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Netizens call T-ara’s stylists antis!

T-ara‘s stylists are being called antis.

Netizens revealed that they liked the song ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’ very much, and that they have been used to the animal gloves since it is part of the concept. But with the most recent performance of ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’, the netizens thought they could not take it anymore.

Go under the cut to find out more.

T-ara‘s performance of Christmas version of ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’ was the last straw.

Seeing leader EunJung dressed in a snowman costumes, many netizens are calling the group’s stylists antis.

Even the fashion-terrorist of 2PM Ok TaecYeon have to make a comment about the costume on EunJung‘s minihompy.

Netizens said that before this there were many times when they thought that T-ara should just wear their casual wear instead of their performing costumes. Here’s why.

Performing costumes:

Casual clothes:

Netizens say, “At least, they don’t need to have their shoes taped”

Netizens’ input: Telzone

I love T-ara to bits. But yes, I think they need to change their stylists ㅠ

61 Responses

  1. agree with taec!!!

    seriously! they need to fire their stylist!

  2. Taecyeon, the world’s worst fashion person…aka fashion terrorist…have something to say about this? This means that T-ara’s costume does have some problems!

    <333 Taec

  3. […] worn for T-ara’s Christmas special performances of their song ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’ has been commented on by 2PM TaecYeon with, “Your costume today is some kind of punishment? Kekeke” and has been the topic […]

  4. […] Netizens call T-ara’s stylists antis [Read] […]

  5. […] Netizens call T-ara’s stylists antis [Read] […]

  6. […] Peep Bo Peep’ on various stages in Christmas season costumes. And previously on 20th December TaecYeon has posted on T-ara leader EunJung’s minihompy after seeing her perform in a snowman costume “Your costume today is some kind of punishment? […]

  7. LOL Seriously! It’s terrible! LOL

  8. I love T-Ara.. but yes they definitely need to find a better stylist XD
    LOL I love how Taecyeon said that to Eunjung, getting criticized by a fashion terrorist is a baddd sign XD

  9. haha xD taecyeon’s comment xD haha
    i wonder how t-ara feels? and ther cordinator? O.o

  10. agree. their costumes look all over the place and too cutesy. i want them to perform in their jacket photoshoot outfits

  11. hahaha.. looking at all their performing costumes make me laugh out loud… & taec’s comment.. muhaha..

  12. XDD Taec sure cracks me up.
    They really need to hire a new stylist.
    I liked their outfits for TTL and the outfits for Lies were ok but the recent one was.. 0.0

  13. it’s really experimental and not in a 2ne1/g-dragon way

  14. ahhahah LMAO @ Taec’s comment..


  16. I thought their outfits for bo beep was cute…

    the rest is yeah, ugly!

  17. I agree their performances outfits are hideous and all. But I think its the only way they are different than other girl groups.
    Anw, I just find it funny how the group’s own stylists can be call antis. Netizens are seriously amusing.

  18. LMAO i agreeeee

    those outfits are hideous D:
    i get that it’s cute….but it’s a little over-the-top =\

    oh Taec, how i love you ❤

  19. finally netizen speaks up.

  20. yes i agree they need to change their stylish coz their style is horrible

  21. ROFL ! i have to agree w Taec ! XD

  22. Horrible~~~

  23. Bo peep Bo peep concept is indeed too much
    the snow man costume exaggerate everything
    XD but I love their song
    they should change their stylist soon

  24. bo peep bo peep,.. lol


  25. … hoshit. @ wing834, i didn’t realise eunjung wasn’t the only victim. qri is dressed like a freaking christmas tree -_-

  26. I love many of their outfits but
    sometimes i feel they should change their stylists..


  27. Bwahaha! lmao Taec <33
    I haven't followed T-ara, I've only heard their song 'Lies' and kind of liked it. Though I've seen them performing in music shows and have witnessed their outfits… I wasn't a fan of it.. their outfits I mean. xDD

    But so far I've seen them sang "To My Boyfriend" by Fin.K.L.
    I think that was kind of cute. Lmaoo. XD

  28. oh gosh..I hated the outfits for bopeepbopeep. It’s just atrocious.

  29. i found their costumes cute, though. sigh.

  30. lol at leader eunjung…wth stylist thinking giving her a snowman costumer BAHAHAHAHA… i like tiara and all…but their outfits are always wtf… i think TTL was the best they should stick with those style

  31. lol @ taecyeon!

  32. Rofl I AGREE with netizens!! Their outfits have been HORRIBLE! The stylists must really hate them or something.

    And who had to tape their shoes?! xD

    To those people bad mouthing Shinee’s style, yes the Juliette period wasn’t so good & the beginning of RDD but they’ve toned it down ever since then. LOVE the JoJo outifts!!

  33. As much i absolutely love T-ara , i have to agree.

    Not only are the clothes the problem , but is the hair too !

    Soyeon is my favourite member and i totally love it when she has her red extensions on . she looks so pretty ! and the hair stylists should do more abt jiyeon and hyomins hair . i have no problem with hyomins but she needs more styling .

