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[Special] KBites Kpop Report 2009

Coming nearly to the end of the year, let’s take a look back at some of the major Kpop events for 2009 in KBites ‘Kpop Report 2009’.

It’s been such an eventful year, with its up and down periods in the Kpop circle. Fans have also stood strong by their idols, and showed belief and support through the different events and happenings.

Let’s celebrate the end of 2009 and welcome a good start for 2010 for Kpop!

Kpop report 2009


  • Girlgroups

2009 was the year of girlgroups. From debuts to comebacks, we see the girlgroups taking the Kpop world by storm. We are talking about So Nyeo Shi Dae, 2NE1, Brown Eyed Girls, 4Minute, KARA, SeeYa, f(x), T-ara, Secret etc.

They were also the major trend setters for various dances like ‘crab leg’ dance by So Nyeo Shi Dae with ‘Gee’ in January, Brown Eyed Girls with ‘saucy’ hip dance with hit song ‘Abracadabra’, KARA with ‘butt dance’, 2NE1 with finger dance for ‘I Don’t Care’ and T-ara with the ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’ dance etc.

2009 is also the year for the revival of various girlgroups like Brown Eyed Girl and KARA who gained much recognition and popularity as compared to a few years back when they were promoting.

And because of the inflood of girlgroups in 2009, the peak was even described with the phenomenon which Korean news media quoted as “rivalry of the girlgroups’.

  • Hook song

Hook song was the ‘in’ thing this year. A hook song is repetitive, attention-grabbing, memorable, easy to dance to, and has commercial potential and lyrics.

To name a few hits, we have ‘Gee’, ‘Sorry Sorry’, ‘Lollipop’, ‘I Don’t Care’, ‘Mister’, ‘Hot Issue’, ‘Fire’, ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’ etc.

The trend is also to accompany the hook song with dances like ‘Butt dance’, ‘No No No Dance’, ‘Saucy hip dance’.

  • Variety and dramas participation

We see many singers getting more prominent on variety shows, whether it is as guest appearance or more important roles like MCs.

We have Lee Seung Gi teaming up with Kang Ho Dong to MC SBS ‘Strong Heart’, Kim HyunJoong to MC MBC ‘Hunters’, and also girlgroup members as G7 in reality variety show KBS ‘Invincible Youth’ etc.

We also get to see many ‘fresh faces’ and real sides of the idols through their appearances of these shows.

We also see many singers venturing out to dramas like SS501 Kim HyunJoong in ‘Boys Over Flowers’, FT Island Lee HongKi and C.N. Blue Jung YongHwa in ‘You’re Beautiful’, Big Bang TOP in ‘IRIS’, Dong Bang Shin Ki UKnow YunHo in ‘Heading the Ground’ and Hero JaeJoong in Telecinema etc.

  • Kpop sibling loves

We see many cases of siblings of celebrities/singers debuting this year and with that, it has brought these newcomers some before-hand publicity. To name a few:

  • Jessica – Krystal
  • Sandara Park – Thunder
  • Mir – Go EunAh
  • Even non-celebrity siblings of BoA, JaeJin, Lee Teuk, TOP, TaeYeon [Read]
  • Fashion

There were some fashion trends set off by some of the Kpop artistes:

  • Coloured skinnies
  • Punky designs [Read]
  • Cut-out leggings [Read]
  • Marine look [Read]
  • Plaited fringe [Read]
  • Vivid colours
  • Blonde hair [Read]

    Next, we look at some of the best and worst moments of Kpop in the past 1 year. To be honest, some of the worst moments have brought much anxiety, worry and heartbreak to many fans this year.

    Best of Kpop

    K Bites pick the best of Kpop moments!

    • American market advance! The WonderGirls [Read]
      and BoA
    • Japanese market advance! Big Bang [Read]
    • Japanese market domination: Dong Bang Shin Ki [Read]
    • Love Is The Air – Tablo and Kang HyeJung [Read], Se7en and Park HanByul [Read], DJ Tukutz’s wedding [Read]
    • Girlgroup domination!

    Worst of Kpop

    These are what K Bites picked as the worst moments of Kpop this year in 2009.

