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Kim Bum’s first Japanese single goes up to #1 spot on J-pop charts

Actor Kim Bum‘s 1st single album released in Japan is said to be doing very well in domestic online chart.

His first single ‘Christmas Eve’s Sky’ is gone up to #1 spot on various J-pop charts. The single features Kim Bum’s sweet vocals accompanied by a romantic melody and pretty lyrics, and has been well-received in Japan since it was released on 8th November.

And to commemorate his first single release and to celebrate Christmas , Kim Bum has also went down to Japan for a dinner show with 3,000 fans as an uprising Hallyu star.

Kim Bum’s company KingKong Entertainment said, “We didn’t expect the single to go up rankings on music charts so fast and even go up to #1 spot after it is released. The officials are also surprised with the results. And we would like to thank domestic fans. He will continue to work hard to bring good productions.”

Kim Bum is currently filming for MBC drama ‘A woman who still wishes to get married’ playing as couple with actress Park JinHee. The drama is set to air in 2010.


8 Responses

  1. I don’t know why they opted to release a Japanese single instead of a Korean one, but I guess they thought the Japanese would respond better to his singing debut?

  2. AH! why release a song in japan and not in korea?!?

    • probably money…

      thats why korean artists (although i love my daily dose of kpop :D) tend to go “global” aka only to japan or china…

      not only because the countries are nearby korea, but also because the fans go all “YAYYYY” and support singers very well financially….

      –something like that hehe
      like one cd bought in korea and one bought in japan is different because of the yen’s power…? not too sure ><;;;

  3. This is basically a slap in the face to real singers who work hard and get no recognition.

    • -sigh- the world today. -_-

    • I agree, but actors do have a farther reach than most singers because of subbed releases and they don’t really have target audiences.

    • True, but it also boils down to song choice. Some singers are really talented, but the songs they release just don’t fit their voices, or the songs are just meh. On the other hand, there are singers who are just so-so but because they were given the perfect song, they become really popular.

    • Completely agree. I guarantee you that even if a talented singer like Tim sang this song, it would not be #1 on the charts. Just goes to show that the music industry is about popularity and not quality of music.

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