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[Profile] Get to know upcoming boyband ZE:A!

As reported earlier, upcoming boyband ZE:A from Star Empire Entertainment was previously known as Child Of Empire.

But with their upcoming debut, Star Empire decided to use a shorter name ZE:A for this 9 members group. (ZE:A is from JeA โ€“ JeKook Eui AiDeul or Child of Empire)

Curious about each member? Go under the cut for the members’ profile and also more jacket photos revealed!

Members’ profile:

And previously jacket photos for HyungSik and DongJoon (in the order of the photos) were revealed.

Many K Bites readers had commented how DongJoon looks like the male version of actress Ha GaIn.

New jacket photos revealed – HyungSik, SiWan and leader JunYoung

Group jacket photo

More group photos!

Videos shared earlier about ZE:A

The only complaint I have is to remember new 9 names. It gets bad with age :p

Anyways for now, leader JunYoung and DongJoon have caught my attention.

Watch out for these boys!


82 Responses

  1. I love si wan oppa

  2. because of watch,,i like their group

  3. omg…. ze:a sarangh….
    saranghe… kim dong jun….

  4. wow, they totally have talent that shines. i don’t know since when i have totally fall in love with ze:a…. ๐Ÿ™‚ …………………….
    and i like the members of this group like the leader-moon jun young, mom of ze:a-kim tae hun(ze:a umma??!!), the australian-kevin kim(born in korea but lives in australia and then came back to korea again), the prince-park hyung shik(his face looks totally prince: cute and handsome), the maknae-kim dong joon( also likes to make trouble), the dancing machine-ha min woo(his dance is very beautiful…and flexible), the thespian-jung hee chul(also known as mr. grumpy or arrogant rapper, i don’t know why they call him like that), the model-hwang kwang hee(i like him because he is very funny and also like diva but still handsome), the fashionista-im si wan( the most i like because his face is pretty than me,i am a girl..)… that is what i know about them. oh, ya! minwoo is best friends with hyungshik and kwanghee with siwan…(MinSik and SiKwang)… very funny……..(^_^)

  5. ooooooommmmmmmmgggggggggg!!dong jun u re absolutely ggrrrreeeeeaaaaatttttt!!!!!

  6. I love kwanghee oppa & siwan oppa…
    they are very cute…

    • same like me….
      both them are my favourite in ze:a….(^_^)

  7. waa~ i love my dongjun,
    ive known you for 2 weeks now~โ™ฅ
    and to my new love jun young~โ™ฅ
    ohh, saranghaeyo~โ™ฅ

  8. ahhhhhhhhhh! all the zea are so cute and adorable! i think the most cute is heechul, minwoo and dongjoon. the most handsome is taehun, hyungsik, kwanghee, junyoung and kevin. the most cute, handsome and pretty is siwan!!!!!!!!!!

  9. i love their song mazeltov. taehun, dongjoon, hyungsik, kwanghee, siwan, junyoung, kevin, minwoo and heechul are my Ze:a… love them very much… before this i am a fan of super junior and bigbang but now, iam crazy about Ze:a… they’re all so cute T_T

  10. ohhhh! they’re all so cute and adorable! i need just a week to memorize their names, song and even their dance!!!!!!!!
    the most i like is Si Wan because he is so pretty and kinda cute! i’m jealous of him… he can be a fashionista too because the way he dress is really have style and cute…….

  11. oh gosh !! they are so cute and cool !! especially, jun young and dong joon!! but all of them is still cute .. i love their ‘Maltov’ song ..

  12. woow it is very good groupe

  13. About four of these kids look like SHINee’s Key -which isn’t a bad thing for me. And they’re all cute too

  14. for real..
    when i first time saw dongjun..
    his face make me remember to Xiah Junsu from DBSK..
    it’s a kinda same right?
    i love MOON JUNYOUNG!! <333

    • aha! now that u mentioned, DongJoon do reminds me of Xiah…LOL

      JunYoung looks like YooChun a lot…=P

      from Mazeltov MV, i juz love DongJoon & from All Day MV, i think i added JunYoung in my list…haha
      d rest, i can’t even recognize their face, not to mention remember their names…bad memory!! (~_~)

  15. i think on mazeltov mv, heechul face kindly like G-dragon from big bang.. if you know what i meant…. just in one look

    • ya i’ve noticed that too..but my fav 4 now is Dong Jun! Idk maybe he’s the only one that caught my eye,like his appearance is very unique.And his voice is distinguishing from the others ^^

  16. ze:a siwan looks like SHINee key ~

    hee chul cute, he has great lip.

  17. i watched Mazeltov mv and only Don Jun is recognizable to me ==” the others…vaguely… i’m dying to know the one who did the rap part near the end of the song, and he’s wearing blue..kinda looked like GD a bit in the MV, but a more manlier version of GD XD can anyone name him for me? LOL

  18. waaa, it’s so hard to remember 9 new faces and 9 new names. -.- Their hair is too similar, makes it harder. lol
    I only remembered Heechul and Junyoung so far because they really remind me of Suju’s Ryeowook and DBSK’s Yoochun. =P
    I’ll need some more time to remember the others.
    Anyways, I really like them.=D

  19. I lover ZE:A *_^
    ZE:A Fighting ^^^^

  20. i love Ze:A ********my Fv is Si Wan^__^.
    i like this group….Go to IT!!!!! Fighting!!!
    F: (Moroccan)