    • 2PM Park JaeBum’s MySpace controversy [Read]
    • Park JaeBum leaves 2PM [Read]
    • Dong Bang Shin Ki trio’s discord and lawsuit with SM Entertainment [Read]
    • KangIn drink-driving and assault case [Read]
    • Super Junior HanKyung‘s discord and lawsuit with SM Entertainment [Read]
    • Swine flu infestation!
      • Kim HyunJoong
      • Jo Kwon
      • K Will
      • Lee Seung Gi
      • JongHyun
      • Onew
      • TaeMin
      • WheeSung
      • Alexander
      • Lee Joon
      • Amber
      • Sulli
      • Krystal
      • Kim Joon
      • Thunder
    • Plagiarism accusations
      • GDragon [Read]
      • FT Island ‘Cross and Change’ track [Read]
      • 2PM ‘Again & Again’ [Read]
      • Bada’s ‘Mad’ [Read]
      • Big Bang|2NE1‘s songs [Read]
      • Others: Son DamBi, YounHa etc [Read]
    • Car accidents
      • DaeSung and long MIA due to operation[Read]
      • So Nyeo Shi Dae [Read]
      • After School [Read]
      • BEAST [Read]
    • Leaving of group/Disbandments
      • Oh WonBin leaving FT Island [Read]
      • A*ST1 disbandment [Read]
      • SoYoung leaving After School [Read]
      • JaeBum leaving 2PM
    • SHINee TaeMin bullied in school? [Read]
    • AJ same name controversy [Read]
    • SNSD YoonA and Tiffany MBC Music Core skirt-lifting incident [Read]
    • Koyote BbaekGa down with brain tumour [Read]

    Funniest of Kpop

    • Lee Teuk and Kang MinKyung ‘fart’ incident [Read]
    • GDragon’s ‘ajumma’ perm [Read]
    • Korean netizens never fail to amaze [Read]
    • 2PM for sexy crazy photoshoot on Mnet Wild Bunny eps 2 [Read]
    • Watch your favourite Kpop idols speak in English! [Read]
    • Favourite male celebrities dressed up as females [Read]
    • f(x) Amber has many male idol lookalikes [Read]
    • KARA Nicole and ‘ghost hand’ [Read]
    • Who was the ghastly face amongst 2PM? [Read]
    • Netizens call T-ara‘s stylists antis [Read]
    • There is So Nyeo Shi Dae, but Ok Nyeo Shi Dae anyone? [Read]
    • KARA Kang JiYoung joins in the fun with the netizens [Read]
    • MBLAQ – before and after? [Read]

    Heartwarming moments of Kpop:

    • And the family shoe collection grows from 4 to 5 pairs [Read]
    • Your favourite celebrity smiling eyes [Read]
    • Teachers join the Hottest crowd [Read]
    • 2PM JunSu and GDragon‘s close friendship shows [Read]
    • 2PM WooYoung‘s encouraging words to JaeBum “Have strength” [Read]
    • Close friendship to the girlgroup 94-er [Read]
    • BEAST and 4Minute addes one to the Kpop family-love [Read]
    • Nation’s fairy Lee Hyori for good cause event [Read]

    Question: What do you look forward to the most for Kpop in 2010?

    • Debuts? – F.Cuz, Child Of Empire, W
    • Rookie teams going strong? – 2NE1, 4Minute, T-ara, MBLAQ, BEAST, Rainbow
    • Will they continue to dominate? – So Nyeo Shi Dae, Brown Eyed Girls, WonderGirls, Big Bang, Super Junior, SHINee, KARA
    • Solo acts? – Lee Hyori, K Will, Seo In Young, Park JungAh, Baek Ji Young, Kim TaeWoo

    Sookyeong: I hope all the hating and bashing goes away with 2009. Peace out.

    100 Responses

    1. – 2NE1’s album [omg, it will be perfect]
      – Wonder Girls’ Korean comeback
      – Big Bang’s new album.
      – Dong Bang Shin Ki happy ;-;
      – Davichi get more recognizement
      – Same to BEAST, 4Men, NIA, Tensi Love, Clazziquai.
      – Gummy’s comeback.
      – Good songs to good bands.
      – 2NEWonder, 21PM, 21AM, 2NEBang, WonderBang, Big Bang Shin Ki, Wonder Shin Ki [?].

    2. looking forward to bb’s comeback and taeyang,2ne1 full length albums..

