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4Minute awarded newcomer award at the 16th Korea Entertainment Arts Awards

The 16th Korea Entertainment Arts Awards ceremony took place on 3rd January in Seoul GyeongGiDo SeongNam Art Centre.

And group 4Minute has been awarded the newcomer award at the awards ceremony.

Also during the awards ceremony, FT Island won the male singer award and KARA won the female singer award.

And Singers Park HyunBin and Jang YoonJeong won the adult gayo awards, making it their 2nd consecutive year winning it.


The source I got from only released part of the winners list, so here’s the full list of winner provided by @lol:

  • Male newcomer award – Mate
  • Female newcomer award – 4Minute
  • Male group award – SHINee
  • Female group award – So Nyeo Shi Dae
  • Male ballad singer – K Will
  • Female ballad singer – JiSun
  • Male singer- FT Island
  • Female singer – KARA
  • Male adult gayo – Park HyunBin
  • Female adult gayo – Jang Yoon Jeong
  • Male radio MC – Choi YangRak
  • Female radio MC – TaeYeon

YoonA received the award on behalf of SNSD that day and SHINee was not able to attend the awards ceremony.

110 Responses

  1. what’s the diff between group and singer? duhhhh..

  2. SHINee & SNSD <3333
    I'm so happy for them.

  3. Congratz to all winners!
    Some people need to stop whining.
    Just bcoz some of the winners aren’t as popular as other artists, that doesn’t mean that the winners didn’t deserve the awards.
    Whine all u want, the winners still took them all!!!

  4. Hm, what’s with the arguments here?
    I think a lot of people are looking for only “popular” artists.
    Like what Nat stated, maybe it wasn’t a popularity contest for once.

    I’m not saying 2PM/2NE1/etc aren’t talented. They are truly talented groups that worked so hard in 2009.

    Me, being a HUGE 2PM fan, I’m not so disappointed with this award.
    SHINee is actually very talented too. Vocal/dancing/etc wise. Honestly speaking I think SHINee has more stable and stronger vocals than 2PM.
    Yes 2PM did much better album/song wise in 2009 but that doesn’t mean SHINee didn’t do well /:
    I think SHINee really deserved this award.

    I can’t wait what SHINee, 2PM, SNSD, etc has to show us in the future πŸ™‚

    And about 4Minute, just because 2NE1 was popular
    doesn’t mean 4Minute didn’t do well. Their album sales were actually good for someone that’s a newcomer. Yes, 2NE1 bombed the album sales too, beating 4Minute, but if you REALLY think about it:
    What if 2NE1 wasn’t in YG? Do you think their music quality, talent would be this outstanding? I don’t think so. Honestly, YG really brought up 2NE1.
    4Minute did REALLY well for the fact they came from Cube Entertainment. They have talent too. I think 4Minute really deserved this award.

    Just because FT Island is underrated, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get this award. There is a reason they got the award and it’s for their talent and music.
    I admit their music all sound the same and are all depressing -_- But nevertheless, they’re talented.

    I won’t say anything about Kara, but in 2009 they really shined too. It’s not like they can’t sing or can’t dance. They’re in between. At some point they can sing and dance. They’re able to perform.

    Don’t get me started with Super Junior or 2PM. Just because someone not as popular as them got the award doesn’t mean this show doesn’t make sense or doesn’t count.
    And award is an award. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small popularity award, or daesang.

    I really wish fans would stop with all the arguments and really thinking of award shows based on popularity 😐
    Especially for 2PM and SHINee.
    Overally, both groups are popular.
    SHINee’s popularity spread throughout other parts of Asia (Japan, Thailand, China, etc)
    2PM too.

    I hope in 2010, many artists will be recognized again πŸ™‚
    No more bad stuff /:

    • wow that was long haha ^^

      but I agree with you!
      100% πŸ˜‰

    • “And about 4Minute, just because 2NE1 was popular
      doesn’t mean 4Minute didn’t do well. Their album sales were actually good for someone that’s a newcomer. Yes, 2NE1 bombed the album sales too, beating 4Minute, but if you REALLY think about it:
      What if 2NE1 wasn’t in YG? Do you think their music quality, talent would be this outstanding? I don’t think so. Honestly, YG really brought up 2NE1.
      4Minute did REALLY well for the fact they came from Cube Entertainment. They have talent too. I think 4Minute really deserved this award.”


