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Shocking statement on Rainbow, “They are better in terms of sexiness and development as compared to KARA”

7-member female group Rainbow makes a shocking statement that they are sexier and have better development than senior group KARA.

Rainbow will be on OnGameNet ‘HanYeong’s RockYou’ to be aired on 3rd January where they will show off their youth and vitality as a girlgroup. It was commented that on Rainbow that, “Even though they debuted later than KARA, their average age is higher. Comparing in terms of sexiness and development (growth), they are ranked above KARA.”

It was known that KARA and Rainbow, who are both under the same entertainment company, are 2 groups with close relationships. KARA have showed up at Rainbow‘s filming site to show support, and also helped monitor the group’s performance.

During the show, Rainbow also sang their song ‘Not Your Girl’ live.

The show is set to air on 3rd January at 9pm.


Additional information from another news article:

DailySports: The girls chose 2PM JunSu and WooYoung, Rain, Kim TaeWoo as the celebrities they like. While only JiSook chose So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon, she revealed that when she sees TaeYeon she feels nervous.

102 Responses

  1. And AST’1 need to stop blaming them. It’s not their fault.

  2. 1) I laugh at everyone who says Rainbow can’t sing. At least 3 members are amazing singers. Songs like “Let’s put it up”, “Kiss” and “I believe” showcase it. Even if KARA is my favorite member, I admit Rainbow’s main vocalists are far better than KARA’s.

    2) Stop with the ignorance, morons. Rainbow never said they were better than KARA. It was just a comment “someone” made on the show, not the girls. They would never said that about their sunbaes.

    3) Many of you have admitted you didn’t even bother to listen to their other songs, yet you instantly call them sluts because..? Oh right! Because of the clothes THEIR COMPANY wants them to wear.

    Did you understand? Rainbow didn’t really say that. I don’t see them as disrespectful. And any intelligent person would read the article correctly and realize Rainbow didn’t say those things, someone else did. It even says “even though THEY debuted..” – so it’s obviously someone else talking about them IDIOTS.

    Last but not least. JiSook choosing TaeYeon was ssooooo cute.

    KARA and Rainbow (L)

    • *favorite band

      • i wouldn’t go as far as to say rainbow’s vocals are far better than kara’s.

        this is coming from someone who HAS listened to their other songs and liked them.
        so far, i will admit that 3 of them have at good vocals (the youngest does have a strong voice). however, i don’t think they can compete with KARA just yet. listening to KARA’s old songs like BREAK IT, i felt their vocals were slightly stronger (and i excluded sunghee as she is now gone).

        maybe they are up on the same level but i don’t think it’s way better than KARA, sorry.

    • Honestly, “KISS” sounds like a song that KARA have sung before in their ROCK U album. Give KARA those Rainbow songs and they’ll do just FINE. They can even do better. One thing that KARA has that rainbow doesn’t is proper control and better voice blending.

      Listen to Rainbow’s cover of SS501’s Snow Prince and tell me that they didn’t KILL the song. Their maknae can sing that’s for sure but each of them wants the spotlight that their voices DON’T BLEND well.

      And they’re bragging about training for 4 years? ONLY 2 of them had! And falling while performing shows that 4 years is not enough time of preparation. I don’t see KARA falling on stage many times and they were trained for less than 2 years. Other groups train more than 5 years and rainbow is bragging about 4 years? LOL!

      No, stop with the ignorance, rainbow fan. This article was first published with rainbow saying, “we are better than kara” then it was edited when you read it. Why do you think kara fans would react so badly? You’re the IDIOT!

      This you need to put in your small head.
      The only thing rainbow has is HEIGHT and slutty outfits. Don’t tell me they dance good cause they don’t.

  3. Huh wait where in this article did it say that Rainbow themselves said they were better than KARA? I’m no Rainbow fan, but all I read was that [someone] commented they are more sexy and developed. I didn’t see any “Rainbow is more awesome than KARA in every aspect!!”

    And since they are supposed to have a sexy concept, it does kind of make sense if they have to be sexier than KARA. Whether people really view them as sexy or not, that’s another issue..

  4. ……..NO. just NO.