    3. wow, im surprised with the people that want WG back LOL i thought they jumped to different fanclubs, turns out WG’s US stuff isn’t very interesting – or nobody is just plain annoying now.

      To a better year of kpop in 2010<3

    4. It might be far-fetched, but I would like to see the (Korean) return of DBSK.


    5. I’m looking forward to..

      Se7en’s Comeback!
      End of UEE’s overratedness lol I can’t stand it.
      2PM [7 = 1] Jaebum Park
      2NE1 – on variety shows
      BbaekGa recovery.
      SM change contracts.
      More JYP & YG Love!

      Happy Holidays to all!

      I would like to thank kbites/sookyeong for translating Kpop news. I really appreciate what you guys do!

    6. […] [Special] KBites Kpop Report 2009 « K Bites. […]

    7. it seems that some here wants more of B2ST…and MBLAQ. 🙂 agree agree. 🙂

      we want JAEBUM back!! 😀

    8. wish:

      full house 2? (:! with both the main leads. harhar

    9. i reslly enjoy reading 2009 KBites Report 😀

      Lol i’m anticipating BB’s comeback 😉 i have missing this guys all this year TT

      Also 2NE1 full album and TY first album ^^

    10. Big Bang’s epic comeback!
      More success for Big Bang in Japan and Korea!
      Tae Yang’s full solo album!

    11. Thanks for writing this article!!
      sookyeong best! 🙂

    12. All I want is to see Big Bang dominate Korea again and getting more spotlight in Japan.

    13. all i hope for is the return of JaeBum!

      lets hope they continue to make great music but with jaebum this time around.
      It make me still wonder how he could have made the 1:59 album so much better.
      but its doing well either way
      BUT I still want him back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    14. looking forward to the comeback of DBSK & Big Bang…
      I’m really curious how groups that shone this year will fare if these Kpop giants are around. 2010 will be more exciting that way 🙂

    15. really want to see BIGBANG again!!
      hope u guys make a great comeback in 2010!!
      no more hatred towards YGfamily!!

    16. I hope 2010 will be a GREAT!!! year all around the world





    19. Also hope that all fans of the other groups would turn to be Hottests after watching amazing 2PM performances.

    20. Only the leadja comeback in 2010 and take 2PM to rock the world (South Korea is too small for them now).

    21. Leadja’s epic comeback
      JaeChunSu winning the lawsuit
      1:59 appearing on variety shows, again.
      Big Bang’s comeback
      Lee Hyori’s comeback
      2NE1’s comeback
      SNSD’s new album

      End of SONES attacking other groups and going to other groups’ article bragging how much SNSD is much better.
      End of UEE’s overratedness. She’s everywhere, give the other girls chances!
      End of GD’s plagiarism accusations

      • “End of SONES attacking other groups and going to other groups’ article bragging how much SNSD is much better.
        End of UEE’s overratedness. She’s everywhere, give the other girls chances!
        End of GD’s plagiarism accusations”

        same here!

    22. Incredible post! Thanks for putting it together. It’s weird to think about all that’s happened this year. Some of the issues that seemed big at the time are old hat now. It’s strange!

    23. end of YG fans attacking SNSD and SM.
      end of blackjacks attacking other girl groups.
      more PEACE in KPOP.

    24. Looking forward to…
      Collaborations! more BB-2NE1,21PM,MBEAST.
      End of SlaveMonsterEnterprises. but the rise of their artists(:
      End of SM controversies.
      End of GD Controversies..No more anti's please!
      FCUZ debut!<3

      • so agree with u!!!
        more good news about our BB n YGfamily and no more hatred towards our jiyongie!!

    25. […] for variety shows or dramas that aren’t translated. It’s an eventful year for the Korean entertainment scene too. My favourite band Super Junior has some issues with contract, assault, drink driving […]

    26. Wishes for 2010:
      _ Everything solved (either good or bad, I just want an answer but hopefully good tho) for DBSK, Hannie.
      _ DBSK’s album. SJ’s album if possible.
      _ T-ara to promote Like the first time.
      _ Women Generation 2 (Davichi, Seeya, T-ara’s Eunjeong & Hyomin)
      _ MBLAQ’s first album and improvement in vocal.
      _ Wonder girls’ comeback. I miss these girls.
      _ Bring BoA back to HER country.

