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Fun Fact Of Kpop: Rain and f(x) Krystal’s little collaboration?

It has been known recently that of her various broadcast and CF appearances before debut, f(x) Krystal has also appeared in one of Rain‘s MVs.

Rain‘s ‘Still Believe’ MV released in 2006 is known to feature singer-producer Park JinYoung, but now we know it had also featured the young star in the making – Krystal!

Go under the cut for more!



All 3 of them, including Park Jin Young, looked so young then!

28 Responses

  1. […] Fun Fact Of Kpop: Rain and f(x) Krystal’s little collaboration? « K Bites. […]

  2. that’s junho for sure!, HAHAHAAA..

  3. Omg ! wow

  4. omaigod rain is so hot during those days and during rainism time. i just dont like his hair this year
    he totally lost it, and i was so into rain last year
    after seeing his style this year, i just dont like him anymore
    but seeing him back in this just make me love him again!

  5. She’s quite plain looking. But you know what, that’s not a bad thing. 🙂

  6. OH my god, she has Jessica’s smile. :)) Hahahaha.
    So pretty. ^^

  7. I thought I saw Yoona at the very start. How similar!

  8. She really the saMe Yoon A! WoW!!! But she a Jessica ‘s young sis :(!
    I don’t understand :(!

  9. junhooo!! haha<3

  10. I see Junho instead of Rain now. Lol.

  11. i think she looks the same now. Pretty much the same.

  12. krystal here is not pretty if u compare it now…

  13. that’s not rain silly! that’s lee junho! hehehe

  14. Rain has quite a record for being related to the f(x) girls. XD First Victoria, now Krystal.. well, it should be the other way around considering time, but LOL.

  15. o hai junho..lol

  16. whoa i thought rain was junho for a sec

  17. wow. didnt see that coming…
    i used to think Krystal was very bland and not pretty at all…
    but now i see that her plainness is very pretty~
    kinda like how i see Yoona and Seohyun of SNSD (:

  18. Krystal <3333

  19. @ques : The Wonder Girls if i’m not wrong (Sohee in the middle =P)

  20. i hve a question who is the 5girl group on kbites banner?

  21. Rain is good-looking O___O And i like when he speak ,because his voice is awesome (when he sing too) And i like when he look like when he was in ”A love to kill”…I hope his next role will be sad and tortured ,because it’s suit him very good !

    I don’t care about f(x) when this is rain *w*

  22. Krystal is beautiful? I think she is very normal.

    • Yeah, that’s what I think too.
      She’s okay,
      but definitely more beautiful than most Korean girls.

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