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New year wish for Narsha? “To have scandals with male idols”

‘Adult-dol’ Narsha (30) reveals her wish for 2010.

During the episode of KBS ‘Invincible Youth’ aired on 1st January, the G7 members (So Nyeo Shi Dae Yuri, Sunny; KARA Goo Hara, Brown Eyed Girls Narsha, 4Minute HyunA, T-ara HyoMin, Secret Han SeonHwa) were seen wearing hanboks and sending their new year greetings to the TV viewers.

Especially for Narsha, her wish for the year to have scandal with a male idols gave funny episode. She said, “I must have a scandal this year. With male idol group.”

With that Kim TaeWoo also said, “I really like scandals with idols. I also had a blast with scandals with idols after discharging from army.”

Meanwhile, during this episode of Invincible Youth, gagman Kim JongMin chose HyunA and Goo Hara as his ideal types in the waiting room for G7 backstage to KBS Entertainment Awards.


18 Responses

  1. LOL. I want to be in a scandal with a male idol too Narsha! hahaha! =) I like her so much. ^^

  2. Don’t be Nichkhun otherwise it will be scary not scandal (by uncountable fangirls).

  3. I love the G7 girls. and narsha is really cute and funny in the show. let’s hope her wish comes true hahahaha.

  4. narsha is simply adorable (:

  5. wooyoung!! i hope she got some scandal with wooyoung..hehehe
    i love Narsha..i was like laugh so hard when she b’come wang kodi,in U’re beautiful parody with 2pm,bcoz he is able to touch some wooyoung in flesh ^O^

  6. LOL I adore Narsha. Judging by how most active male idol groups at the moment have an average age of like early 20s.. lol
    haha Minho. Yes, he needs to watch out. XD

    I really hope Narsha finds someone that makes her happy.

  7. who to pick ,unnie ? wooyoung ang ang ? saw she picked him if she were to be in wgm.

    or minho ^^?

    or someone from dirty eyed girls? ( i think we go back again to wooyoung now …. ^^ )

    Narsha is like hyori, looking at 30 the same as 20 (*envious*)

    PS: only don pick kim tae woo, yuri will get jealous XD

  8. Narsha has baby face…..XD
    I can’t believe he’s 30.
    G7 are very cute…..they are the mean to connect all girl groups to be friends.

  9. minho!!!hahaha

  10. kekeke i wish narsha unni wish come true.. hahahhahah…

  11. Even though it’s funny, at the same time it’s like saying “I want to die” (Male idol groups = protective fangirls = horror)

    Oh well, in 2010, I wish that Narsha can be in a scandal with a male idol group and survive~

    Although is she really 30 -__-
    Why is her skin seemingly better than mine -__-

  12. lmao narsha~~ ^^ Wooyoung?? lol

  13. This is exactly why I absolutely adore Narsha on IY! 😀

  14. then, have scandal with Taewoo Bear.. haha

  15. she’ll be 30!!
    she really need to find her ”man”!!

  16. I think wooyoung too …

  17. I think one of them is Minho….

  18. xD I love Narsha.
    With so many idol guy groups with SUPA FINE members I don’t blame unnie AT ALL!

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