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Jewelry Kim EunJung and Ha JooYeon talk about Seo In Young and Park JungAh leaving the group

Kim EunJung and Ha JooYeon of Jewelry, with members Park JungAh and Seo In Young leaving the group, will transform as party girls.

The 2 members will be appearing as the cover girls for January issue of magazine ‘Nail Up’. And they also do an interview for the magazine about the other 2 members leaving, “Even though we felt reluctant and sad about it, the unnies have their future and we want to show everyone that we can do well even without the unnies. Even though we are far from perfect, now that we have to take over the responsibilities, we felt that our shoulders are heavier now.”

Kim EunJung, who is known to be close to KARA Nicole and GyuRi and will even help them monitor their performances, said, “Even though I would usually have fun with the other girlgroup members, but there are many times they will greet us by ‘Hello seonbaenim’ when we are with our unnie members. The unnies have almost never scolded or demanded us. We just see to things and settle them ourselves. The unnies will still advise us on what to do or what not to, but because we have respected the unnies from the start, it just naturally becomes so.”

Meanwhile, it was revealed that member Ha JooYeon may seemed like a powerful performer on stage, her real-life personality is one who would cry much and gets hurts by things easily. Ha JooYeon said, “Because I’m pretty weak emotionally the unnies are worried about me. But I got stronger promoting as part of Jewelry. I’ve heard much about becoming strong from the unnies.”


I wish all 4 members of Jewelry best of luck

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  1. i wish both SIy and PJA and the “left” Jewelry members the best

    Jewelry Hwaiting!

  2. aww gonna miss them

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