    27. i’m rooting for Big Bang comeback in 2010
      oppa… comeback soon 😦
      chincha2 miss you guys….
      n 2ne1 stay strong..
      kpop is clean from any controversy….
      and… yeah.. agree with smarter netizen 😀

    28. It’s been quite a year for 2NE1. I have to say I’m extremely surprised of their achievements this year. I never expected for them to go this far and gaining respect and recognition they truly deserve.

      I, myself did not expect that I’ll be rooting for them and become a certified Blackjack. Thanks to them I got to know BB wherein in fact I don’t like them but thanks to the girls I got to know BB better. Love BB now!

      What I hope would be for the upcoming 2010 would be 2NE1’s full length album, SOLO concert and a visit and promotion here in the PH. It will be just awesome! Hopefully 2010 would be 2NE1 domination. Not trying to be delusional just being hopeful.

      Happy New Year everyone! God bless!

    29. KARA’s comeback!
      I’m DSP biased!
      more power to DSP cause I love the artists so much!

    30. I hope in 2010:

      – JAY will come back with 2PM, and they will get a Daesang @ Golden disk
      – SM artists can work with a free mind, no more SLAVE CONTRACT

    31. What do you look forward to the most for Kpop in 2010

      1) Big Bang’s epic comeback!
      2) Jaebum’s return to 2PM
      3) 2NE1’s first full length album
      4) Beast to get more popular

      2010 sounds good 😉

    32. happy new year K-Bites, happy holiday too

      my hope is that you all here will be able to continue posting up news about K entertainment for us Hangeul illiterate all thru 2010 too.

      many happy returns to you SooKyeong, NulSaranghae & Imuyachan

    33. things im looking forward to in 2010
      1.) im majorly looking forward to bigbang’s comeback!!!!!^^
      2.) taeyang’s album and also 2ne1’s album…
      3.)kpop with less drama…. ^^
      advance happy new year everyone!!!!!
      major thanks to kbites/sookyeong for being awesome and sharing with us kpopnews..hope you dont get tired of translating!^^
      AND yes i wish for civilized/smarter netizens/kpopfans!^^

    34. Thanks for taking your time to write this (:
      It was awesome, but I hope 2010’s better.
      2009 was filled w/ alot of “stuff”.
      I can’t wait for Big Bang’s comeback (:
      & alot more people ;]

    35. What do I look forward to in 2010…

      THE NATIONS FAIRY’S COMEBACK!!!! Lee Hyori<333

      XD Haha. But other then that, I'm also looking forward to
      the Wonder Girls US Album!!!and maybe some.. World Domination? LOL J/K That's too much to ask. ahah

    36. nice article nice recap. thank you sookyeong and the team for the site and all the translations. happy new year to kbites

    37. Nice list, I have my own, COMING SOON DEC 30TH!

    38. My only wish is for Netizens to grow brains and stop being blind to fandoms. I also wish netizens stop going crazy over every LITTLE thing. Love is stronger then hate. work together to make Korea’s music scene more prosperous.

      I hope people can see talent before looks and popularity. I also wish G-Dragon could stop changing styles. PLEASSE.

      x) cheers to 2010!

    39. …I’m surprised you didn’t mention Jewelry at all, especially in the leaving part……

    40. My hope BIG BANG COMEBACK and 2NE1 full album then they dominate 2010..ya don’t forget SE7EN’s comeback..YG FAMs power!!!. No controversy for uri luvly leadah Kwonie^^
      and..YES agree with SMARTER NITIZENS for 2010.

    41. my hopes for 2010:

      -SM controversies come to an end. (kangin, suju, dbsk, etc)
      -2PM 7 member comeback. jaebum park!!! ❤
      -BB & 2NE1 korean comeback.
      -GD clean of scandals and issues. no more hate from antis/netizens pls? TT^TT
      -rookie domination!!! 2NE1, BEAST, MBLAQ, 4MINUTE, etc. hwaiting!!!
      -rookie debuts: CHILD of EMPIRE!!!<3 watch out for them. i can feel greatness coming.
      -explosion of YG+JYP collabs: 21PM? 2NEwonder? return of wonderbang? BBPM? PLSSSSS…?
      -no more fanwars and bashing. peace in kpop fandom please?

      i hope all of this comes true!!

