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[Special] Your guide to year-end Gayo Daejuns and festivals!

We’ve come nearly to the end of year 2009, and it is the time of the year for Gayo DaeJuns and festivals put up by the 3 major broadcast companies in Korea – SBS, MBC and KBS.

Go under the cut to know what to expect for the gayo festivals this year!

SBS Gayo DaeJun (29.12.2009)

  • Date: 29th December 2009, 9:55 PM KST
  • MC: Kim HeeChul, Park ShinHye, Jung YongHwa
  • Performing artistes: 2AM, 2NE1, 2PM, 4Minute, After School, Baek Ji Young, BEAST, Brown Eyed Girls, Davichi, f(x), GDragon, Jang Yoon Jeong, Jewelry, KARA, Kim Tae Woo, Lee Seung Gi, MBLAQ, Park Hyun Bin, Park Jin Young, SHINee, So Nyeo Shi Dae, Son DamBi, Super Junior, T-Ara, TaeYang, WonderGirls, YounHa
  • Performance line-up: Click here

KBS Gayo Festival (30.12.2009)

  • Date: 30th December 9.55pm (1st part: 85 mins/2nd part 85 mins – Live broadcast)
  • MC: Hwang SooKyeong, Han SeokJoon, Kim Kyeong Ran announcer
  • Performing artistes: Super Junior, 2PM, So Nyeo Shi Dae, 2NE1, SHINee, KARA, Brown Eyed Girls, 4Minute, Davichi, LeeSsang, Lee Seung Gi, MC Mong, Kim TaeWoo, K Will, Lee SeungChul, Shin SeungHoon, Kim GunMo, Park Jin Young, Son DamBi, Baek Ji Young
  • Special appearance: 2Days1Night team, Jang GiHa and Faces, DJ Park YoonJeong
  • Performance line up: Click here

MBC Gayo DaeJun (31.12.2009)

  • Date: 31st December 9.50pm (via 220minutes-long live telecast)
  • MC: Kim GooRa, Shin JungHwan, Lee BoYeong
  • Performing artistes: KARA, After School, Park HyunBin, Tae JinAh, Son DamBi, Jewelry, MC Mong, Kim TaeWoo, f(x), SHINee, Park Jin Young, Lee SeungGi, Baek Ji Young, Choi Sori, SG Wannabe, Brown Eyed Girls, Super Junior, T-ara, 4Minute, 2PM, So Nyeo Shi Dae, Davichi, Shin MoonHee
  • Peformance line up: not at the moment

Mark your calenders everyone!

37 Responses

  1. No 2ne1 for MBC Gayo Daejun? 😦

  2. hey can someone tell me those live links where i can see these shows??
    PLS thank you

  3. No YG artists on MBC’s gayo daejun!? 😡
    i’m even looking forward for a 2PM-2NE1 collab.
    but it ended up with a 2PM-SNSD collab 😦

  4. i love all these singers!
    very thrilled 🙂

  5. Will all three be live streaming? If so, can someone pass on the links. ty.

  6. NO BIG BANG. should i still watch this then?

  7. i’m waiting for SBS Gayo Daejun

  8. MBC said they will have the best girl group stages out of the other two festivals.

    YES! more Slave Stage Special!

  9. SBS really exciting next is KBS but don’t like MBC most…simply because no for me YG family!…kekeke

    • i mean, for me no YG fam…that’s why i’m aniticipating with SBS & KBS more…but still looking forward to 2PM & SUJU in MBC…. ^_~

  10. WOW by the end of this gayo festivals, all the artists that are performing 3 days in a row will end up in the hospital due to either overworking, fatigue, flu, or someone ended up fainting.

    SBS have all the popular artists/groups.
    I wonder why BEAST & MBLAQ are only performing there? Mhm.

    I bet MBC would have either G7 girls performing or 4Tomorrow or maybe both.

    I’m anticipating 2NE1’s performances the most though.

  11. most artists won’t be resting….

  12. BEAST in just SBS..?! why…?! O_o
    anyways..i can’t wait for the these.. 😀
    esp. SBS.

  13. YAY! 2PM is on all of them 🙂
    Why beast on only 1 ? T_T
    SBS will be better since Beast & 2PM & TaeYang&GDragon will perform

  14. 2PM everywhere Ha Ha Ha I’m very happy.

  15. SBS one seems to have the most popular artists and those that are relevant to my interests haha. GD, taeyang, Beast

  16. Right off the bat, SBS’s Gayo festival is the one I’m most excited for.

    It has BEAST, Taeyang, GD while the others don’t. Same with 2AM.

    Oh how I wish SBS was on the last day. D;

  17. hey! why isn’t 2ne1 performing on MBC? anybody know?

    • Because 2NE1 never performed for any MBC broadcast. I.E. Music Core. Therefore they were not invited.

      • LOL no MBC have said many times that they dont deny anyone from their shows and people shouldnt make up rumors like that.

    • MBC suckz BIG TIME!!! lol…its their lost anyway!

      i hope our cable provider will bring back KBS channel!!! dang! Arirang Channel is not enough… T_T

      • its not MBCs fault,YG simply doesnt want his artists to perform there. he said the sound system is better on other stations. he also never let 2NE1,GD,or Taeyang on M!Countdown.

      • @cece agree thats what YG said…

      • @cece 2NE1 performed once on M!Countdown during their Fire promotions. Taeyang performed before in M!Countdown too during his ‘Look Only At Me’ promotions. But I guess YG changed his rule and did what’s best for his artists.

  18. isnt the 3 MC for SBS gayo daejun Heechul, shinhye and younghwa???
    Did they replace Younghwa for Geunseok or just ur mistake sookyeong???

    • calm down. Lol was typing too fast, didn’t know I typed JGS. Changed. Thanks for clarification

  19. Woohooo,.. I cant wait KARA!!!!

  20. wow, three days in a row, will I be able to wake up at 7:55am those three days? XD Thanks.

  21. Yay!!!
    KARA <333

  22. No big bang ? O_o
    Jewelry ? ? They gonna be peform with 2 members only ? :\

  23. Aw, Gdragon and Taeyang will be performing in SBS Gayo only.

  24. wow 3 diffrent?!

  25. thank you for this. so far only sbs got a special clip from the wonder Girls

  26. awesome…i have a ques..is SBS gonna broadcast it live??

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