  21. AAAAAAA* i love dong joon & hyun shik so much. but not as much as i love SUJU. mazeltov โค dong joon is really really cute. SARANGHAE~

  22. Not really interested like MBLAQ n B2ST… LolzZzZZZ

  23. the leader….oh gosh!he really look alike to my yoochun DBSK…except his nose.HAHA!in malay,we call them as pelanduk dua serupa

  24. Si Wan looks alike SHInee Key..

  25. they’re all soo cute!
    loving Hyung-shik… ^^

  26. oppa u guys look so hott! n so adorable!!
    daebakk (**,) hwaiting!! saranghae!! mmuahhs

  27. good looking guyz*^_^*

  28. wow they’re soo cutee

  29. OMFG!

  30. […] more information about the group, go here. This is a full profile […]

  31. their first name was the child of empire was the best

  32. first i saw this group , my eyes belongs to the leader . hahaha
    not coz his face look likes my husband ~chun~ LOL
    i like his perf. ^^
    so energic !
    the 2nd place , maknae dong jun . i like his voice .

    overall their debut perf was so great .
    i like it .
    ZE:A jjang !!

  33. jung hee chul looked like ryeowook from super junior!! โ™ฅ
    i saw them perform on Music Bank a while ago. mazeltov is very catchy! ๐Ÿ˜€

  34. that Heechul guy looks just like Ryeowook in my oppinion ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  35. heechuuuuuuuuuuuul! <333 omg hes so cute! and he looks a bit like ryeowook from super junior…(just the nose and mouth)

    • isnt it< i was waiting for this cmmt cause i thought it was only me!! and in the mv, he kinda has the image of G-dragon when he raps. So totally, he looks like ryeowook in picture, rap looks like G-dragon, and his name is heechul…. haha, no offended tho but I think its interesting, hes the best of three world then,.. much luv.

  36. Sheez.. These are what I needed! Close-up pix! Thanks a bunch ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. I have to admit that their dancing is nice, but I don’t really like their appearance and singing (voice). I don’t mean to offend anyone. Just posting my opinion. ^^
    But it looks pretty decent. ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. welcome to ZE:A

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  40. I like HeeChul ๐Ÿ˜€

  41. […] disagreement between the same names of Brown Eyed Girls Jea (์ œ์•„) and upcoming 9-member group ZE:A […]

  42. my complain is:
    how on earth a guy weight 51 kg!!!

    ok i’ll go cry in the corner TT

    • right thats wat im sayin make me think bout my weight dont worry ill go cry in that corner with you TT_TT

  43. Moon Jung Young looks like dong bang shin ki’s micky yochun,is’t he?

  44. lol at typos error:
    talking- TAKLING..

  45. i think I’m gonna like this group!..they have a lot of look alikes…

  46. They are considered very light-weighted in their weights!! Young boys~ I’ll try to remember their name keke!

  47. um honestly
    at the beginning,
    i thought their name ‘children of empire’
    is kinda ridiculous for me, lol.
    but ZE:A sounds more interesting and
    this group is kinda promising, i think so~

  48. i’m actually rooting for this group. lol, i have a thing for underdogs. hope they succeed!

  49. sorry but there group name logo or what you called that looks so 2ne1..i thought for a second that im about to read a 2ne1 article..lol..but they look cool thou..

  50. ouh all of them look cute. and their christmas carol sounds cute too~

  51. Kim Tae Hun and Si Wan = Delicious!!

  52. they look so cute! hehe! but omg! one of the guys’ name is hee chul!

  53. “power source: Jo Kwon Sunbaenim” hahahahahaha That’s soo cute!! Kwonnie is idolized by potential idols, lol!! ^^

  54. they certainly look promising ๐Ÿ™‚

  55. Can’t wait for them to debut..
    Their official forum is http://z6.invisionfree.com/empirechildren/index.php
    Just incase if anyone wants to join and learn more about them. =]

  56. wow nice.
    really looking forward to their debut.
    i’m amazed by their dance moves.

  57. simbako.

  58. woow thay’re so goodlooking =D

  59. kyaa~~!! OMG. junyoung and minwoo. <3333333

    sookyeong, guess what? i've already memorized all the names and faces. and to think it took me a whole month to remember suju.


  60. i thought ZE:A was the album title?
    they did change their name to children of empire though bc the management finally realized that child of empire was grammatically incorrect lol

    well CoE/F.Cuz is going to be Beast/MBLAQ all over again.
    not sure if want. hrm.

  61. i can’t recognize them in every pictures..their faces seems to change in every photos..i still have to look back at the list of names and look closely to their faces..i don’t know.. maybe its just me..lol

    ohhh…another Hee Chul on the list..quite interesting..good luck to them!!

    but im more anticipating for F.Cuz.. ๐Ÿ˜›

  62. LOL, the leader look sooooooo much with DBSK YooChun!
    Ah.. Kevin, congratulations! You’re my new bias! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • agree!! lol i also think about the same thing when i was looking through the picts
      i was like ‘wth?!micky yoochun?’ but i realise its child of empire haha

  63. lol JunYoung really looks like yoochun from dbsk

  64. nice photos and good looking…hopefully Star Ent. will give them a song thats “catchy trendy hook not cute song”…

  65. wowow… and they’re pretty boys.

  66. they kind of look a bit too old for their age.
    but i’m still quite excited to what they will bring into the kpop world. ๐Ÿ™‚

  67. OMG! I wonder why people hate on new girl groups but there are definitely MORE boy groups existing. The biasness in KPOP. But gosh! 9 more names???!!!

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