  5. Rainbow are just a slutty fucking bitches, i wonder who’s DSP dicks they’ve been sucking to make them get better treatment than KARA. All the hardwork KARA been through to get to where they are now, and their ungrateful junior dare to said those thing. I’d say throw Rainbow down the well! KARA JJANG!!

  6. oh …. man, no -_-
    it’s cute that jisook really likes taeyeon, but RAINBOW. WTF.
    way to gain more antis, now that kara’s super popular.

  7. Geez, disrespectful much?
    Those girls should know that A’ST1 disbanded because DSP wanted to promote Rainbow instead of promoting A’ST1 more. >.<
    And atleast when A'ST1 attacked SuJu, A'ST1 explained in a video that they would try to catch up with SuJu.
    But GOD, attacking your own sunbae is just frickin' disrespectful. KARA worked their *ss off so that the rookies would get a better debut and this is how the rookies respond?
    Atleast half of the members in KARA can sing unlike 1out of 7 members.
    I don't see f(x) attacking SNSD or 2NE1 attacking Big Bang. And I also don't see Doojoon from BEAST attacking OneDay or Hyunah attacking Wonder Girls.
    Great, congratulations. You have just gained more antifans not only from A'ST1's Eunice, but also KARA's Kamilia.




    GOSH! STUPID! DSP! WTF???!!!!

  9. First they disband and fire As’t1.

    Then they come up with a group with limited talents like Rainbow.

    Now they’re trying to hype them up by bringing this?

    Seriously DSP is such a fail.

    I want the talents back!

    • agree, sorry I know it’s a sensitive topic for A’ST1 fans but seriously, DSP is using the same technique they used with A’ST1. Ok. they want rainbow to be famous by attacking KARA? LOL seriously.

      I want to punch whoever said that and tell them how much the KARA girls have worked to be where they are now. DSP didn’t even promote them that much. KARA is one of those groups I respect a lot…so Rainbow, back off!

  10. Totally, irks me.
    They are epic fail.

  11. Hara can sing but evry group needs someone who is pretty.~

    For me, Kara is much better than Rainbow. Kara can be really sexy if they want, but the cute image suits Kara better than the sexy.

  12. in the original article, it’s DSP that claims and introduces Rainbow as…..

    “Although they debuted after Kara, the average age of the members is older. In addition, they are one step above Kara in terms of sexiness and their current development as artists.”

  13. um….i dont think sooo…
    i dont think they should be saying that about KARA
    i mean they’re not as successful as KARA
    so they should be talking


  15. I LOLed hard at this.

    Not even a fan of KARA but I do respect them a lot — they’re a good example of how an idol group literally climbed to the top. Like really.

    I’m hoping that their words only got lost in translation because if this is true, I’m sorry but they officially made themselves look like a joke. Hello, Having a song like Gosship Girl and falling off the stage is not and will NEVER be sexy. I say they prove themselves first before they go saying that they’re better than their sunbaes.

  16. well i just started liking Kara this year and considering how much effort they put into the grp?
    honestly, Rainbow’s got a long way to go.

    and not that i havent attempted to accept them but seriously their vocals are D: live.. i probably watched abt 30 seconds of gossip girl each time and just give up lol

  17. They shouldn’t say that especially they’re only rookies!!. Tsk,tsk.
    They’re nothing compared to KARA!. Kara are much,much,much,much better than them!!!!!. *I can smell antis* So ruuuude!!!.. They’re older than KARA but that doesn’t mean that they can say things like that to KARA!.

    RAINBOW —> F-A-I-L
    KARA —-> Love you!. Kekekeke!.

  18. fail

  19. Well, I expected nothing more from this group which came with Gosshp Gurrrrl as a sad excuse of a song.
    Bad clothes? Check
    Bad voices? Check
    Bad sense of balance? Check
    Bad attitude? CHECK!
    They’ve got the perfect recipe for failure!
    KARA’s gonna be laughing in their face (and all the way to the bank) in no time!

    • Uhhh…. the people who created Gosship Gurrrll, also created songs with lyrics like “Rock U Boshy”, and “If You want to Pretty, Every Wanna Pretty”. Both sung by KARA.

