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The reason to 2PM WooYoung’s injuries during recent club performance

The violent behaviour of 2PM WooYoung fans causing WooYoung to bleed on his face and arms shocked many.

2PM performed in a NB club in Seoul GangNam InGeun during the early hours of Christmas day on 25th December. With the news about their performance, fans have swamped the venus causing confusion and messy situation at the club.

And the problem happened when WooYoung was going up the stage, and fans who were trying to touch his face and arms, and hurt him with their long finger nails leaving scratches and blood stains on his face and arms.

A fan who was at the performance venue uploaded the video showing visible scratches and injuries on the left side of WooYoung’s face. His index finger was also covered in blood stains, causing many fans to worry. Blood stains were also visible on his clothes.

Member Nich Khun was seen worried and passing him tissue paper to wipe the blood stains off. And in order to have the excited fans to sit down, the members said, “For everyone and us to enjoy the performance, safety is the most important.”

Meanwhile, netizens who saw the video said, “Fans’ affection gone overboard”, “This is not affection, this is obsession”, “I’m worried about the safety of the members” etc.

S: TVDaily

The group’s performance:

God, looking at this is so heartbreaking

34 Responses

  1. wow this is what you called bleeding love.

  2. imagine if those scratches were on the thai prince himself..
    disaster! =S

  3. ouch 😡

  4. poor woo young-ah…
    those fans was so scary,,,

    wooyoung I’ll protect you..huhu

  5. […] article credit: 2pmjyp pics+vids: kbites […]

  6. I saw his recent pic. He’s got plaster on his finger and his face is fine. so I think it’s only his finger that get cut.

  7. OMG!!
    that is too much!!
    please be more polite!!

  8. poor woo :(((

  9. I’m sure some of you saw what happened with 2PM’s Wooyoung, right? Apparently some fans got a hold of him and he got some scratches, poor guy. D: In the video, where you can see the scratches, I don’t know if it’s just me, but I think Taecyeon screams out 2NE1. I don’t know if anyone else heard that XD but it sounds pretty clear to me. I guess they’re showing how much they love our girls?Here’s the video, the scream’s at :07

  10. Woa. NB Club? :O I didn’t know they’d go there. -.- That’s why I hate crazy fan girls.

  11. I saw pics on Korean websites, other boys also had some scratches on their arms (they looked HURT) and blood was on Woo Young’s shirt -__-“

  12. You know, this actually happened to BEAST’s DooJoon too when they performed at the same place like a couple of weeks ago.
    He was interacting with the fans and somehow he cut his finger & was bleeding. -_-

  13. get a grip people. Dont go too crazy then hurt the boys!

  14. awww :[[

  15. poor boy ):

  16. OMG wooyoungie 😦

  17. 2pm fans are really scary -____-
    poor Woo.

    • hottests are really amazing but this time and the bloody letter,seems like i gotta agree to what YJP said. lol
      poor WooYoung.
      2PM ftw.

    • 2PM fans are really beastly would be the better description. haha^^

      but i agree with you. i’m a fellow hottest but i have to say we can get really scary sometimes.

      hope this doesn’t happen again. hottest please be careful when you’re with the boys. we’re supposed to take care of them. not hurt them.

      go 2PM HOTTEST!!

  18. whoa..the wound on his index finger is quite long. and even though it’s just a scratch, it is quite painful if it were contact with water &&& now he’s gonna have 1,2,3 scars/scratches on his face for a few days.
    poor him. 😦
    hopefully it heals faster

  19. I know, I totally agree T.T
    I hope he’s better now too, woooo ❤

  20. sorry but that kinda doesn’t look like a scratch from a ring
    if it would have been a ring it would only have been 1 scratch .. that looks more like fingers/ scratched by hand

    • it indeed only one scratch on his fingers and u know how woo loves to touch his tummy while singing?thats why the blood stained on his shirt..
      the one on his face is not a scratch its only a stained from him touching his face..

  21. poor wooyoung!
    i hope he’s better now..

  22. Poor Woo… That’s gotta hurt T_T

  23. wow…
    fans can get overboard too sometimes…

  24. stupid fan.
    hope she will regret it for the rest of her life.
    poor wooyoung, put up a smile even though he is hurting .

  25. actually,JYPE representatives said that it was happen when woo give a hi-five to one of the fan but unfortunately the ring that she wore scratch woo thats why he got injured
    but it was nothing serious..dont worry hottest 🙂

    • Really? It was a ring?

      But still.. That’s gotta hurt..

      Hottests and Fans… No rings!

      • i dont think its hurt coz woo didnt realised it..
        if he feel hurt he wouldnt notice the blood…
        be he kept on talking until other 2PM members saw the blood
        the injury was his fingers after that hi-five and he touch his face and his shirt thats why the blood was everywhere 😀

    • wow a ring can do that

    • then what about the the scratches on his face?

      • there’s no scratch on his face..
        it was a cut on his fingers and u know how woo loves to touch his tummy while singing?
        thats how the blood stained on his shirt..

        while on his face,basically he prolly touched his face as well,thats why u saw the blood on his face.. 🙂

    • At least no one intentionally tried to hurt him. =[

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