  5. Haven’t seen FT Island around… I hope they start promoting some new songs again. I miss them. Congrats to all.

  6. I can’t believe people are saying the award was given to people who didn’t get anything…maybe the award was given based on song quality? I’m a 2ne1 fan, but some of their songs kind of sound the same to me..I liked 4Minute’s mini a lot more, it had a bigger variety of music. and SHINee, sorry but they ARE more vocally talented than 2PM and released two successful, solid mini albums this year, with a variety of GOOD music. and FT Island is so underrated it’s ridiculous, they release good music as well.

    maybe the people who decided on who won these awards looked away from album sales and gave the awards to the artists with the BEST ALBUMS. maybe it wasn’t a popularity contest for once?

  7. Every arties and groups always try their best to bring all the best things to their audience.
    Nothing to say except ‘Congratulation’ for whoever receving the award
    FT Island,
    Congratulation XD
    So happy that I can see them together to get this award.
    They did so hard and so well this year.
    Hope for some better things next year.
    Our boys,
    Goooooo XD

  8. am just glad that “Mate” are finally recognized πŸ˜€

  9. random award show :/

  10. congratz to evryone πŸ˜€

  11. SHINee and SNSD <33333
    and Congratz Taeyeon for Female radio MC

  12. I agree.. WHY them? lol
    Except for Park Hyunbin.. He totally deserved that prize! ^^

  13. 4minute!!! Great way to start the year

  14. 4minute? heh~

  15. Congratz to them ! πŸ™‚
    although my fav didn’t win ( 2PM ) im ok with that and other groups need the award aswell πŸ™‚

  16. SNSD ❀

  17. isn’t FT ISLAND won this award too last year?
    something about best musically male artist..
    nevermind, i’m just happy that they won..
    they are so underrated that sometimes i felt sad for them..

  18. Seriously kpop got so many awards.
    If u are fighting for every single award for your idol,
    aren’t you making your life miserable?
    Are you getting any credit for comparing groups, being haters/antis? Or even by defending your idol?
    Hiaz!! one thing for sure is it really entertain me if I have nth to do…
    Congrats to the winner:)

  19. yes FT finally won something!
    come on they were good this year! i loved their 3rd album! just they were drowned by the sea of idols /: but seriously, FT did not get the attention they deserve this year, so hopefully 2010 will be good for them ^^

    • I totally agree!! Happy for them =)

      • same here!
        i loved their 3rd album and i hope was a great song
        they pretty much debuted at the wrong time and were kinda underrated this year which made me sad 😦

    • They didn’t. … I really liked “I Hope” and thought they could’ve won with it. But they didn’t. Hopefully this year would be a better year for them.

  20. whatever floats their boat!LOL

  21. Well done to 4Minute. ^_^
    Glad they’re receiving awards as well. In my opinion 4Minute and my fav group 2NE1 were the best newcomers of this year.
    After School as well. πŸ™‚ Glad all the girl group newcomers this year have been receiving some love even though there’s a lot of them.
    This year will be very interesting to see their growth and see if they can survive and gain more popularity in Korea and overseas πŸ™‚

  22. grats they all deserved it !!

  23. This article miss SHINee and SNSD!

    ps. all losers are so noisy πŸ˜›

  24. congrats to all the winners!

    goo hara looks hottt

  25. So confusing,, btw so surprising suju won much lesser than snsd except for golden disk.. I thought they will beat snsd..

  26. guyz obviously other groups didnt bother with such a small award so letz chill,they just gave it to the people that came and wanted any award they can get.

    • get your facts right.

      you dont just get an award for coming and because
      they wanted it -_-

      at some point the judges thought they deserved it.

      • GDA works like that too,people who show up get an award. I’ll get my facts straight when you can proof me wrong.

      • here’s the list of winners.
        that’s if you can read hangul.
        maybe you can use an online translator.