      So, don’t blame Rainbow for coming up with the song.

  20. No way.

  21. WHAT?!
    Just because their average age is higher than KARA..than doesnt mean they said like that..
    KARA is their sunbae..even though these groups are friends..but then this new group,Rainbow should respect KARA as their SUNBAE in the entertainment industry..
    Plus..their debut song is luke..ergh…lame…dont bashed me..i hate these kind of girl group…they just newbie and said things like things…i wonder how KARA fans will get them…

  22. What they just said was plain rude and uncalled for..The members of Kara are their seniors and this doesn’t give them ANY rights to compare themselves to Kara..

  23. lol. really bad move. they should check kara’s popularity and seniority before talking bs

  24. ho hum. hopefully it’s a misinterpretation or taken-out-of place stuff

    if it is not. DSP FAIL SS501 and Kara, get out of that crazy company before they screw you over.

    *sigh* rainbow’s going to get a lot crap with this.
    i am going to say that, yes, they might have more members who can sing, but they still are not more developed than kara.

    and sexy? puhleez, yeah, you guys have better bodies, cuz you are taller, but have you seen kara’s mister? they have the charisma you need to pull of sexiness. sexiness without the charisma= trashy lap dancing

    *sigh* i AM a supporter of rainbow. but it was because they were DSP. so bashing kara = i prob not support them. kara comes first for me. (well after ss501, of course 😀 )

    DSP or rainbow BETTER send out a clarification, or rainbow’s going down….

    until then, no rainbow for me…

    if this is true, wat will piss me off is that rainbow were all nice and respectful to ss501. like thanking jung min for writing “Kiss” for them, and kyu jong for helping them pick a name. and seriously, ss501 is like wat? only 1-2 years older than the oldest of kara. Hyunjoong and Young saeng are 2 years older than gyuri and seung yeon, kyu jong, jung min and hyung joon only ONE year older. so not cool to be all nice and respectful to ss501 and bashing kara, rainbow..

    *sigh*. DSP.

  25. LOL never heard them before but now that they said this I WOULDNT EVEN TRY.
    how can u not respect ur Senior!?
    and their not even that popular yet.
    after this..RAINBOW IS DEAD.

  26. dudee, even the group that tends to say the rudest thing (aka SNSD) respect their sunbae CSJH. They even thanked CSJH for helping them, giving them lessons.
    Foul move, Rainbow, foul move.

  27. OO” DEJA VU! I swear, this reminded me of when A’ST1 said something beating Super Junior, and look how that turned out D:

  28. rainbow can go die
    who the crap do they think they are?
    KARA is their senior yet they say that
    i will never ever support rainbow
    little sluts

    • You don’t know the full story yet you make a irrational judge towards them.

      I saw how Han Seungyeon from KARA do some respectful things too, should I irrationally judge her??

      • let’s face it, MANY IDOL GROUPS have done some pretty disrespectful things. i don’t want to bring other groups in here but look at snsd. some of the members have done some disrespectful things as well (it doesn’t matter cause i still like them). but there is a difference between just saying disrespectful things and downgrading your seniors who SUPPORT YOU. that’s a huge thing in the korean industry.

      • the only ones saying that SeungYeon is disrespectful are international anti-fans. In Korea, SeungYeon was NEVER attacked for anything like that. She was even branded as the idol “with no antis” so she’s the one who became active during KARA’s hiatus.

      • @jam… That doesn’t mean she wasn’t disrespecting others…

      • oh please, just cause you love your Rainbow. you call SY disrespectful. i don’t even see how SY is disrespectful in that video.

        by the way, by transferring the blame to SY, you’re just showing that You and Rainbow have the same color! No respect for KARA? they have every need to respect KARA! And rainbow fans should know that!

