow really pity Eeteuk .. eventho he doesnt says much, but that leader has much to handle, without us realizing actually. But still ever working so hard for himself and bringing SuperJunior name … ❤

  23. i can understand kyu’s stance but i also empathize with the fans. lets just hope that suju will remain forever 13 =)

    • OMG!!!! u ppl here are much more better den those at popseoul. most of the ppl didn think b4 they talk, of course there r sensible ones. but most of the ppl here are really good!!! i personally agree on both kyu and hangeng. kyu may say all these but he will still support hangeng decision in the end. hwaiting!!!! pls don break up, i still waiting for supershow 2 and 3 !!!!!!!^-^

  24. they both look so displeased in that photo 😦

  25. but he should consider his teammate..

  26. I agree with Kyuhyun’s first entry. SM has spent so much effort and money training and promoting Hankyung with Super Junior and now without even thinking about the group he tries to cancel the contract just so he can work on solo activities. There’s no turning back for him now.

    I miss the Suju that had 13 members!

    • I personally agree with you.
      No matter how bad SM was and what an idiot the company is, SM really promoted Hankyung well.
      A lot of Korean fans were saying how Suju M is popular because of Hankyung, how popular he is in China, etc.

      I was shocked how Hankyung just backed out
      right now. I mean, Suju M was doing so well with their single, Super Girl.

      But I understand Hankyung as well. Why would he want to be stuck with the unfair 13 years contract?

      Anyways, I hope everything will work out well.

      Super Junior Hwaiting!

    • perhaps their allowance per month divide by 13 + 2 Suju members don’t enough to expense his life

      • @tuna, i agree. he knows he should be getting more so why not get it? sm is unfair. and i respect what kyu is thinking but i also respect hankyung’s.

        if this is a hoax from both super junior and sm ent to get attention. ill seriously stop supporting them because issues like this should not be used just to get attention.

      • go to this website n read more on why hankyung filed a case against his contract wif SM.
        Title: Hankyung, “No rest in 2 years.. From gastritis to kidney illness”
        it’s been said that he may not be terminating the contract but only reviewing it.
        also… kyuhyun is still young, he may hav misunderstood HG’s action and rashly made a comment abt it. another possible scenario (which can be impossible too) is that the ‘beast’ is sm n the ‘hand’ is HG???

    • i think, he doesn’t deserve all the bashing he got from posting that comment but i also think it’s pretty inconsiderate of him (kyuhyun)

      and here we go again, jumping on conclusions, yay !!!!
      who can come up with a better speculation ?

    • suju said they were brothers,family blah blah…when someone is in troubel,family have to stuck with each other and being supportive even u think its wrong or it is really wrong by the fact.dont get me wrong,KH is ma fav suju,i still love him!!!hankyung owns a lot to sm,but am sure he paid in cash lika at leats 100times more back.u can say that by the success of sjm in china.i really hope that Suju will stay 2gether all 13+2…i think there is a solution,SME will step down and make a new 2side satisfied contract.

  27. why would Kyu get criticised? if i’m him, i will prob be experiencing the same feelings of hurt and betrayal. Suju had a really successful year. they just won awards. Suju-M has been making headways into China. and Hankyung chose this of all time to drop the bomb. he could at least wait for their promotions to be over. like what Jaechunsu did after Tokyo Dome

    seeing all your hard work may be going to waste after spending so much time learning a new language. and its filed by your leader too….what do you think?

    • why should you wait after sm starts earning the money from the concerts before you start to act against them? jaechunsu prob did it after tokyo dome because then, avex was part of the equation. but now, it’s all under sm’s hand. and should this then be a good time to shock sm into coming up with better plans to keep the group tgt than what they attempted lamely to do with dbsk?

      i don’t think there’s anything wrong with hankyung doing this now, in fact i applaud his bravery. slave contracts and unfair treatment should be stopped immediately and remedied. on the other hand, i felt that kyu’s response was unnecessary and insensitive. even the leader had not commented i don’t think he should have been the first. furthermore, considering the situation as a whole, with chunjaesu in the boat as well, he is almost indirectly commenting on the actions of chunjaesu as well. i can understand why netizens get upset because i got a little upset myself.

      then again, if its all some publicity stunt, to hell with sm.

      • Well, just put yourself in Kyuhyun’s shoes. I’m sure that if you do, you can imagine the shock and hurt that he felt. Yea, it was a little insensitve but how would you of reacted if ur hyung and leader was to filed to dissolve their contract. He was propably shocked because he had no idea Hankyung felt that way and hurt because Hankyung has been ignoring everyone’s calls. So thats probably why he said what he said. Don’t bash him for expressing how he felt, he is human too. We all express our feelings

      • But I also think Hankyung was right to file a lawsuit to get a new contract. I’m sure it was just a missunderstanding between the two of them. I hopr everything turns out ok for all of Super Junior

  28. oh please. Give the guy a break I mean if that’s what he wants let him be

    • He should have expected it when he typed such a message on his minihompy.

    • hey stop all the thing he is 21 yrs old … i am olso .. who never make mistake in this world .. he might wrote thing that is not nice but think he is human human make mistake .. remember the car accident .. when he discharge the thing that he want to do the most is preform to us .. but now all our hand is pointing at him .. think twice when a finger is pointing at a person the another rest is pointing at us .. let him have a break..!!!!! and i believe hk know what he want the most .if you all support him let him felt support and not demand ans

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