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2PM TaecYeon and SNSD YoonA upcoming ‘lover performance’ gets many curious

The top singers will come together on 31st December for MBC Gayo DaeJun in MBC Dream Centre. There will be a variety of performances put up by the year’s most popular singers.

Some of the performance highlights:

  • 2PM TaecYeon and So Nyeo Shi Dae ‘lover performance’ – Content to the joint stage: “YoonA and TaecYeon have been talking on the phone with each other in secrecy in their waiting rooms. So, their companies have forbade them from calling each other to avoid misunderstandings. With that YoonA with the other SNSD members had met up with 2PM members coincidentally. In the end, TaecYeon and YoonA are able to smooth out misunderstandings and love passionately with the hard work of the 2PM and SNSD members”

More under the cut.

More performance highlights:

  • Especially for group 2PM, who will be doing a performance in a 5M deep swimming pool.
  • After world star Rain, Park Jin Young will be having a dance battle with his students 2PM.
  • Park JungAh and Seo In Young will perform with Jewelry the group’s hit song before they leave the group for their solo careers
  • Lee Seung Gi and Baek Ji Young will perform ‘My Ear’s Candy’

Performing artistes: KARA, After School, Park HyunBin, Tae JinAh, Son DamBi, Jewelry, MC Mong, Kim TaeWoo, f(x), SHINee, Park Jin Young, Lee SeungGi, Baek Ji Young, Choi Sori, SG Wannabe, Brown Eyed Girls, Super Junior, T-ara, 4Minute, 2PM, So Nyeo Shi Dae, Davichi, Shin MoonHee

The MCs to the show will be Kim GooRa, Shin JungHwan and Lee BoYoung.

The show will take place via 225-minutes long live telecast from 9.55PM on 31st December.

52 Responses

  1. A collab is a collab.
    Be thankful that the celeb you like is part of the show.

    some people here need to chill.

  2. […] source: kbites […]

  3. yoona suits better with nichkhun imo. xP

  4. Especially for group 2PM, who will be doing a performance in a 5M deep swimming pool.
    ^ Errr, what? XD I had no idea bout this perf. ….Mmmm, def caught my attn though.

    The 2PM boys are definitely doing a lot of perfs for all three shows.

  5. SNSD and 2PM have some good chemistry onstage.
    However unless they tone it down on the hair gel and eyeliner with Taec or give yoona a more mature look, they’re gonna look like siblings or illegal. Kinda wish it was Sunny instead. She WAS the one Taec picked on idol army, either that or Yuri cuz they’re both tan, toned and beautiful.

  6. NO YG??damn i was looking forward for it
    Taec and Yoona?? It should be Yuri..she’s gorgeous..
    Lee Seung Gi singing my ear candy?? AWESOME!!
    Dance Battle?? can’t wait..

  7. Well, its just a performance… as long as its not my wooyoungie lol just kidding…. but I think that a lot of idols (girls) must be feeling envious of yoona since Taec is extremely HOT…. actually he has gained much popularity these days

  8. I suppose that I’m the only one who think a 2PM+Afterschool collab would be odd and end up pretty bad.
    Sorry to say, but I saw Afterschool’s performance of Again and Again.. I have to say that it was terrible.

    I like the girls, don’t get me wrong, but I think 2PM and SNSD mesh pretty well.

  9. I swear 2pm collabs with snsd too manytimes.
    I think 2pm see snsd faces even more often than 2am or wondergirls.
    -elite cf
    -idol army
    -elite cf again
    – elite cf again
    -boys generation
    and now this.

  10. i think it should be ok with these collab~

    Maybe these two yoona & taec gettin the fame this year and i think they’re the most outshine in each group so myb that’s why they chooses them both!

    and besides i think 2PM are friends with few of SNSD so i think it would be easier to potray the performance!
    whatever it is, i’m lookin forward most!

  11. I don’t mind them working togther….but Yoona…always Yoona. She’s a doll, but there are other actresses in the group too. I guess they picked both of them because they’re the most popular member right now.

  12. nOOOOOOO!!! XD!!

  13. actually,2pm should not be working with any girl groups,if there must be one girl group,it should be after school,both have 7 members,although i dont like AS much ever since they added 2 new members

    • I don’t get this concept that number of members have to match in order to have a joint performance. Its all about chemistry guys and 2PM they have chemistry with every girl group thats why all the ladies love them.

  14. is it just me.. or does the storyline SOUND really corny? hopefully, taecyeon will rip his shirt, and yeah.. hahaaha XD

  15. i can sense that 2PM will be owning the show…
    my boys are finally on top!!!

  16. why SNSD’s female leading always have to be YoonA ?
    Perhaps she signed the longest contract period amongst those 9 girls

    • Yup, it’s true

      Yoona – 15 years.