      • yes, she might or might not have done some disrespectful things. however, i don’t know if this article is correct. did rainbow actually say that or did a DSP representative?

        because if rainbow actually said that, then it’s really bad. KARA have been in the industry way longer and they should not disrespect their sunbaes.

        like i said, SO MANY IDOLS have done/said something disrespectful. that’s not the case. the case is that they should at least be respectful to their sunbaes who are from the same company and support them! this is if rainbow actually said that…

  29. Wtf! What a backstabbing b***es. KaRa has been nice and support them and they repay it by saying those crap statement. What a way to go, try to get attention by downing their sunbae. I love DSP line, but seriously Rainbow had made terrible mistake by insulting KaRa & of course will anger some Kamilias

  30. I’m kinda disappointed in them. How could they make such a statement? Unless it was a joke… I think it was a bit out of line. :/

  31. Why the hell would they even say that for? sure they’re age group is a little older but its not like they’re in a competition w/ one another. i was shocked to see them compare themselves to senior idol groups such as snsd and wonder girls and even considered them as rivals when they debuted. they should of named another rookie group that debuted the same year such as F(x) or 4minute. saying this to a girl group from the same family company is going over board. DAMN GOSSHIP GIRLS. DPS need to tell their noobs to watch what they’re saying.

  32. Guys…. they’re saying that since they are older then Kara, they have a sexier concept compared to them. Even DSP stated that.

    • LOL the fact that they’re saying that they’re “better” than their seniors is really stupid. Not to mention disrespectful.

      I can take sexier. They’re definitely taller than KARA. But the way they said it is offensive! It’s a direct attack to KARA who by the way, supports Rainbow!

      But development? Define it please!
      Cause development especially musically comes with EXPERIENCE.

      I see what DSP is trying to do. Rainbow needs to get attention or KARA will never be able to pursue Japan activities. Let’s face it, Rainbow cannot deliver the amount of money that DSP earns from KARA (CFs, regular shows…etc.,). At least KARA is competitive, definitely popular and established. There’s no way Rainbow can match that in years unless DSP gives Rainbow a song like “Gee”

      DSP must be desperate.

      • But Rainbow didn’t say they were “better”. This article misquoted on who said what… and whatnot.

        “Although they debuted after Kara, the average age of the members is older. In addition, they are one step above Kara in terms of sexiness and their current development as artists.”

  33. Sorry, but they suck ass. Only one of them can sing. Rappers can’t rap. They all look alike. Song is a joke. DSP, how worse can you be? Seriously. I understand that talented people are more interested in going to SM, JYP and YG but come on..

  34. are they kidding?!?! LOOOOOL, they have the nerve to talk when they already have so much hate from the residue of ast’1 eunice. now they wanna make enemies with kamilia as well? niiiiice….. =__=”

    gosshhip gurrrr is NOWHERE NEAR honey or pretty girl, wanna or mister. puhlease!! at this point, even f(x) owns their asses. if they suck when compared to f(x), imagine how lame they look next to 2NE1 and 4minute? imagine how lame they look next to KARA themselves? che!

    a thing DSP forgot to teach them that KARA learned on their own, (the HARD way) is that humility goes a long way in this business. ….and ppl say 2NE1’s cocky? at least they don’t brag over BB.

  35. are they kidding?!?! LOOOOOL, they have the nerve to talk when they already have so much hate from the residue of ast’1 eunice. now they wanna make enemies with kamilia as well? niiiiice….. =__=”

    gosshhip gurrrr is NOWHERE NEAR honey or pretty girl, wanna or mister. puhlease!! at this point, even f(x) owns their asses. if they suck when compared to f(x), imagine how lame they look next to 2NE1 and 4minute? imagine how lame they look next to KARA themselves? che!

    a thing DSP forgot to teach them that KARA learned on their own, (the HARD way) is that humility goes a long way in this business. ….and ppl say 2NE1’s cocky? at least they don’t brag over BB.

  36. Nice move to gain antifans girls… XD

  37. If falling on the stage means sexy to them, then i got nothing more to say…

  38. wow they must be on cracks!
    congrats rainbow, you should check your anti-fans numbers sometime aroudn this week because i’m sure kamilia will prolly do something bout this.

  39. LOL they’re probably jealous cause they’re not anywhere near KARA. Seriously, KARA is already an established band. You see them EVERYWHERE. Shows? CFs? LOL KARA owns!

