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Fun fact of Kpop: Your female idols ranked in order of age?

2009 was a year of female idol groups/singers in Kpop circle.

But ever wondered how it would be to rank all your girlgroup idol members from in order of their age – from the oldest to the youngest?

Go under the cut to find out.

Korean netizens put all 61 members from Brown Eyed Girls, Jewelry, So Nyeo Shi Dae, After School, KARA, 2NE1, Cheon Sang JiHee, Davichi, 4Minute, T-ara, f(x), WonderGirls, IU and YounHa

PS: Little correction – Brown Eyed Girls Narsha is born in the year of 1981 not 1983.

Big unnie goes to After School GaHee and youngest goes to f(x) Krystal! Fun fact of Kpop for you!

Thanks to miyachan11 for the headsup!

82 Responses

  1. hyo min and yoona’s bdays are near mine, one day apart! πŸ˜€

  2. Wish there was english conversion

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  4. Who’s #16 and #20, I can’t read korean =(

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  6. GaIn is only 9 days older them me :O

  7. minzy and jiyoung have the same birthday? cool…

  8. They forgot Soyeon from T-ara =(

  9. haha! i’m older than Minzy and Jiyoung by only a week. so that means i’m between Luna and Minzy. go ’94ers x]

  10. Yay team ’92ers πŸ™‚

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  12. Hi! could you provide me information about male idols ranked in order of age????please!! please replay me

  13. i want all of 94 line to be close to each other, not just jiyoung-jungli-sohyun Q____Q
    that picture of sulli is so cute ^ ^
    lol, even though seohyun is one of the *older* (read: older being 19) maknaes, she still reminds me of a baby.
    woahhr. sohee’s old now xD dude, even amber’s younger than her, and i thought amber was pretty mature …

  14. 1994??? 1994 was just around the corner! he he Most of them are so younger!

    If I was Korean; I would be consider old! I’m a 83er!

    I feel bad for all of the those who are 1984 and up! They must have lots of pressure in the Korean industry!

    Too much pressure for nothing! What’s wrong being 24 and up?

    Like Aaliyah once said “Age ain’t nothing, but a number”

    • I would be the same as you! I don’t think the “older” ones aren’t as popular or are not idols. It may just be that word “idol” is just used for younger stars. Anyway, to me “old” is like 55 :).

      Plus all of the 25 and up’ers look about 21 to my American eyes. It’s hard for not Koreans to tell their ages!!

  15. I can’t believe that the youngest are only 2 years older than me. 0.0

  16. i totally thought sulli was the youngest or one of the 4minute girls.

  17. so the oldest is Gahee…but..i was shocked that she’s already 29..?_? then Hyori is just a year older than her?? wow.. O.O

    then Boram of T-Ara….no offense but at first i thought she’s the maknae..but it turned out that she’s the oldest in t-ara O.O

    i love this fun fact..thanks for sharing^_^ kbites really is the best^_^

  18. wow minzy and jiyoung have the exact same birth date, thats cool
    i think t-ara’s soyeon and qri werent included

  19. When you look between oldest and youngest.. Gahee is 14 years older than Krystal…. O__O
    Seems like 89ers rule the chart. hehe yay! I’d be in between Eunjung and Taeng.

  20. Tbh, I really couldn’t tell the difference between the younger ones and the older ones. >.<
    Maybe it's just me…

    And lawl, whoever said the 93'ers are cute, I'll take as a compliment since I'm in that line. XDD

    It's weird though, I'd probably look up to older artists as idols, rather than people my age, since they're hardly more wise than I am. XD

  21. Isn’t PARK GAHEE who dated MICKY YOOCHUN??

    she’s as 80’er??

  22. holy craaaaaap CL is barely older than Seohyun!

  23. I completely forgot Minji is 15 o.o
    I thought she’d be higher, but seeing her way on the bottom…. honestly, ever time I see her it’s with some erotic dance or tongue sticking out, I thought she’d be older @___@

  24. woah kahi is the oldest? never would’ve guessed i always thought there was someone older than her.

  25. Wow. I’m actually older than some of these girls, but I cannot even imagine becoming a trainee and an artist and appearing on all those shows, etc.

    Kudoes to everyone on this list. I admire thier tenacity.

  26. Haha, I’m between TSZX The Grace’s Stephanie and After School’s UEE. Older than UEE by quite a few months though.

  27. I love that the ’88 Line (UEE, Younha, GyuRi, SeungYeon, & YooBin) are close <333.

    The girls in the '93 lines are cute. XD

  28. YEP!!! KARA!!…

  29. ahhh this was so fun to see XD

    i CANNOT believe boram is older than me. i had NO IDEA O_O

    and awww krystal is forver maknae ~~~ β™₯

    thanks for sharing!

