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2PM Nich Khun and Yoon EunHye for upcoming Cass beer CF

Still cuts of actress Yoon EunHye and 2PM Nich Khun filming for an upcoming CF revealed has attracted much attention from fans and netizens.

It is known that the 2 had recently come together to film for the CF of a beer brand. The CF is filmed in a club and features the 2 attracted to each other and doing a sexy dance.

A staff to the CF said, “The dance scene catch the attention of males. And Yoon Eun Hye is seen with mini one-piece and a sexy club look.” While Nich Khun is seen with smoke make up, dumping his usual cute image, transforming into sexy guy for the CF.

The CF will be revealed early January.

S: MoneyToday

FYI the CF is for Cass beer

Here’s fanvid to their photoshoot

17 Responses

  1. i want them to be a couple

  2. waaah~ KHUNie!!! HOTNESS overload!!!!
    and eunhye..so beautiful!! 😀

    can’t wait for this cf.

  3. they’re both eyecandy but i don’t find any chemistry in them..it’s as if they just chose two stars coz of their hotness but didn’t too much if they’ll look good together, factors?age and diff star appeal, YEH looks good w/ older, mature looking guys, nickchun if paired w/ any girl group member would be the best eyecandy..this is just an objective observation, this is a very mismatched pair..well, i’d still wait for the CF maybe i’ll eat my words after, idk..

  4. Khunnnnnn!!!!!! oh so sexy 0_o

    Can’t wait to see this CF already^^

  5. i approve of this pairing omfg ♥
    what a beautiful couple

  6. finally eunhye unni does a cf
    so long waiting for her!

  7. That jacket is a HELL NO.

  8. they look good ^^
    but… what is he wearing ? O_o

  9. OMG it’s so hottttttttttt
    he’s so smart & she so sexyyyyyy & very hotttttt
    I like ….can’t waittttttttttt

  10. LOL , i reckon he still has that cute look in the picture where his hugging her !

  11. […] December 29, 2009 2PM Nich Khun and Yoon EunHye for upcoming Cass beer CF Posted by Kim Seung under WTF | Tags: Nich Khun, Yoon EunHye | Leave a Comment  […]

  12. I can never get mad when I see Khun with another woman…I mean like everyone wants him and no one can resist him…

  13. Hmmm… not really liking the chemistry… Ok.. scratch that.. There’s no chemistry to begin with….

    … Dara-Minho Cass CF was a big hit, I hope this wouldn’t disappoint.

  14. Hottest overload!
    Good looking couple ^_^

  15. both of them are my favorite idol^^

  16. Gaspp! Khun looks so hotttt (:
    DEAD, lols.

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