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JoKwon’s shocking statement, “I’ve thought about…”

JoKwon confesses his true feeling about his “wife” GaIn. During a recent interview, 2AM JoKwon reveals a shocking statement that caused some of the netizens to start hoping.

When everyone started to tell him that he and GaIn matched very well, he stated in a recent interview, “I’ve thought about going out with GaIn noona seriously” confessing his actual mind.

GaIn had also previously stated, “Now, when JoKwon calls me outside of the filming and he calls me “noona” instead of “honey,” I feel a bit sad” confessing her connection with JoKwon. Also, in a recent episode of ‘We Got Married’ they filmed, GaIn’s mother told JoKwon, “I wish that you were actually my son-in-law” showing so much love towards him, almost enough to make GaIn sad.

Ji Youn: Good couple or no? Personally, I love them together!

39 Responses

  1. They will be cute if together in real life ^^

  2. please be together.. they are like the cutest couple in history of kpop…. like ever!

    so cute *w*

  3. Good thinking Kwonnie. Now all is left to do is pop up the question and date! for real. even her mother told you her hope. mothers knows best. so just go ahead and ask her.

    you have all the supports that you need from us. 🙂

  4. thats cute !!

  5. i hope he asks her to go out for real soon

  6. OMG!
    They are so cute together *-*/
    The need to date xD
    GaIn-Kwon NOW! o////

  7. They need to date in real life like no joke, it would be awesome, and I don’t think any fangirls (or boys) would really oppose I mean really how many girl have JoKwon down as their ideal type??

  8. so they’ve filmed their last ep of wgm?

  9. HRHR. I like them 😀
    If they would dating i’m happy~

  10. It’d be cute if they dated 🙂 But I think their agencies will have a problem with that… But w/e. I’m honestly still surprised WGM is still running. lol After all of the pioneer couples left, I didn’t even pay attention until Uee/JaeJung and GaIn/JoKwon came in.

  11. honestly? JUST DATE ALREADY.

    they have so much chemistry on the show! seriously, after joongbo left, i honestly though WGM was gone case until petite couple came along ;D

  12. i totally love them together! they should really get together.
    and yeah, I miss the season 1 couples too. well, at least the jokwon-gain couple seems to be much more real compared to the season 2 couples such as marco-dambi. I think they are slowly turning back to the season 1 concept and it’s getting me hooked onto wgm again. ^^

  13. I hope HyunJoong and HwangBo are going out for real too. ^^

  14. They should!!!

  15. theyre my fav WGM couple!! I think they should be a couple! haha

  16. OMG..i think they’re DESTINED to be together!!
    just be a couple already..FOR REAL!
    they got all the signs already…soo DATE!! XD
    i love them together….!! 🙂

    i’ll support them! 😀

  17. mannn… I miss the WGM season 1. esp the lettuce couple!

    Hyun joong + hwanbo= ❤ 😀

  18. they really look good together 😀

  19. PLEEEAAASSEEE BE TOGETHER for the sake of humanity.

  20. They look cute together ^^
    Jokwon+ Gain <333

  21. Can’t wait for next episode even though I know the show is not total reality I still say these two are dropping hints everywhere carefully about how they truly feel. I’m posting this link because I totally believe they got it bad for each another. Don’t be shy just date take a chance and see how it goes! What a pity if they pass this up it’s as if fate been supporting this union for awhile! Life is stranger than fiction and if this was a kdrama I’d totally be addicted. Wonder what really happens behind the scene?

  22. just be together already! haha!

  23. they are seriously cute tgt!!!
    a fan of the show season 1..i especially love ssangchu couple( Kim Hyun Joong and Hwangbo)
    But it’s a pity that they are not tgt ( hoping that they aredating secretly though)
    Hence when Gain-Kwon couple came out !!
    they reminded me so much of ssangchu that i love them immediately!!

    Hope they are hapry!!

    • same with me!!
      I love ssangchu couple and gain n jokwon look alike with them!!
      and I want them to going out for sure!!
      I love their fans so mature..
      different from another fans..
      they already let them to date for real!!
      awww~ so sweet

  24. they look cute together. i’d say they go out. imagine an idol going out with a ballad singer [or is jokwon an idol? idk] i think fans from both sides agree except for the overly obsessive ones that dreams about their idols every night and write bloody letters sprayed with pubes, cutting their neck and wrists.

  25. I love this couple ❤
    hope they can date for real :DD

  26. lol. they should. i’m a big fan of the show during its first season and call me crazy but i thought they all should date. LOL
    yes THE fangirl in me. but admit it
    the crazy skinship/ butt smacking between andy and solbi was so darn cute altho solbi’s kinda annoying at time

    in young and crown j. hands down you gotta admit they are made for each other. he brings out the best in her !! and you think in young would cook for someone else?

    kwon and gain are so cute together. kinda obvious ( or i’m just blinded) that they’re falling for each other. they need to date !! FOR REAL !

  27. they should be together ^^^^^^^

  28. seriously if they dated i would support it 100% and be the happiest person ever!

  29. actually i dont quite like the show we’re married
    bcoz it seems like they wanted to make scandals out of it
    not like making a real life show
    and given hopeless messages to new couples that life can be great just by making kimchi and so on
    im trying to be realistic in the sense that stars who attend this show not only trying to find a date but also love each other just bcoz of one show
    i mean they can love each other unexpectedly
    which i find more amusing
    i saw this coming so aint no suprise for me

    • The show did try to be realistic at the beginning of the new season using a real couple. The ratings weren’t so good though.

    • *shrug* WGM used to be good. the season 1 days, with Seo in young + Crown J, Andy + Solbi, Alex+ shinhae, and Hyun joong + hwangbo…

      but personally, it went down hill after andy+ solbi left and hwanhee +hwayobi and marco + sondambi came in. (season 2)

      i think season 1 did well because the celebs were very honest about their feelings,and the “missions” were more open ended for possible decisions. like they were “spend time together” and one couple went to a water park, another went to a concert, another just stayed home, etc. So it was more realistic, even more than real life couple.

      -coming from an epic fan of WGM season 1 days, esp the lettuce couple ( Hyun joong + hwangbo), so i’m biased.

      • yeah baby, you totally spoke my mind. I miss the old WGM. =(

        I think I liked it so much, I couldn’t accept the new couples and new seasons. So I just stopped following.

  30. they are perfect for each other! ^^

  31. i haven’t watched any of their episodes. too busy. But i think they’re cute and look good together!

  32. they’re cute together!!!

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