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Song JoongGi introduces younger sister Song SeulGi teary-eyed on KBS Dream Team

Actor Song JoongGi‘s younger sister Song SeulGi (18) makes a special appearance on broadcast!

The 2nd part to KBS Dream Team Season 2 Canada expedition was aired on 3rd January. And during the show, before the match Song JoongGi introduced his younger sister who is currently studying in Canada on the show and was seen teary.

Song JoongGi said, “She must be lonely staying here alone. I will win the match today for my sister.”

Meanwhile, on the show, the Dream Team members were put through a lie detector and asked questions. SHINee MinHo was asked by Danny Ahn if he had exchanged contacts with other girlgroup members, and he answered “No” and the lie detector sounded and he was seen flustered.

He said, “I really did not” and the other members asked “You mean you don’t know So Nyeo Shi Dae” and then he replied “So Nyeo Shi Dae is from the same company (as me).”

S: Maxmovie

JoongGi is one of the prettiest guys I’ve ever seen (:

38 Responses

  1. he has a baby face lol why so cute =_=

  2. there are better picture of his sister….
    check his picture thread on soompi…

  3. he’s one of the prettiest guys of ever seen, along with Minho and Khun!
    i mean, look at that first picture!
    loved him since i saw him in a drama called Triple ❀

  4. Song Joong Ki is adorably awesome!! Who knew he’s an 85-er i believe, same age as me yet he looks so young! Aww Song Seul Gi must be indeed lonely being far away from home. At least they both had a reunion hehe.

    i love family related articles~~
    HAHA .. that’s so cool .. they get to reunite ..
    Joongki probably doesn’t have enough time to go all the way to Canada to visit her .. that’s really nice they got to see each other (:

  6. Yay Canadians πŸ™‚

  7. They have the same eyes.
    Joongki is such a sweet older brother. At least they had a mini reunion.

  8. i don’t know why ppl have to make fun of her, if that’s his sister than that’s HIS SISTER, get over it ! and that’s very sweet of him πŸ™‚ whether he lost or won, he gave it his best πŸ™‚

  9. i was there when they filmed this
    i actually sat a row behind his sister
    that’s a really unflattering picture of her.
    she looks better in person.

  10. Wow, seriously, some of the chodings commenting on this site are so shallow. The main point that the article is trying to make has nothing to do with the sister’s looks, and all some people can comment on is how she looks…? Hmph, like someone above me said…. Grow up.

  11. naver says he lost T.T

  12. too bad his sister is kind of unattractive

  13. i can’t see any similarities between them! really? they are siblings? ok..

  14. I’m curious too. So did he finally win?

  15. imagine knetizens’ reaction.. I hope she won’t see it,, good thing she’s in canada and get good education

    • yeah… i was thinking the same..
      how netizens would flood her minihompy with hurtful comments comparing them both..

      this article reminds me of how JoonGi played as oppa caring so much for his sister in Will It Snow for Christmas..i can see the similarities.

    • i know exactly what you mean… T_T

      canada is a wonderful place…i bet her sister is a smart girl..

    • i’m pretty sure..100% almost..that she will watch this. I’m from Vancouver and I was there for the filming. If i can watch Dream Team, she most definitely will for her (amazingly hot) brother. His sister is cute hahaa she was so shy when they asked her questions.
      After meeting him person, i have the hots for him T__T That boy is really darn goodlooking.
      as Jonghyun would say “neeeeeeeeuooooomu yeeoppuh!!!”

  16. so did he win?

  17. is he from drama will it snow for christmas??..the heroin brother?..

  18. he’s the host of music bank right?

  19. he’s sooooo cute!

  20. Oh my, i thought the sister was the girl with the short hair..but thats the guy. Woah.

    His little sister looks normal and kinda shy too.

  21. @_@
    they looked so different..
    perhaps she’s his step sister

  22. i find him really cute…

  23. ah!!!!!!! i really like him!!!! so cute! he looks like Onew from SHINee πŸ˜€

  24. is that his younger sister? for real?

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