  30. omg. okay now i feel old =/

  31. Is Hyori not considered an Idol anymore? lol

  32. Wow, Sulli’s picture! Where’s it from?? Where did they take it?? She looks like 10 years old! So cuuute~!!

  33. Age ain’t nothing but a number

  34. jiyoung and minji hv the same bday

  35. so freakin’ young!!

  36. thank god they didn’t leave wg out. i’m glad they still included them even if they’ve been on a hiatus for a year. wg ftw<3

  37. Isnt kara’s Seung-yeon and younha 87-ers???

    Did the fan mistaken or ???

  38. Miryo and Jea are 1981ers too right?

    I think as a group 4minute has the youngest average age?

    Who’s the girl between Jea and Jung Ah?

    • Yes, I think this is the old list. They should make a new one.

      Ahaha…you’re right! All of 4minute girls born in 90s and below! Never think of that before…

      Between Jung Ah and Jea, it’s After School’s Park Jung Ah. LOL, two Jung Ahs are next to each other!

  39. Luna is so freaking young yet so freaking talented. She’s youthfully georgous, but then she’s so talented and she seems so experienced that she could pass off as 40 or something. I love her.

    And not to mention the baddest female – highest stage presence evaarrr.

    Dara could be transferred to the very bottom of the list and she would fit in very well. She’s even older than Gyuri and Yoobin and Ye Eun and Younha and Sunye 0.o and she’s in the same league as Seo In Young but acts and looks veeerrrryyy differently.

  40. Wow ~ xD
    Love it now i will not confused with their age any more
    i will save this pic to check from time to time .. LOL!!!
    some of them are too young ^_^
    i want male groups to know who will be the big oppa ^^

  41. i love all the 87 and 86 especially Yeonji and Boram from SeeYa

  42. I didnt kno dat Luna is a 93er cuz she look older xD buh Krystal is da youngest o__O

  43. lol, a lot of the younger group surprise me. i swear half of bellow 21 group looks like they are in mid to late 20s. XD

  44. isnt jea and Miryo also born in 81??

  45. did they forget sulli?

  46. wooo . CL the youngest leader ❀

  47. I am younger than krystal even though we are the same age~ Keke.

  48. im really suprised..i thought luna would be older. shes my age & krystals younger than me ! o.o

  49. i love it πŸ˜€
    but some error like you said
    BEG’s narsha and the other 2
    hmmm , boy bands seem more interesting as the youngest is dongho which is younger than this girls here
    correct me if im wrong
    and the oldest ?
    well shinhwa right ? longest surviving boy group in korea no doubt xP

  50. i love all 1989 line except becka…
    and maknaes (94) line too

  51. some men says ‘age doesnt matter’.. therefore TOP and dara is compatible, hihhihi…
    even though theres so lot of speculation about gd and dara im still bet to TOPdara couple…
    i like them since in im sorry mv and in 2ne1 tv part when top talking to 2ne1 members and he said every time she(sandar park) talks he feel awkward…
    so… i hope that TOP and dara have a koreandramas.. hiihih…

  52. First, thank you for remembering CSJH <3. But that was one bad pic of Sunday.

    Also, you guys missed Soyeon and Q-ri from T-ara. Soyeon was born on October 5th, 1987 and Q-ri's birthday is December 12 (same as Eunjeong), 1986.

  53. Ouh.. going to do this with the male idols.. interesting..

  54. Woah, I didn’t know CL is 91-er. She’s younger than me.

  55. this is the old one

    the new one has the new After School members in it

    rofl the Koreans kept doing a “statistics” file on these girls its insane.

    i have all these stats in excel format, jpg etc. too bad i forgot to save the latest “stats” jpg

  56. Everyone knows Krystal and Sulli are really young but I’m surprised at how young Luna is. she’s really talented and i would’ve thought she was older.

    • Yeah, I always forget how young Luna actually is. She displays an extreme amount of talent and maturity for a 16 year old.

  57. i thought that minji was the youngest , didnt know that krystal was even younger -o-
    gahee is older than beg o-o but they look young so its all fine ^___^ i’d like the see the male ver xD

  58. The BEG onnis should be moved up to the front…
    Even if they r older I still love them and also After school

  59. KARA is also included in the list.
    I think you forgot to include their name

  60. i love the 88line cos they’re close with each other..<3


  62. I hate how after 24 is considered too old in the idol world.
    That’s why I admire members of After School & Brown Eyed Girls. They let women know they can still be role models and idols no matter what age. ❀

  63. LOVE BEG, SNSD & F(x) <333

  64. what about male? πŸ˜€ then match couples? πŸ˜›

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