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Yoo JaeSeok awarded the variety Daesang during MBC Variety Awards

‘Infinite Challenge’ has been awarded the best variety show for the 4th year on MBC Variety Awards.

MBC Variety Awards took place on 29th December in MBC broadcast centre. This is the 4th consecutive year the show has been awarded the best variety show on the award ceremony after it was first chosen by netizens as the best program in 2006.

And as for the variety DaeSang, the award goes to MC Yoo JaeSeok. Yoo JaeSeok has received acknowledge for his appearance on MBC ‘Come To Play’ and ‘Infinite Challenge’. This is Yoo JaeSeok‘s 5th DaeSang received.

In his thankyou speech, Yoo JaeSeok mentioned, “HoDong hyung whom I respect, Miseon noona whom I love, even though we have been friends for long I didn’t even get to wish you happy birthday HwiJae ah happy birthday.” He also thanked his team Infinite Challenge team Park MyungSoo, Gil, Jung JoonHa, Jung HyungDon, Noh Hong Chul, JunJin, HaHa; and Kim WonHee, Lee HaNeul and Eun Ji Won from ‘Come To Play’ during his speech.


6 Responses

  1. lmao at hong chul in the bg…congrats to ic, my favourite variety show! love mc yoo ^o^

  2. Yay!! Congrats to MC Jaesuk! He’s my fave. ^^

    LOL @ Noh Hong Chul’s hair. x]

  3. haha, I agree with Massay about Noh Hong Chul’s hairstyles, but I always do find them humorous.
    I think he brings something different in his hairstyles (:
    even if they’re wacky, i enjoy watching him.

    and congrats again to MC YOO, my favorite MC! 😀

  4. Yeah Congrazt to him.
    MC Yoo Jaesuk is jjang
    Noh Hong Chul hairstyle is really something

  5. Congratz to Mc Yoo and Infinite challenge team!!

  6. YYYAAAYYY!! Go Yoo Jae Suk!! Favorite comedian and MC!!

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