    42. Lol I personally like the Funniest of Kpop section. Thanks K.bites for bringing us all the Kpop news this year! You guys have done a GREAT job & let’s hope that there will at LEAST be less hate comments in the new year to come!! =)
      What i’m looking forward to next year?
      The domination of SNSD once again. Girls will be coming out with a full album this time so it’s probably gonne be even bigger then their 2 mini albums this year. Plus, I’d like to see Super Junior as 13 again! I’m also looking forward to a lot of the comebacks next year!
      About the rookies, I’m thinking BEAST will gain even more popularity then they already have. The boys are too talented to not be recognized in the industry.
      Most important, I want SM Town back! The concerts and albums!! Plus, I’m hoping that the contract disputes between JaeChunSu & Hankyung will be over by next year!!! It would be a great year if that happened!!

    43. Question: What do you look forward to the most for Kpop in 2010?

      ALL. ^_^
      n i cant describe how thankful am i for u translate all the k-article during this whole year. Everytime when i wanna search something juicy articles about kpop, ur website is the first thing pop up on my mind. last but least, please keep up ur good work n we are welcoming Imuyachan n Nulsaranghae with a warming hand. Hwaiting!

    44. Q&A’s (ordered from strongest to the rest. i wont say weakest bc i have no thoughts about some groups)

      # Rookie teams going strong? – 2NE1, MBLAQ, BEAST, T-ara, 4Minute (i think theyre losing their swagger, idk), Rainbow

      # Will they continue to dominate? – Big Bang, So Nyeo Shi Dae, WonderGirls, Super Junior, Brown Eyed Girls, SHINee, KARA

      # Solo acts no idea how this will play out but hyori will be in the top somewhere) – Lee Hyori, K Will, Seo In Young, Park JungAh, Baek Ji Young, Kim TaeWoo

      Question: What do you look forward to the most for Kpop in 2010?

      the return of wonder girls.
      wonderbang performances
      getting to personally meet SNSD at hollywood bowl 2010, hahah.
      BoA’s return
      suju and dbsk settle differences
      SM’s cleared reputation so that they can finally move and and focus on promoting their artists

    45. – hope 2PM reunites
      – SJ and DBSK to resolve all conflicts with SM and them lot to be a happy familiy again, regardless out or in SM
      and i’m looking forward to rookie grps ^^

    46. happy new year ^^
      wishing for 2010 SNSD domination as well …
      but i also want the new girl groups to do well 🙂
      SM songwriters: please, for the love of god, GIVE F(X) BETTER SONGS IN 2010. They’re talented girls who haven’t had a chance to show that off yet -_-


    48. Hmm.. I hope 1.59pm will become 2pm.
      Wonder Girls and Big Bang to comeback.. Maybe a WonderBang collab as well? XD
      More of Beast & MBLAQ.
      The SM contracts case to be settled and over.
      Debut of Child of Empire, F.Cuz and others.
      For a more safer and better kpop year rather than this year.
      Knetizens to get smarter.
      And also for the underrateds to shine. ^^

    49. I want Wonder Girls to come back… I miss WonSoKa Line!
      Also BoA KOREAN comeback would be nice too ❤
      SM Town concerts & albums running again…
      And fixed contracts for everyone [SM, YG, JYP, DSP, everyone!]
      Kpop going international.. not just Asia Tours.
      BB & DBSK comeback to Korea.
      Smarter media & netizens.. <- impossible -_-

      My #1 wish is WonSoKa~ ^^

    50. i hope Jay will come back! ❤
      i want a Wonder Girls & Big Bang comeback! ^__^
      && 2NE1 to be more successful.

    51. SNSD and 2NE1 will dominate girl groups once again 🙂

      • Agree. But also for the others to do well.

      • maybe. not sure if snsd will be as active this year in the music scene.

        lets all hope wonder girls come back in the latter half of the year ❤ (:

    52. happy new year, K BITES, sookyeong and to the K BITES reader! 😀

      yeah, definitely a lot was listed in the worst of kpop in 2009.

      yes yes..i hope that there’ll be no bashing and hating in 2010!

      what im expecting in 2010:

      ~jay’s comeback!! def’ gonna make kpop history! [exxagerated much?! :P]
      ~DBSK and wonder girls kpop domination once again!
      ~SME’s change of plans..contract policies that is.
      ~kpop artists to be international, to have international tours too [please come to the Philippines. :D]
      ~some more of BEAST and MBLAQ..well, BEAST only, that’s ok. 😛
      ~no bashing and hating of netizens
      ~debut of f.cuz and the others.
      ~SUJU being complete 13 AGAIN!!!

      guess that’s it

      i remember the articles that says taemin’s been bullied. wow..if i was just there..i’ll cover up for him.

      and the celebrity-pokemon lookalikes..LOL! XD hahaha~

    53. “what to look forward in 2010?”