        λ‚¨μž 신인 κ°€μˆ˜μƒ — λ©”μ΄νŠΈ
        μ—¬μž 신인 κ°€μˆ˜μƒ—4minute —> 4minute
        λ‚¨μž κ·Έλ£Ή κ°€μˆ˜μƒ—μƒ€μ΄λ‹ˆ —–> SHINee
        μ—¬μž κ·Έλ£Ή κ°€μˆ˜μƒ—μ†Œλ…€μ‹œλŒ€ —> SNSD
        λ‚¨μž 포크솑—μΆ”κ°€μ—΄
        μ—¬μž 포크솑—신계행
        νŠΉλ³„ 포크솑—μž„μ°½μž¬
        λ‚¨μž λ°œλΌλ“œ κ°€μˆ˜μƒ—μΌ€μ΄μœŒ
        μ—¬μž λ°œλΌλ“œ κ°€μˆ˜μƒ—지선
        λ‚¨μž κ°€μˆ˜μƒ—FTμ•„μΌλžœλ“œ —–> FT ISLAND
        μ—¬μž κ°€μˆ˜μƒ—카라 —————> KARA
        λ‚¨μž μ„±μΈκ°€μš” 신인상—λ°°κΈˆμ„±
        μ—¬μž μ„±μΈκ°€μš” 신인상—μ •μˆ˜λΉˆ
        λ‚¨μž μ„±μΈκ°€μš” κ°€μˆ˜μƒ—λ°•ν˜„λΉˆ
        μ—¬μž μ„±μΈκ°€μš” κ°€μˆ˜μƒ—μž₯μœ€μ •
        λ‚¨μž 희극인상—μœ μ„Έμœ€
        μ—¬μž 희극인상—정주리
        λ‚¨μž TV 진행상—솑 ν•΄
        μ—¬μž TV 진행상—솑은이
        λ‚¨μž λΌλ””μ˜€ 진행상—μ΅œμ–‘λ½
        μ—¬μž λΌλ””μ˜€ 진행상—νƒœμ—°

        I guess I proved you wrong?
        This was released a few days ago.
        Don’t be so butthurt cause your idol didn’t win.

    • Next time read more information.
      The list of winners were released before the awards ceremony. Whether or not they’ll attend, they WILL GET the award.

      KARA, FT Island and 4minute were already in the list of winners which came out a few days ago. Also, SNSD and SHINee won an award too…plus, SOLO artists…even tv stars.

      don’t be such b*tch in belittling other big stars in the industry.

    • SHINee didn’t come and they got the award -_-
      Looks like SNSD didn’t come, they got the award.

      Why don’t you show us some proof?

      • The proof is this article that didnt even mention Shinee or SNSD winning. I don’t go to their fan forums so how would I know they won?hmmm.

      • SHINee was supposed to attend, but were stuck in China due to their flight delayed.

    • also you corrected, “don’t be such a b*tch”
      okay well i got a correction for you:
      its “when you can PROVE me wrong”
      not when you can PROOF me wrong.

      its not on here because sookyeong didn’t write it.
      she didn’t know they didn’t attend.

      and i didn’t even go on their fan forums either -_-

      because i’m korean i can read the ACTUAL

      its just this blog FORGOT to mention them -_-

      • *claps* good for you!

      • *claps* yes -_-

      • at the time when i was writing this article, the articles for the rest of the awards aren’t out yet. in fact the articles for the event are still coming out on news sites currently.

        what’s with the animosity?

      • people just cant appreciate and overreact at the slightest if they find some information shocking. fans will be fans ): dont let it get to you sookie(:

  27. According to SHINee fansites, SHINee was not
    able to attend to this ceremony due to their stay in
    China. They were suppose to go, but because of the heavy snowfall, their airplane was delayed.

    I don’t know about SNSD.

    One thing for sure is, SHINee and SNSD DID
    win something.

  28. This award may win the title of having the most ridiculous award categories ever.

  29. This is for Entertainment Arts Awards.

    And just so that shawols and sones won’t get mad:

    groups winning:

    SNSD – Girl group award
    SHINee – Boy Group Award

    FT Island – Male Singer
    KARA – Female Artist

    wait for sookyeong to update the blog.

