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Upcoming 19th High1 Seoul Music Awards nominee list revealed!

The nominee list for upcoming 19th High1 Seoul Music Awards 2010 has been revealed!

Said to be one of the Korean popular music award ceremonies established by Sports Seoul in the 1990s which contributed to many other award ceremonies later on, the 19th Seoul Music Awards awarding the best singers of year 2009 will be held on 3rd February 2010.

Nominee list under the cut.

Nominated for BonSang:

  • So Nyeo Shi Dae
  • Super Junior
  • GDragon
  • 2PM
  • Baek Ji Young
  • Brown Eyed Girls
  • MC Mong
  • Kim TaeWoo
  • KARA
  • SS501
  • Davichi
  • SHINee
  • Son DamBi
  • LeeSsang
  • Outsider
  • Lee Seung Gi
  • Epik High
  • Park HyoShin
  • SG Wannabe
  • Bobby Kim
  • Lee SeungChul
  • FT Island
  • Ivy
  • WheeSung
  • 8eight
  • K Will
  • Im ChangJung
  • 2AM
  • UKiss
  • Epik High

Nominated for Newcomer award:

  • 4Minute
  • T-ara
  • After School
  • f(x)
  • TaeGoon
  • Rainbow
  • Secret
  • 2NE1

Nominated for High1 Popularity award:

  • Combined list of singers from nominee list of BonSang and Newcomer award
  • Background info: Seoul Music Awards joined hands with High1 resort in 2008 to further promote the event when Hallyu wave was growing stronger.

Additional information (Thanks to BeBe):

  • Daesang : One Daesang artist chosen from the 10 Bonsang artists
  • Bonsang : Top 10 artists are chosen. Voting(20%) Digital/Album sales(50%) Research(10%) Judges(20%)
  • Rookie : 3 chosen
  • Mobile Popularity(determined by fan voting) : 1 or 2
  • Plus Digital Music, Best Album, Hallyu Special, Performance, R&B, Hip Hop, Trot Awards-


  • Voting will start from 26th December all the way till 1st February 2010
  • Voting method is by using mobile phone and entering voting key
  • High1 Popularity award: Based 100% on mobile votes
  • For Bonsang, Daesang and Newcomer award: Based 20% on mobile votes

DaeSang winner history for the past 9 years:

  • 2009: WonderGirls
  • 2008: Big Bang
  • 2006: Dong Bang Shin Ki
  • 2004: ShinHwa
  • 2003: Lee Hyori
  • 2002: BoA
  • 2001: Kim GunMo
  • 2000: Jo SungMo

Source: Seoul Music Awards official site | Take out with proper credits

Special thanks to kazzyness for the headsup (:

91 Responses

    they wil win….

  2. Daesang : SNSD
    Bonsang : SNSD , 2PM , BEG , KARA , GD , SUJU , Sondambi , davichi , kim taewoo , beak ji young
    Rookie : 2ne1 , tiara , 4minute
    Mobile Popularity : suju , 2pm
    Plus Digital Music snsd
    Best Album GD
    Hallyu Special 2PM
    Performance 2NE1

  3. Woww!!

  4. it’s going to be f(x) or 2ne1 for newcomer and either ss501 shinee snsd suju 2 pm GD for bonsang well at least that what i think i hope it’s SHINEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hwaiting!!!! or maybe even beg or kara

    i hate that you had to call in why can’t u vote like on a website or something????? gosh!!!! but i really hope shineee wins!!!!!

    jonghyun SARANG (anyone knows what his email is????)

  5. super junior, please look at the beginning of the show and perform a full, please hangeng attended the ceremony. I hope seoul music awards show will be successful

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  7. 2ne1 should win..they had proven a lot..

  8. for all the winning groups on feb 2nd..advance congrats!!

    i just wish daesang would go to suju, just for a change.

    and and..the rookie award..i like BEAST OR MBLAQ to win, but i think it’ll go to 2ne1. πŸ˜›

    i really can’t wait for 2010! i hope that there would be a comeback for: DBSK [although we can’t say because of their dispute with SM], 2pm with 7 members [that’ll make kpop history in 2010, :)], wondergirls with a new concept, SHINee with a full length album [im tired of their mini-albums] and of course LEE HYORI!! XD

  9. aww, tvxq isn’t nominated @ all. that kinda sux. well…….. T^T disappointed i guess. but they didn’t release a cd this year anywayz. so i guess…. yeah….

    go SHINee!!! πŸ™‚

  10. β™₯ GD and 2NE1!!! β™₯

  11. hoping that GD n 2NE1 will win!!!

  12. Oh ,…. who’s winner 2005 and 2007?.. -.-

    I hope KARA win, Hahaks,. πŸ˜€ KPOP JJANG!!!!

