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Tears flow for Park JungAh after knowing she is down with swine flu

News of Park JungAh being confirmed of swine flu while doing her last promotional activities as Jewelry has got many netizens feeling sorry for the singer.

Park JungAh
has been hospitalised for exhaustion and flu symptoms on 21st December. And following, she has been confirmed of swine flu at the hospital in Seoul.

It is known that Park JungAh had teared feeling sorry that she cannot be with the other members on her last promotional activities with the group.

Jewelry is currently promoting their 6th repackaged album, and members Seo In Young and Park JungAh will go solo after this.


9 Responses

  1. Noooo~~~
    omg. gil must be really really worried

  2. aww its already saddening that they’ll leave jewelry .
    her not being able to continue with promotions ….
    this is sadder ><

  3. When a celeb is down with ordinary flu, somehow no one pays attention. Sounds so ordinary and insignificant.
    But when that same celeb is down with pig flu, suddenly it’s news. Sounds more ‘urgent’ and pity pours in.
    The number of korean celebs hit by swine flu far more outnumbers than that the number of japanese, chinese or taiwanese celebs hit by the same virus. Maybe the swine flu likes kimchi too much?

  4. awww, that’s so sad.

  5. aw. this is saddening.

    get well soon ❤

  6. Aw shucks 😦 another one down with swine flu?
    I hope she’ll recover soon

  7. Get well soon 😦 her and SIY leaving is sad already aww

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