    • ft island and kara are both groups right? therefore wouldn’t it be they should won the group award instead of male and female singer lol shouldn’t that two award be awarded to solo singers lol

  30. haha…Kara won singer award? hilarious!

    • oh don’t start the bashing!
      don’t tell me you’re better than the judges.

    • oh you’re just one of those who can’t take that KARA is succeeding so much HAHA. And by the way, KARA will also sing an OST for a new drama…so painful for you huh? LOL! I love it when antis whine!

      • tsk…i am just stating the TRUTH! You think Kara are good at SINGING? If they won the group award then i wouldn’t be laughing but SINGING award! There are heaps of other good female groups out there who can actually sing! What about Davichi? 2NE1? Afterschool? They all have really good singerS in their team! I am not an anti, is just that Kara don’t deserve the award!

      • oh please, that’s the TRUTH FOR YOU!

        LOL it’s not KARA’s fault that the judges chose them.

        And you’re just one of those still crying about Sunghee to overlook the fact that Seungyeon and Gyuri are great singers too!

      • Even if Seungyeon and Gyuri are ‘great’ singers, you so can’t even compare them to Davichi and 2NE1 who sing live and actually sound good and not like a mouse singing in high pitch!
        + I never said it was Kara’s fault that the judges chose them, I am blaming the judges for being so stupid and tone deaf!

      • You can say what you want. Yeah you’re opinions are way better than the judges for THE 16th Korea Entertainment ARTS Awards. Of course your judgement is better no? Besides, you’re a very important person in the society and the Korean Entertainment business. You also had years of experience with music right? Bad judges! They should have listen to you!

        Fine. I won’t argue with a sunghee worshiper anymore. just wasting my time.

      • lol, whatever you say won’t change the way I think so why did you bother replying and arguing in the first place…you wasted your own time

      • Why people compare Davichi and 2NE1 ? Davichi is effin better than 2NE1. If you’re biased at least, be fair and respect Davichi more than that.

      • actually jaimee, @_@ didn’t even mention sunghee. Even every time people mention about KARA’s singing, they bring in SungHee. Forget about SungHee since she is not in the group anymore. I agree that KARA does not deserve the award and they should have gotten best group instead or the judges could have picked actually singers and not groups for the award.

  31. i wonder what award shinee and snsd won i don’t know why this korea entertainment arts awards did not even give award to 2PM.

    • Let’s try to be fair here:
      Yes 2PM has taken over 2009. It’s not like they didn’t
      receive any awards though. They’ve received DAESANG (the biggest award). And also won
      ‘Song Of the Year’ on KBS Gayo thing.

      It’s not like any other singers did bad /:

      I think SNSD totally deserves DAESANG and this award too.

      SHINee of cours wasn’t as “BIG” as Super Junior
      or 2PM this year, but it’s not like they didn’t do good.

      I think both SHINee and SNSD deserve this award.

      I really don’t know about FT ISLAND though -_-

      • that’s what you get when there are too many idol groups. All of them are mediocre so you can’t really pinpoint who’s better than whom.
        Things like this make me want to see Kpop with fewer, or better yet, no idol groups.

      • 2pm did not receive a Dae Sang just a BonSang

      • respect you’re opinion but still super junior and 2pm are more deserving than shinee both of this group sold more albums and digital music just my opinion.

      • Uhm I dont think so. SNSD won a lot of awards too. The same awards that basically 2PM won is what they got. Not only 2PM took over 2009 but SNSD, SUJU, GD, 2NE1 etc. All groups got what they all deserved last year. Got their own fair share of awards. SNSD, 2PM, and SUJU with Daesang. GD with Album of the year. 2NE1&4Minute&T-Ara with Rookie awards. Kim Taewoo, Baek JiYoung, Seo Taiji etc. got an award. IMO, i think all the awards was handed to the right group/artist.

    • no 2PM did win daesang -_-
      at MAMA -_-

      • @2pm:

        Respect YOUR opinion.

        It’s not like SHINee didn’t deserve it. And come on, 2PM and Super Junior already won something BIGGER and BETTER than this.
        Is it that bad that SHINee won this once?