  13. What the heck… Supreme Team was removed????

  14. LOL.. SMA is confused were to put 2NE1. Before 2NE1 added theres already 10 groups in the rookie lists. Who is the one removed?

  15. want some ss501 representation πŸ™‚ those boys work hard and they need an award to show that! let them get the bonsang at least!

    and 2ne1 ❀

  17. LOL they took 2NE1 out of the bonsang category just because they’re rookies. How stupid! Even though 2NE1 is a freaking rookie and their [mini]album sales are higher than any other artists and groups [except super junior and gdragon].

    I think Daesang would go to Super Junior. Their album sales if you count all different version from their Sorry Sorry album, then it’s forsure they’ll get it. Gosh, it’s either ELFs or Sones that will got SMA’s webpage and cause a riot since they’ll vote like crazy.

    • its not about album sales,WG won daesang last year and they were no where close to DBSK and Big Bang’s album sales.

  18. 2ne1 definitely for newcomer. daesang.. maybe it will turn over to superjunior. snsd for bonsang definitely… etcetc

  19. if f(x) wins one of the newcomer award ima gonna FLIP. like .. srsly… FLIP…

  20. wtff no 2ne1 for daesang? just bcuz they’re rookies ? Y.Y…. lol… i kind of forgot they were rookies…

  21. i think Daesang will be either SNSD or GD. though i think SNSD will win coz they have 2 mini albums out which means more sales? and SM fans will vote like crazy anyway.

    • lol. “SM fans” how ironic. i think rather than saying “SM fans” you should say “sones, ELFs and shawols will vote like crazy anyway”….. cuz i don’t think SM has any fans right now with all the lawsuits and stuff

      anyway, GD can’t win daesang cuz he’s too awesome and butthurt netizens are hating on him and if he won he’ll get bashed to bits again. for the sake of GD’s mental health i hope GD doesn’t win. i’m sick of netizens bashing him for something he deserves.

      just give the damn awards to snsd and let scary sones have their fun. snsd won’t be this successful ever again anyway…. unless they’re able to top gee’s success. and if the SM controversies right now are any indication, snsd will most likely flunk next year.

      though i hope 2009’s curse doesn’t continue and spread to the girlgroups too. so better hope i’m wrong.

      i like snsd and gd both A LOT, btw. so i’m not a hater nor an anti. i’m just voicing out my opinions. i guess 2009 has just taken it’s toll on me. i just hope for peace towards the end of this year. let these awards be something happy to remember 2009 by. let 2009 end on a bright note.

      • I agree with you. VIPs would be happy if GD receive the Daesang award, but the korean antis population? don’t think so. They’ll bash him like nonstop.

        SNSD better be careful next year. The Sexy Queen of Kpop LEE HYORI is coming back. Big Bang is coming back. Taeyang is to release his full album early next year. 2NE1 is coming back early next year. Alot of new groups are debuting[but who the hell cares about them anyways?]. SNSD might be the top group of 2009, but their title won’t stay that long because any groups/artists can take that away from them.

        I love SNSD and I’m proud they’ve achieved this much this year. It paid off all their hardwork.

  22. SNSD will win Daesang for sure
    Rookie is 2NE1,4minute, and After School because they are the only rookies won mutizen award and they sold more digital than any other rookie.

  23. I’m so sick of awards shows you pretty much know who’s going to win the bonsaeng and daesaeng or whatever the heck you call it.

    • agreed. In past years it was intense since you always had a few big names after artist/song/album of the year. Now I’m so sick of SNSD.. and if anyone wins beside SNSD, fans are in an uproar.

      Watching them win everything has killed the fun in awards for me.

      • sick of watching them win?

        these girls put in so much effort and came back after a 9 months absense. they achieve so much with gee. just because you’re sick of them winning doesn’t mean they shouldn’t >.<

        if it killed the fun for you, then don't watch it.

      • @……..,

        ahah i know they’ve achieved alot, but its like SNSD wins everything. SUJU for god sakes needs to win something more cause they also worked really hard. although GD’s album was controversial it was a great album and he also worked hard on it. I want to see other artists win some too, but its like SNSD is everywhere. i can only take seeing 9 girls soo much.

        Don’t miss understand. I dont hate them.. i’m just an unbiased person. credit is due where its deserved.. for sure SNSD deserve they’re awards.. but other artists need some recognition too

  24. I call bull they are adding and replacing on the nominee list left and right. I hope they get this stuff fixed yesterday 2ne1 was nominated for artist and song of the year just not newcomers now it’s different. Blah if they deserved the nomination give it to them rookies or not.