      – 2NE1 will be more successful 🙂
      – to add a minute in 1:59PM and become 7.
      – MBLAQ & BEAST 🙂
      – Big Bang comeback.

      and of course, more power to KPOP entertainment.
      *& to k-netizens* ahihihi


    54. * PARK JAYBUMS RETURN! *_____*
      * XINGS COMEBACK (XING is a great band. You have to listen their songs! 🙂 )
      * Child Of Empire’s Debut

    55. – All hate towards SNSD stop.
      – DBSK comeback as a group.
      – SUJU conflicts settled and comeback as a group
      – International tours rather than just Asia tours. T_T
      – SMARTER NETIZENS. >_<;

    56. comeback of dbsk.. is it too much to ask for?
      debut of F-Cuz..
      more MBLAQ fun..

    57. Hey, Sookyeong, Le QUATTRO will debut in 2010 too ;-;. Please, don’t forget them ;————;

      You can find them here: http://nazakawasadako.wordpress.com/2009/12/02/ouca-e-baixe-o-cancao-da-nova-boyband-le-quattro/

      Yeah! No more bashes in 2010 \o/

    58. KBITES! Sookyeong~ ILU! ♥
      Great summary of the year.

      Lee Teuk and Kang MinKyung ‘fart’ incident
      ^ OMG, I remember that, hahaha.

      The list of idols infected by swine flu looks so bad. x3 Thankfully every one of them are okay now.

      Aww, ‘family shoe collection’! Sean and his lovely family. ^^

      Debuts… Who’s W ? o:

      The list for the Worst of Kpop 2OO9 is much longer than the Best. D: This has been my first year of Kpop-ness. x] I’m really excited for Jan 2O1O! I really hope the new year will be more positive.

    59. Happy new year 2 Kpop & KBites ^^
      My wishes in new year 4 kpop ..
      is 2PM become 7 again i want Leadja back again ^^
      and i think 2NE1 will be so strong with their new
      album in 2010 , i want MBLAQ to be more hit in 2010
      my last hope 4 Big Bang & Wondr Girls to make their
      comeback soon in 2010 , can’t wait xD
      GOOD ARTICLE Sookyeong ^_^

    60. 2ne1 going international …. north america & rest of asia…

    61. “What do you look forward to the most for Kpop in 2010?”

      and Beast to be really Popular 🙂
      And Kpop World to be HAPPY!

    62. Jay WILL come back!

    63. After all 2009 was the worst year of kpop for me. lol.

    64. what i look forward the most for kpop in the next year is to see what went wrong in 2009 turns well in 2010. JBP we r still waiting ♥

    65. did you forget to mention all the deaths that happened in 2009 which would go under worst of 2009

    66. Yes hopefully no more bashing, if you don’t like a certain person or group just ignore the news on them, and don’t comment and upset fans of the person or group!

    67. What do you look forward to the most for Kpop in 2010?
      Im looking forward to DBSK new album that will release after 2 months and I hope that DBSK issue will be solved very soon and all the members will be united again same thing goes to super junior
      and as u said sookyeong I hope all the hating and bashing goes away with 2009.

    68. I hope for 2PM to become 7 again in 2010! ❤ Jaebum we will wait for you!

    69. “I hope all the hating and bashing goes away with 2009. Peace out.” AGREE!!!!

    70. “What do you look forward to the most for Kpop in 2010?” – Jaebom’s comeback ❤

      I hope 2010 is a better year for kpop.

      • I agree with you
        Jay!! comeback ❤ that is what I look forward to the most for Kpop in 2010…
        My only Wish!! is 2PM…. get a wonderful year 2010……
        Of Course I prefer:
        ******* Rookie teams going strong – 2NE1, 4Minute, T-ara, MBLAQ, BEAST, Rainbow..
        Too much debuts….. already..!!!!

      • i really wanna BIGBANG comeback!!

    71. happy new year

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