        2PM sold their album more than SHINee by FEW hundreds -_-
        Digital music charts were basically the same.

      • lol MAMA’s daesang is nothing serious.

  32. Um, even though there aren’t any pictures yet,
    SHINee and Soshi won an award too /:

    Something bigger than FT ISLAND and KARA.
    Well basically the same but yeah.

  33. like what people stated above:
    you fogot shinee and snsd -_-

    they’re literally the biggest group in that award show LOL.

  34. Is this some kind of big awarding event or something? I didn’t even know they had this until sookyeong posted it up.

    Oh well. Congrats to KARA! They deserve it.

    And I didn’t even know 4Minute is still a newcomer since it’s the new year. Oh finally! Hyuna didn’t hog the speech and gave THE LEADER a chance to speak and thanks their supporters, managers etc.

    2NE1 (: lol.

  35. hahah what about 2PM and 2NE1 well anyway congrats to all the winners.

  36. Hey,
    You forgot SHINee and SNSD -_-

  37. pretty hilarious how a lot of people are surprised
    FT ISLAND won something LOL

    no offense, but it seemed like they suddenly
    maybe except hongki and seunghyun (maknae show).

    i mean, they weren’t even invited to like music bank
    special or music core specials..
    or any of the kbs,sbs, and mbc gayo daejuns /:

  38. these awards almost feel like theyre awarded for second best >< but manymany artists work rly hard this year, they deserve to be awarded with something. congrats to these groups and stars!

  39. What are the award counts?i mean based on what criteria? Just asking ppl.thx.

  40. shinee won male GROUP award and snsd
    won female GROUP award!

    the pictures arent up yet but if you look it up
    on various korean sites, it has articles πŸ˜‰

    • wait so male group and female group category has two winners each? Male: Shinee and FT, female: Kara and SNSD?

      • SNSD – Girl group award
        SHINee – Boy Group Award

        FT Island – Male Singer
        KARA – Female Artists

      • wtf I don’t even. Are they just randomly handing out awards? How the hell can FT and Kara NOT be considered a group?

      • I know it’s weird but there were TWO DIFFERENT
        μ—¬μžκ°€μˆ˜μƒ (Female Singer Award)
        λ‚¨μžκ°€μˆ˜μƒ (Male Singer Award)

        and what SHINee and SNSD won were:
        μ—¬μžκ΅¬λ£Ήμƒ (Female GROUP Award)
        λ‚¨μžκ΅¬λ£Ήμƒ (Male GROUP Award)

        So they kicked out all the solo female and male singers JUST to hand out the “singer” award to groups?

      • Um, no they did not “kick” out solo singers -_-

        I think it was K.Will and Baek JiYoung that won

        I don’t know this article isn’t accurate.

        I hope Sookyeong changes it soon /:

      • hahaha kara and ft island won best singers really their good but they are not the best i feel bad for solo artist who can really sing.

      • There is a separate award for SOLO ARTISTS!

        I believe that the awards that FT and SHINee won are similar as well as KARA and SHINee…probably similar awards for groups

  41. I think the big 3 (SM, YG and JYPE) definitely have problems with the organizers of this award show.

  42. Sorry but Why ft Island??

    • FTIsland and then?
      They’re popular band in korea too!

      The truth is they don’t belong in the big company but they have talent and many fans though,,

      ps. I will tell something .. they recieved this awards last year too!

      ps2 I’m really sad at first when I read your comment.

      • i’m also sad about kfan’s comment
        ft island is more pop rock so it’s not really mainstream kpop music so they hardly win an award
        they are all very talented and deserve this award

  43. grats hyunbin~~!

  44. its not often f.t. island gets rewarded so congrads to them

    • what did you mean?



      • is it really that hard to understand ?
        and its what ‘do’ you mean

      • wait from your perspective, it is ‘did’ , my bad’

        and i meant – f.t.island is underrated. they do not often get rewarded for their work (in this case, awards)

  45. now isn’t that awesome? congrats to all of them ^^

  46. this award show seems totally random.

  47. Gayoon must be freezing. At least Hyuna has the fur thing on her shoulders.

  48. one question: WHY THEM? lol..

    congratz anyway!

  49. gratz

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