  25. 2pm 2pm 2pm!
    Rookie : Beast & 4minute & 2NE1 πŸ™‚
    i also want 2am to win! They have talent !

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  27. why there no BIG BANG ?!!

    • Because they were on hiatus the whole year practically. So of course they wouldn’t be on the nominee list.

  28. daesang for soshi… i hope πŸ™‚

  29. newcomer–2ne1(for sure) then 4minute,afterschool
    but how come Supreme Team is not on the nomination list? they won the newcomer for male group @ MAMA

    Bonsang-GD,2pm,snsd,sj,Lee Seung Gi,8eight,K-will,kim tae woo, BEG

    Daesang- SNSD

    • that’s weird, when i checked yesterday Supreme Team was nominated. SMA is being wishy-washy, removing and adding ppl.

  30. i want 2am to win something, bonsang!! all 4 are talented!! and i mean they have real talent

  31. it’s stupid that if you are rookies then you can’t be nominated for the big award.
    at first 2ne1 got nominated for the bonsang award but not newcomer award but now they got nominated for newcomer award but not bonsang award.(the system is mess up)
    in the US it doesn’t matter if you’re newcomer or not if you deserve it then you will be nominated for it. that is why Taylor swift won the big award ARTIST OF THE YEAR AWARD at the AMERICAN MUSIC AWARD against all the big name like MICHAEL JACKSON, EMINEM etc

    • i agree. it should not matter if you are a rookie or not as long as you have brought it. and quite honestly, 2ne1 has achieved far more this year than some of those who were in the bonsang list.

      but sorry for this tho, but TAYLOR is not the like a new artist. she’s been active since 2006 atually. but yeah, same difference.

  32. G-DRAGON !!! ❀

  33. Daesung SNSD
    Newcomers 2NE1, MBLAQ, After School/4minute

    • daesang,not DAESUNG….daesung is BIG BANG member….>O<

      • LOL. ^^
        oh yeah, i thought 2NE1 is nominated too in BonSang.
        i think they deserve that. they did really good *sigh*
        anyway, looking forward again to idol groups performances. !

  34. daesang for snsd for sure. I hope next year 2pm can win daesang. kekekeke

  35. pls vote for BEAST for newcomer award.. ^^

  36. oops they have changed the nominees? 2ne1 was included for artist of the year and song of the year for i dont care…and surely they will be included for top 10, now they are just nominated for rookie of the year, yes of course 2ne1 is a rookie group but this group achieved so much this year, the criteria seemed not clear, probably if you are a rookie group you cant win those awards?

    • LOL even SMA is confused whether to include 2NE1 in bonsang or the rookie award. 2NE1 will most likely win on both. I hope even if 2NE1’s just a rookie, they would be recognized for bonsang too.

  37. im sorry **
    guest >> guess~ hihi =P

  38. y’all…! lets just guest..the winner on ur own opinion [for fun]

    DAESANG: SNSD [hard fr gd to win]
    BONSANG: snsd, super junior, Gd, 2pm, Lee Seung Gi, Brown Eyed Girls, SHINee, Lee SeungChul, KARA, Baek Ji Young.. [hard to choose]
    ROOKIE: 2NE1, 4minute, AfterSchool/Taegoon
    Mobile Popularity: either SNSD/Suju/2NE1/
    Digital Music: Gee
    Best Album: maybe suju / gd

    *what’s ur guest???

  39. daesang smells SNSD… lets give them that.

    i also feel that SNSD will not achieve again what they’ve achieved this year with gee. in fact even Tell me your wish is just a remnant of Gee’s success but other than that there was barely anything from them.

    @ ayoshiari. think of it as BONSANG being the official TOP 10 artists for the year and DAesang being the 1st place.

    as for new comer.. 2ne1 and 4 minute definitely, and the 3rd if considering mutizens and chart awards, it should go to Afterschool.

    • yeah I think next year there won’t be no one like gee anymore… kpop is loaded with new groupss… the game is tight,, not like early 2009 when big bang, dbsk, and wondergirls are in hiatus. next year big bang come back to korea,, 2pm (if jay come back it will be huge), and 2ne1 full album.. whooott can’t wait for lots of perfs!!

  40. 19th Seoul Music Awards on February 3rd 2010
    Daesang : One Daesang artist chosen from the 10 Bonsang artists
    Bonsang : Top 10 artists are chosen. Voting(20%) Digital/Album sales(50%) Research(10%) Judges(20%)
    Rookie : 3 chosen
    Mobile Popularity(determined by fan voting) : 1 or 2
    Plus Digital Music, Best Album, Hallyu Special, Performance, R&B, Hip Hop, Trot Awards-

  41. I hate korean music award especially this year’s!

  42. hmmmm bonsang smells like snsd…. lol XD
    but what does bonsang literally mean??

