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“Hello 2010?” “No, Hello Anticipation!”

2010 is here! 2009 was a year of new dramas, variety shows, and even new rising stars. Stars who left for military service two years ago are coming back and with the start of new drama from different channels battling it out to be number one, 2010 looks like a year with a lots of hope for many.

KBites breaks down the new stars to look out for in 2010!

Chun JungMyung, Kim JongMin, HaHa “Oppas are back!”

2010 will be impacted by the new stars coming back to reconquer the movie, drama, entertainment, music industry.  Guys are returning from their military posts, like Kim JongMin and HaHa. Kim JongMin already has his spot in 1 Night and 2 Days increasing the member count to 7. However, competing with him will be HaHa, who is already arranged to be entering Infinity Challenge right after he is out of the military.

Other than that, in the movie and drama industry, GongYoo and Chun JungMyung will be returning. Chun JungMyung arranged to have fan meetings in Korea, Japan, and China once he gets back and the activity of the Coffee Prince actor, GongYoo is definitely something to be watching out for. Also, with Psy out in the music industry again, many fans are waiting for his next project.

Hwang JungEum, Jung GaEun, Shin SaeKyung “You know who we are right?”

Shin SaeKyung and Hwang JungEum acting will continue on in 2010 as well, making the fans more excited on what other activities these two girls will bring. Also, with these two girls competing it out in the commercial industry as well, it looks like it will be hard for the continuing heroines like Yoon EunHye to continue with her commercials.

Jung GaEun, who started out as being called the “look alike” Song HyoKyo, is now noticed as a rising star. With her new position as the MC in MBC, she is starting to take in more offers. Also, the actress Lee MinJung who made big success from the drama ‘Smile, You’ is expecting more love calls on her next project.

Kim NamGil, Lee MinHo, Jang GeunSuk “Don’t forget us!”

The dramas of 2009 made the stars, and gave them the light. From the drama “Queen SeokDuk,’ Kim NamGil was made famous and even though it is unfortunate that he chose to enter the army in 2010, fans are still anticipating his movie projects where he will play the main role. Also, there was Yoo SeungHo, who will be playing the main role in the drama ‘God of Study’.

From ‘Boys Over Flowers’ was the rising star, Lee MinHo. Leading the F4 fever until the end of the year, Lee MinHo gained a wide range of fans from all over the world. The fans are even excited for this year because he stated, “In 2010, I promise to make a come back!” From ‘You’re Beautiful’ was the rising star, Jang GeunSuk. Already recognized as a great actor, he proved it with this drama in 2009. Fans are anxiously waiting for his next project to inspire them.

Ji Youn: So which star are you guys waiting for in 2010?

23 Responses

  1. Definitely Jang Geun Seok opPa. .
    And MinHo for PersoNal Taste. . Cant wait for it!!
    Luph geunseok& Minho opPa. .

  2. PARK JAE BUM FTW! hehe.. sorry but i cant help it! XD

  3. definitely kim jong min , HaHa & jang geun seok! ^^

  4. Jang Geun Suk and Gong Yoo
    I’m a fan of them (:

  5. Im excited for Chung Jung Myung’s comeback (the guy in Foxy Lady)..I wanna see him act again, he has this tough/boyish image combined, soo charming!! I’ve read somewhere that he likes Dara Park, hmm, maybe I wanna see them act together..

  6. Definitely looking forward to Jang Geun Suk’s next projects! ❤

  7. Jang Geun Suk

    Gong Yoo

  8. i’m waiting for YG FAM comebacks…
    2010 have full schedules for YG FAM..
    as for actors/actresses..
    i’ll wait and see for good actors.. that has good projects…
    but GONG YOO!!!
    i want more gong yoo this year!… and kang dong won

  9. JANG GEUN SUK!!!!

    im still hoping for a YAB season 2! 😀 an ANJELL performace was not enough to feed my addiction! ❤

  10. Jang Geun Suk definitely.

    I’ve always been a fan of him way before YAB started so I’m really ecstatic that he gained more popularity in 2009. More dramas and movies for him, please!!! 😀

    As for shows, well…I heard group 8 got the rights for itazura na kiss so I hope they’d produce it this year — it has a pretty good storyline and I got crazy watching the taiwanese and anime version so I’m looking forward to how they’ll adapt it.

  11. waiting for se7en comeback also
    Daesung and TOP solo… tahahaha

  12. for all of the name in this list..
    i anticipate chun jung myung (really miss him in drama), lee min jung, kim nam gil, yoo seung ho, kim jong min.. LOL so many.. ^^

  13. I’ve just got into IC and Haha’s place is sorely missed. Anticipating his return. xD Lol, the pic of Jong Min makes me laugh. He looks like he’s having dirty thoughts~~hope to see him more on variety shows. I don’t like the SongHyeGyo lookalike…I just feel really awkward when she tries to mc, this sense of fakeness from her. It’s probably just me..

    • Ahahahaha~jong min having dirty thoughts. Suits him and his image. Miss him so much.

  14. i hope to see Ha Ji Won and Jo In Sung together again in a movie or a drama series! until now, Memories of Bali is still the best Kdrama for me!

  15. lee min ho has such a strongly manly handsome face. and his acting chops are great. i can’t wait for his comeback

  16. Kim jong min and Haha oppa
    Lol XD
    I miss them so much,,

    I think u forget about Jang woo hyuk,,he’s also released from military service..I anticipated his comback on music industry,,hope it gonna be like JTL days

    • I thought Woo hyuk didn’t go to military coz of some injury..? Did he??? I would absolutely LOVE to have him back. ❤ Miss his dancing presence so much.

      I've been waiting for jong min to come back too~ Has it really been 2 years only??? Seems so much longer. I'm imagining jong min clashing with mong and eun elementary kid. Especially after last episode, it's gonna get very messy on 1n2d, but probably so FUN!!!!

  17. OMG HaHa is coming back!! >_<!! He's so hilarious! Can't wait *-*

  18. im really excited what project lee min ho is going to do next 🙂 cause… i think it will be a really big step in his career after his success in boys over flowers~ ^^ he is the only one who hasnt made new projects among the cast of BOF…..

    oooH~ exciting….

  19. I’m with Sookyeong…

    as for actress, LEE MIN JUNG! OMG THE DRAMA SMILE IS SO GOOOOOOOOD! Ignore all the old people and just watch Lee Min-jung and Jung Kyung-ho parts….real life couple! lol

    • i am with you about lee min jung.. my favorite new artist… ^^
      SMILE turn me become her fans

  20. GongYoo and Chun JungMyung!!! and Jang Geun Seok! ❤ love this article, thanks jiyoun..

    and cheer up about yt acct suspension 🙂

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