  34. LOL at taec’s comment 😀 the xmas themes bo peep bo peep was jokes, eunjung dressed as a snowman, and qri as a xmas tree XD

  35. oh mann.
    wtf happened with eunjeong? even during WG’s what i like to call hooker period with ‘so hot’, in which i wanted to bash the stylists, at least they never put them in that <– italics if i could.
    @ angel
    lmfao, you're right actually. t-ara's outfits were fine during 'lies' and bearable during ttl, but shinee's appearance has been getting steadily ridiculous from juliette onwards. look at taemin and key, taemin has a permanently blow-dried bowl cut (again) and key has some sort of … angular. thing. Q___Q

  36. They can dress them in a Christmas theme without making them look like jackasses.

  37. For the X-mas concept, the other clothes are okay (for performance clothes) but the white rudolph is kinda eh… It’s totally shapeless and since she’s the only one wearing it, it really does seem like ‘벌칙’ clothes.

  38. haha, Taec cracks me up ;D

  39. i think it would’ve been better if they just used santa dresses. Those look good and are cute.

    But, i must say, i really liked their outfits for TTL and TTL 2 🙂

  40. ummmm no. I challenge this!
    SHINee and Micky’s stylists are in fact the TRUE antis!
    I understand T-ara’s concept but sometimes it’s a bit much.

  41. puh leaze, they’re entertainers, its a sheepy goofy cutesy song, casual clothes will just be boring to see them perform in

    and the snowman is uh..christmas, duh? not like they dressed her up as a hag >> or something totally unrelated.

    bottom line, casual/gap clothes are boring outfits to put on a show with.

    • yeah, i agreeee. 😉

    • If they wanted to put on a show with mascot costumes they should have done it somewhere else … like maybe a football field or basketball court.

      • mascots? LOL

        here you go;

          /ˈmæskɒt, -kət/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [mas-kot, -kuht]
        an animal, person, or thing adopted by a group as its representative symbol and supposed to bring good luck: The U.S. Navy mascot is a goat.

        I’ll give you the costumes part though because they were wearing costumes, but wearing christmas dresses and snowmans makes for a christmas themed performance. gee makes sense to me.

  42. lol is the taping a reference to Nam Gyuri?

  43. What’s w/the taping of the shoes? O_O

    I liked their TTL outfits the best. :3

    • I think those are sponsored shoes or whatever so they’re basically free and sometimes it’s too big for them so they have to tape it.

      Some outfits would be cute without all the accessories. There is way too much going on, but hey maybe that’s what their stylists was going far so the girls can attract more attention.

  44. LOL so AGREE!!!!

  45. why is everyone making a fuss over this? It’s supposed to be cute. DBSK also wore ridiculous outfits in their Balloon performance but fangirls were all “ooh they are so cute.” I guess because fangirls are jealous of how beautiful T-Ara can be even in these kind of outfits. Seriously, fangirls should STFU

    • lol, its not just fangirls
      even taec commented on it, haha.

    • it’s supposed to be cute
      i think so too but does not look that way. their clothes are too tacky.

    • Balloon outfits were cute, but not hideous. Bobeep’s outfits can be cute at first, but too much is too much. It’s no longer cute but slowly becomes annoying.

      Sure, cute song and dance. That doesn’t mean they have to dress up T-Ara with clothes that do not go well together at all. (That would be a laughable excuse to put anything on them with justifying by saying “they are dressed up in ‘cute’).

    • actually, it was cute at first, really.
      but hmm as they perform more,
      the costume is getting into another higher level too. lol
      wahahah until for viewers’ eyes, it’s not that cute anymore.
      hmmm for me its like when i watch them perform w/ the tacky clothes, i [myself] am getting the burden too.
      anyway, they’re cuute.
      lol @ Taec.

    • If so, then Taecyeon is a jealous fangirl that needs to stfu too ?
      HAHAH seriously think before you talk, INTFFTP
      no one is hating on T-ara people are hating on their stylists. LMFAO

  46. so sorry for them. really.
    about the costume, urgh their suffering.

  47. I hope the netizen powers work this time and the stylists take a clue -.-

    What’s holding T-Ara back from making their comeback this time isn’t their song or the choreo, but their outfits!

  48. Srsly, let them dress themselves, Mnet. You got three ulljjangs in ONE group. I can totally imagine Hyomin, Q-ri and Eunjung saying WTF to the outfits.

    lol @ Taec tho.

  49. loool oh Taec.

    With the costumes they’re wearing, they must be sweating buckets. A lot of the stuff they wear is really tacky, but sometimes tasteful. Hope they can wear something more tasteful in the future

  50. LOL at taecyeon xDDD its nice to see older celebs interacting with one another. But yah i dont get how their outfits were “sexy” but on stage its super funky. the xmas was okay to me LOL i thought it was ….. cute. but the others are seriousy a WTF moment

  51. lol i so agree with them

  52. I love the song and dance for “Bo Peep Bo Peep” but the concept is just too wild. I agree with netizens that with this performance it went too far. I can understand the cute concept, but they are looking more and more bulky and strange.

    Taecyeon’s comment cracked me up sooo much haha.

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