  43. i hope GD will get bosang n 2ne1 get new comer..!!!!!! >O<

  44. haha i can see SNSD win again

  45. Bonsang is definitely going to SNSD.. no doubt (although I cringe x| ) just look at past winners and the sucess they had.

    to be honest though, I dont think SNSD will ever have this sucess again. This year is their year, and i dont think they can go past this.

    Anyhow..I think i read somewhere that Newcomer picks 3 artists..? well, if i picked three, it would be 2NE1 (no question), 4minute and probably either Taegoon or After School. if its only one artist, obviousy 2NE1.

  46. snsd once again yeah….

  47. SM family <3333

  48. wow, now they add 2NE1 to rookie nominees. i wonder why they were left out before …

    • 2NE1 wasn’t added originally?LOL thats k-pop sacrilege!

      • no they was added originally on the website yesterday, blackjacks checked the website and 2ne1 name wasn’t on the NEWCOMER LIST but ON THE BONSANF LIST that is why if you check soompi 2ne1 fanpage you can see that many blackjacks are complaining why 2ne1 dnt get nominated for newcomer award

      • aah ic ic. although it be cool for them to be on bonsang, i’d keep them on newcomer. I’m afraid of they win too many awards in their debut, that they’re never going to live up to the hype again. they can’t win everything now xD

    • wait! they removed 2NE1 from bonsang list … so it had to be either one?? : /

      • well it makes sense then. 2NE1 basically got all the perks this year, winning alot of awards.. awards rookies aren’t suppose to win πŸ˜‰ .. 2NE1 can’t win everything πŸ˜›

        I dont know about rookies winning Bonsang.. I’m sure they need to be in the industry for a bit before they can win Bonsang. Just a thought though.. dont quote me xD

      • there’s 10 bonsang winners, “top 10 artists”. i’m pretty sure 2NE1 is amongst the top 10 this year, bonsang was very likely. daesang is the big award, i know 2NE1 won’t get that because but bonsang wouldve been a greeat honour, they were the only rookies nominated but psh yea, i guess SMA had to decide on one.

      • true.. for sure they’re in the top 10 artists, but i dont think you need to win awards just to prove it. I mean we all know SNSD/Super Junior/GD/2NE1/2PM all had great years, but I dont think you need to be awarded all the time to prove it. the public knows they all killed it this year.

        yeah, bonsang would have been great for them, but we know they dont need to have the award to prove that they are one of the top 10 artists. πŸ™‚

      • not rly about that. but if theyre gonna give out awards, at least give it to the right people. i don’t rly care otherwise.

  49. Waaawww! Wah! another awards! I hope this award really represent what citizen wants. I don’t want this will be the 2nd MAMA award or Melon…only certain entertainments won. I hope it will be fair. Good luck SMA!

    • Melon i think was the most accurate so far, but even then SNSD won WAAAAY to many awards. surprised me only SUJU won one award, when they did almost as good as SNSD.

      Award shows are never going to satisfy everyone. everyone has their own views and likes. I just wish people would stop being so biased and look at the quality of groups/songs and music in general. i’m so tired of hook songs with words that don’t make sense. x(

      • Me too, i think in Melon, SNSD was doing well. They won and… i agree with that. But, how come with Super Junior? Even in Melon, they just ended up being the top 10 T____T
        Only got Daesang in GDA is not enough I think.

        I admit that Gee is so popular in 2009, but Sorry Sorry is famous too . Even many people knows the palm dance.

        Like you said, award shows are never going to satisfy everyone.

      • SNSD won so many awards on Melon, because they dominated digital sales.
        SM male artists never do well on digital charts. SNSD is the only SM artist that does well on them.

      • @Angel,

        Don’t the male singers of SM usually have an album, while the females just have mini-albums? the male albums always have so much work put into them that the album itself is bought, and not just the digital downloads. SNSD and f(x) dont really put much work into having albums, but rather mini-albums with 3-4 songs that aren’t as good as the title song. I mean i only really liked gee from SNSD’s mini-album and f(x)’s album was a total write off. SUJU and Shinee’s albums though are really well put together

        Meh, I dunno, just a thought xD

    • It should really represent what each artist has accomplished this and have little to do with what netizens want, because all they want is their favorite to win despite the actual success.
      If you look at the award calculations you’ll notice that except for the poularity award, voting counts for only 20% as it should be.

  50. 2ne1 in the newcomers award!!!!

  51. how come they missed the 2005 and 2007 DaeSang winner?? hmm..

    anyway, more awards.. kpop singer is so lucky to have so many awards show that acknowledge their works… KPop JJang!! ^^

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