  40. they’re close so they’re just joking … right? when I first saw their promotional photos I thought they were all very pretty. And then I heard gossip girl and was completely turned off. Then I saw their performances and realized they really can’t sing. I know they’ll eventually improve (hopefully). I’m still waiting for a better song and a better performance. Not a fan of the group but I haven’t given up on them yet. I’m a fan of Kara though. Been a fan since Break It.

  41. Not good one, Rainbow.
    I’m not a fan of KARA, but… That was ridiculous. They are your seniors and help promote you.

    Heels? Yeah. CL @ Pretty Boy jumped from the chair to the floor and didn’t fall.

  42. ow, how i pity them. They sure got nerve if not anything else 0_o . Especially when they debut in a year full of girlbands and had no no.1 hit . I don even know who they are.They shouldn’t worry for Kara. Sexier or not, Kara’s member have a schedule they can barely cope with, a very well established place in the industry and when someone sees one of them says it’ Nicole or it’s Gyuri” , not it;s Kara, while rainbow (what a name btw ^^ ) should be satisfied with it’s rainbow because they were at least recognized ( ohw what a joy )

    I remember someone in a show saying that his sunbae got annoyed because he didn’t salute properly, so for this i can’t even imagine what would they say. and even if it’s not to them , the sunbaes in the industry and in entertainment are remembering any disrespect very clear.

    Hope to read an apology soon or the clarification for their own good sake

    What can i say? Good start for them..

  43. WOW !, major turn off
    well , i never really liked them anyway
    but, NICOLE+kara > rainbow,um not even a fan of kara
    and, they are not sexy nor pretty, an they cant sing for their lives
    really, they dont even have the charisma while performing their nonsense song “gossip girl” ;( and fyi, if they rreally did trained for 4 years, then that means that those years of training are useless,
    DISRESPECTFUL hobaes, their the first ones that ive seen so fat

  44. wow… that’s extremely disrespectful. they should really watch what they’re saying before they go the SNSD Dream Concert Route (silent protest, ect). Even if they are from the same company that’s really really bad. Koreans are very strict when it comes to respect. Kara are their sunbaes, even if they’re younger…. -_-; Whateverr, never really paid attention to them.



  46. I hope its a misinterpretation too.
    But seriously its really a turn off for me when a hoobae degrades their sunbaes whether a statement is true or false. Its kind of disrespectful esp when they’re in the same companies. After all Kara has much more experience then them and Rainbow still have long ways to go and should be taking some advice from kara.

  47. At least KARA doesn’t fall on stage and can stand wearing heels. LOL! Seriously, KARA fans are nice but don’t go attacking KARA like that if you still want to be famous.

  48. I was a fan until this.
    I was only a fan cause KARA is their senior and now they go on trashing KARA? Puh-lease, the money they are using are KARA’s earnings!
    You have a long way to go Rainbow!
    KARA has earned the respect of everyone for achieving so much. And please, NOT ALL RAINBOW members trained for 4 years. ONLY 2!

  49. Dsp obvs. trying to sell rainbow sex appeal. their clothes get smaller each perf. Sry for thinking dirty but when she said more developed I thought she was talking bout their boobs.

    • Same here! I can’t help it but interpret ‘development’ and ‘growth’ as in development of their womanly assets to entice horny boys and ahjusshi.

  50. they just got themselves more antis.


  51. wow.. so disrespectful.. nets are gonna go crazy!

  52. Way to make more haters.

  53. and btw what do they even mean by DEVELOPMENT?
    gosh they make me laugh so hard.
    altho i do feel sorry for them when they fall.
    i wonder whats gonna happen now? how will GODDESS GYU RI react to this? they are in the same company right
    gyu ri teach them a lesson and tell them off. just like what park jung ah did.

  54. i didnt like rainbow from the start… now that this happened… i hope its a misinterpretation, if its not… how can they talk about KARA like this.
    I hope i can find out which member of RAINBOW said that.

    desaturated rainbow.

  55. waw i love DSP line.
    But seriously, this isnt a smart move, Rainbow.