      Sooyoung – 5 years.

      Yuri & Jessica – 9 years.

      Taeyeon – 10 years.

      Hyoyeon, Seohyun, Tiffany, Sunny – Free agent, contract expires at the group’s dissolution.

  17. I don’t want 2PM with SNSD too, not a very good match.
    But if it’s going to happen anyway, why’s taec & Yoona?
    Shouldn’t it be Khun & Yoona???????

  18. hmm, they seemed to have switched their partners for the night.

    TaecYeon x Yoona
    Baek Ji Young x Lee Seung Gi


  19. AWESOME!

  20. yes 2PM and SNSD together. cant people just be happy and look at both artists kindly they are working hard for it. Its here and its happening

    • THANK YOU!! You are by far the only person (i think?) not complianing about this preformance!!

      I guess fans forget that whenever we hear about a preformance it means the artists involoved have worked so hard to make their fans happy! But they still get a lot of complains. I do understand all the fans out there do this out of their love to these entertainers.. but come on cut them some slack!!

      To all the 2PM & SNSD & After School fans out there…

      These amazing people have worked hard so you can sit done and watch them preforme all sorts of preformances on YOUR holidays. So just remember that the only thing that will keep them going and make them even more comitted to their job then they already are is for them to look at the crowd and see all their fans smiling at them and supporting them… Remember that YOUR satisfaction is what gets THEM money!!

      If you are a real fan than you know what would be the right thing to do!!


  21. “Lee Seung Gi and Baek Ji Young will perform ‘My Ear’s Candy”

    okay i screamed as soon as i saw this. omg. is seunggi goin to dance like taec? whooooo can’t wait!

  22. can u shut up about 2pm with after school? They wouldnt match anyway they are pratically all noonas at least most of them

    • Well, isn’t it the same for SNSD? They wouldnt match anyway they are pratically 9 members.

      Anyway, it’s only for Teac & yoona. The others are just cameo in the performance.

    • Only 2 After School members are older than the 2PM members. The rest are actually the same or even younger! Their Magnae is younger than SNSD’s & 2PM’s.

    • Yeah, such an awkward number. 9 & 6. They would need 3 more members to just break even.



    they always talk about idols from groups dating, secretly since the HOT and GOD and SES days.

    and now they’re doing a “story” from it,lol, i find it funny and cute, to think all these idols are really dating in secrecy

    • so trueee!! I watch strong heart too. bout hwangbo like saying about danny ahn relationship with her emakna (jung ryewon).. and another late woman singer.. ppl suspect it with seo ta dji boys. so sad bout that story, though… i mean secretly dating is really possible!! huaaa

  24. ^ 2pm is not 7 currently…

    no 2ne1? i guess mbc and yg must have issues lol

  25. I prefer 2PM & Afterschool! !!7!!

    • SAME!!! I want Afterschool & 2pm. 2pm should collab with groups that are similar to them.

      • can you shut up about who 2PM should collab with? Guess what, they collab with SNSD and there is nothing you can do about it.

      • LOL…. We just saying not insulting. Butthurt much? LOL.. Can’t take a comment is it? It’s not like we saying 2pm deserve a BETTER group to collab with.
        Anyway, it’s just a performance and we think that AS would look good with them since they are the female ‘beastly’ group.

        What went wrong here? SNSD? Eh……..

      • By the way, I’m not insulting SNSD. I just dont like the pairing so don’t attack me SONE.

      • @lalalala: Honestly, I agree.

    • lmao whoever said after school UEE alone will ruin the performance with her one expression face if that ever happens. The best male and female group of the year is 2pm and SNSD its only right they collaborrate and hottest generation FTW!!! Haters can move to left and better yet dont even watch it then

      • Geez, we were just saying. No need to get all rude & insult other artists. It makes you look butthurt indeed.

    • i prefer U_Kiss with afterschool.

  26. I can’t wait 🙂

  27. would’ve been better if it was yuri….
    yonna the mascot always gets the other member’s boys..hahaha
    how are they ever gonna live happily(jokingly)

  28. Can’t just people enjoy the show and stop bashing artists.
    If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.
    That’s how easy it is.

    • ^ what are you getting so worked up for LMFAO
      no one even brought up anything about bashing artists …except for you.

  29. “Especially for group 2PM, who will be doing a performance in a 5M deep swimming pool. ”

    I wonder what their gonna do??? All I’m picturing is lots of skin, muscles, and abs…hehe…cant wait for 2pm’s performance. I’m so excited!!!

  30. looking forward to it though when someone says snsd and 2pm i think nhyn+yna but this is good also its bound to start rumors

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