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Korean viewers showed dissatisfaction towards New SBS “Intimate Note 3”!

SBS TV has aired a new version of “Intimate Note’ called ‘Intimate Note 3’  for the year 2010.

Yet, the response towards its 1st episode aired on Jan 1st,2010 was quite bad as viewers showed their dissatisfaction.

On Jan 1st,2010 at 10 pm, the show was first broadcasted. The MCs for this show are: Shin JungHwan and Park MiSeon whilst the special MCs for the 1st episode are Brian and SS501 Park Jung Min.

As for the guest, they received casts  from SBS new dramas “Byul eul tadajwo” (Choi Jeongwon, Kim JiHoon) and “Jejungwon” (Yeon JeongHoon and Han HyeJin).

Different with previous ‘Intimate Note 2’ , this new ‘Intimate Note 3’ comes in a talk show format and done inside a studio where the guests discuss certain subject and find ways to solve the issue.

The show is also said to be similar with other TV shows such as :  SBS ‘Yasim man man’ and Shin Junghwan role is also said close to his role in MBC Golden Fishery – Radio Star or KBS2 Sang Sang Plus.

After the 1st broadcast, the official website message board has received numerous complaints regarding the show. Few comments are saying, “Intimate Note has lost its personality” or “Missed Kim GooRa, Moon HeeJun, Lee GyeongGyu and Eun JiWon”, etc.

Meanwhile, next guests for the upcoming Jan 8th schedule are : Lee GyeongSil and Lee SongMi.


22 Responses

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  2. JungMin<3333333333

  3. sounds boring!!!

    they shud do the old format….

    OMG bigbang and Suju episodes were so funny!!!

    they should do one with 2AM AND 2PM!!!

  4. Awww… I liked the old Intimate Note, it was so funny

  5. i watched intimate note when big bang and fly to the sky were on it (2 diff episodes) and i like it 😀
    it seems kinda boring now :/

  6. It’s really boring!!

    Come to say about this, the first season is the most special, most interesting, has most meaning. There’re tons of talk show outside already,, no wonder Heejunie left it x|

  7. i loved intimate note !
    but … seeing it this way .
    it looks boring – -||

    budget cut ? XD

  8. eh?? intimate note’s old concept was hecka funnyyy!! and they had lotsa viewers before didn’t they? so why fix something that aint broken?? kim gura is hilarious!! and it actually completes the purpose of the show which is to bring awkward ppl closer by playing fun games and letting grudges go. how is this new concept gonna do anything for a distant relationship?

    i mean c’mon!! with hit episodes like the SUJU, BB and the SNSD ones… no wonder ppl are complaining. those episodes were hilarious and fun! and memorable. i rewatched SUJU’s one more times than i can count!

    better do somethin abt it. change it back or just cancel the show.

  9. What was wrong with Intimate Note before ?
    Why did they changed it into some boring talk show =/.
    I like intimate note with Big Bang, Snsd and Suju. Those were the best ones xD

  10. they all look like waiters sitting own for their coffee break
    this show was awesome the way it was
    back when they used real “intimate notes”

  11. aw… why studio???

  12. Why did they change the concept/MCs anyway?

  13. format of the show looks completely different
    isn’t it like putting 2 people together who are very awkward with each other?

  14. Seems like the concept of the show doesn’t fit the tittle “intimate note” now. And it doesn’t feel so lively judging by the pictures. 😦

  15. the show DOES seem boring. i pity brian and jung min.

  16. seen from the picture seems boring

  17. Looks like a Coffee Prince parody rather than variety show…kinda boring. Talk show? Just pack your stuff and go to YSMM, Strong Heart or Come to Play.

    Well, actually, when does Intimate Note 2? Was it after Super Junior episode?

  18. I’m not blaming them, the show sure looks boring.

  19. the new show format does indeed seem a little too diff from the previous
    i totally loved intimate note ❤ the junsu, suju and big bang eps were my fave xD

  20. netizens pick on every SBS show it seems.

  21. JUNGMIN!!!

  22. ahhh~ maybe cause its boring.. i dunno~ just by looking at the pictures.. it looks boring… since its a talk show.. not a variety show….

    oh how should i know.. i dont watch the show.. just my observation from the pictures

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