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We’ll get to see 2NE1 in uniform for SBS Gayo DaeJun this year!

2NE1 to invade school wearing school uniforms!

2NE1 did a guerilla concert in a school wearing school uniform for a special performance for SBS Gayo DaeJun on 30th December. Known to set trends and made headlines with their fashion style since their debut this year, the group shows yet another charming side of them wearing uniform.

A production staff expressed confidence for the performance, “Can be said to be the best guerilla performance in history”.

Meanwhile for SBS Gayo DaeJun this year, we will see the face-off between ‘rival’ rookie groups BEAST and MBLAQ, Big Bang GDragon and TaeYang’s solo stages, and also 2PM’s upgraded performance of ‘Heartbeat’ with a new ending performance ever seen before. 2PM will also be performing a new song.


Go here for the full performance lineup for SBS Gayo DaeJun: https://sookyeong.wordpress.com/2009/12/20/hot-sbs-gayo-daejun-performance-lineup-revealed/

Fancams (thanks to Kelly)


44 Responses

  1. Those little tuxedo jackets are just too cute. Great school girl outfits.

  2. They look nice,

  3. wuah so cute πŸ˜€

  4. CL looks really sweet in pigtails and plaits haha

  5. Gah, they look cute in the school uniforms.. >.<

  6. they are cute n pretty in school uniform!!!
    they really enjoy themselves!!>_<
    no wonder ~LET"S PLAY!! ~is their cheer!!!kkkkk

  7. CUTE!

  8. OMG OMG!!! So cute,.. Park Bom look like 18 YO ,. lol

  9. They look adorable, makes me miss them a lot, weird, I don’t long for girl groups….And guerilla concert already? Dang, and it’s pretty packed too.,
    And I have to get that white blazer, it’s so cute.

  10. CL…….She looks prettier every time I see her.

  11. ow! daebak

  12. only minji can really rock the school uniform. the other three look a bit odd lol

    looking forward to sbs gayo daejun though πŸ™‚

    • ahihih. i don’t think so. πŸ™‚
      plus, they are sporting some weird hairstyle again.
      just put cl and dara’s hair down.
      2NE1 will surely look stunning in a school uni4m.
      looking forward too.
      2NE1 ftw.

  13. i wonder why CL,dara,and park bom have worn shirts/shorts and show their legs but never minzy. minzy always wears leggings. hmmm is it becuz she is the maknae

    • i wonder that too. but it’s probably like she doesn’t want to show too much skin since she’s young. idk.

    • because she alone is sexy! adding more by showing her legs would be too much! πŸ˜›

  14. ohaiii
    don’t underestimate snsd’s gangster value xD
    2ne1 might dress like gangsters, but soshi are the mob, i swear. seohyun the extortionist, jessica the military sergeant, hanging toilet seat covers on their dorm wall when people don’t pay them back … lol, 2ne1/snsd image swap would be epic.
    woo 2ne1
    lol @ dara and bom, they probably haven’t worn school uniform in like years …

  15. best guerilla performance? what does that mean?

    can’t wait to see another awesome performance by 2ne1!

  16. thanks for this!
    cant wait for the gayo daejun!

  17. cute!!!!!!!! i cant wait for the show

  18. Ooh 2NE1 in school uniforms, cute. ^__^

  19. OMG….
    SNSD better watch out
    This girls are BANGs!!!
    They work in gangster n cute style
    Love it ^^

    • i wonder how snsd would look in a gangster style? hmm.

    • snsd did work “gangster” for a day.

      theres this. if rolled up sleeves, slick black and white wardrobe do not classify as gangster (scarface?) then i dont know what is g

      and theres another one but i cant find it. if i recall, they even sported fitted caps one time.

      • what we mean by gangsta is like fierce and aggressive gangsta. so far we’ve always seen snsd in sleek, sexy or cute or ladylike and stuff like that. suits and converse is hardly the kinda gangsta we wanna see.

        we wanna see something hyper and strong and powerful! y’know attitude! like POW!! think after school when they did the 2pm tribute. it’d be awesome to see the snsd girls try that. i have doubts they can pull it off, but hey, can never tell.

  20. DARA really look like a student compare to the youngest Minzy!
    how can she look so young compare to others 84’er?!!!!!!!!!! Jealous πŸ˜€

  21. if i were 25, & they make me wear uniform, id be pissed.
    except for halloween maybe.
    good thing both of them look so young!

  22. Whoaaaaa (: Cool.

  23. Well..the tracklist is already out isnt it?

  24. (fancam) 2NE1 sbs recording

    2ne1 Photos at SBS Gayo Daejeon Recording

  25. CL. looks very nice with that hair color…mmmm and in black she looked much more mature .. still She is pretty.

  26. LOL @dara’r hair. she doesnt look alike 26y.o XDDDDD

  27. they look stunning!

  28. SO CUTE!!!! >.<

  29. this should be good

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