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YounHa’s new song ‘Broke Up Today’ up #1 on music chart for the 2nd week

Singer YounHa‘s new song has received positive response from music fans.

YounHa‘s latest album 3rd album Part B ‘Growing Season’ title song ‘Broke Up Today’ is up # 1 on Dosirak music chart for the 2nd consecutive week.

The song was revealed on 11th December and is a ballad number showing a more matured YounHa through the melody, lyrics and YounHa‘s strong vocals. And on the same day of release, about 5000 netizens have rated it best on the site’s poll chart.

Go under the cut for the rest of the chart results.

Dosirak chart

  1. YounHa ‘Broke Up Today’
  2. SG Wannabe and V.O.S ‘I love You’
  3. After School ‘Because Of You’
  4. T-ara ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’
  5. Seo In Young ‘Is it wrong to love?’
  6. Zia ‘One glass of wine’

A KT Music staff said, “The songs that give heartwarming feel or are soft ballads are popular this period of time.”


Here are the songs on the chart!

5 Responses

  1. I love that top picture of Younha. Don’t suppose you have it in a bigger size? 😀

  2. i love the song !

  3. […] YounHa’s new song ‘Broke Up Today’ up #1 on music chart for the 2nd week « K Bites. […]

  4. love her! she’s one of the few people that actually sounds better then her album live.

  5. glad shes having a strong comeback!

    her 1,2,3 from peacelove&ice cream was just plagued with bad publicity. the whole plagiarism and all.

    but we all know she can really have some lovelyyy songs! password486, coment, etc. i really loved her rendition of epik high’s love love love too!

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