  56. tsk tsk.
    first off, being rude to your sunbaes are a major turn off. I’ve nvr liked them, nvr bothered to try. I thought pretty girl had bad english but i went wtf at gossip girl.
    THEN they fall on stage. hmm… I don’t exactly see KARA falling on stage right?
    NOW I believe I won’t even bother trying to like them. Previously nvr really bothered with them becos gossip girl was pure nonsense imo. I mean sure the song itself is crap but them falling about on stage makes me wonder if they practiced enough. heels. yes heels. ALL OF THE GIRL GROUPS WEAR HEELS. and they don’t fall. T-ARA got a crappy nonsense song like bo peep bo peep also but they tried really hard ( AND I LIKE IT ) not to mention crappy wardrobe too but they WORKED IT.
    rainbow you fail.
    KARA pwns them. can rainbow even sing??

  57. rofl are you kidding me, they won’t get many fans by saying this, they sound kinda challenge their sunbaes lol…i remember back then they also compare their group with SNSD..LOL too much talking we need action to prove it….and i’m sure many ppl would agree with me that they aren’t better than After School, SNSD, Kara and f(x) sorry to said that haha

  58. Hahaha! I like how one of the girls picked Taeyeon instead of a male celebrity. How cute!

  59. wow! i hope this is just a misinterpretation, but if it’s not, then the nerve of them to say that to their sunbaes much more that they belong to the same company… that is just too much. i’m surprised, really.. after all, Goship Girl doesn’t say too much as well. :/

    • This. I hope they didn’t mean what I think they are tryna say. That’s just disrespectful. They should know their place. They’re still rookies.

  60. i have to disagree. Kara as group isn’t very sexy imo but i won’t say Rainbow is sexier, they still have a long way to go.

    • yah i agree with u but only 4 of 5 people in kara are sexy on their own jiyoung is the only one that has the cute image because shes kind of young

    finally someone mentioned they like Junsu!!!!!!!!!!!! lol 😛

  62. Rainbow are no where near sexy; at least KARA showed some sexiness with MISTER.

  63. Yeah right…because in sexiness and ‘beauty’ are the most important in artist development instead of stage presence and actual singing and dancing talent.

    Seriously they are so bad at live except the youngest, their songs is annoying, and the leader’s supposedly sexy dance is well beyond awkward she should stop dancing solo all around the place.

    I still prefer Kara. At least 2 members out of 5 can sing instead of only 1 out of 7.

    • 3 out of 5 are at least very decent!

      nicole, seungyeon and gyuri.

      jiyoung and hara are okay but could use improvment.

      • IMO only Seungyeon and Gyuri are the decent singer.

        Nicole is okay. She’s been improving but her bad moment still too prominent.

        Lastly Hara and Jiyoung simply can NOT sing no matter what deaf fans said. I’ve never hear them deliver a single decent live performance.

      • WATCH KARA – I AM and KARA – Gil (Road).

        Please, JiYoung can sing! Hara needs to improve.

      • you should definitely watch those performances and you should also watch happy and by nicole (and that one guy from noel? forgot his name ==)

        nicole can definitely sing. also watch intimate note with ss501, there’s a part where she sings solo and she’s definitely good!
        obviously, she still has mistakes but she’s very decent at the least.

        and jiyoung is getting there. hara, well, she could use improvement like i said before.

      • “Lastly Hara and Jiyoung simply can NOT sing no matter what deaf fans said. I’ve never hear them deliver a single decent live performance.”

        only antis wouldn’t admit that they are indeed improving since they don’t like the truth.
        compare their ‘rock u’ `til now performances.
        [[[oh please your just a hater.]]]

        Nicole still needs a lot of improvement.
        only 2 have outstanding vocals.

  64. WOW~ seriously?
    isnt that a little too much…Kara ARE their sunbaes…

  65. Why would they even compare themselves to Kara? It shows that they’re trying too hard. I’m sorry, but Goship Gurl ain’t sexy. Falling on stage ain’t sexy.

    IMO, Kara is way sexier and more developed than them. And LOL @ the girl that chose Taeyeon as the celebrity she likes. She must be bi. jk jk. Don’t hate me Rainbow fans, if there is one.

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