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YounHa on slow health recovery, expected to stay hospitalised for a longer period of time

It has been known that singer YounHa‘s health conditions are worse than expected and will need to be hospitalised for a longer period of time.

YounHa‘s company revealed on 3rd January, “YounHa is currently down with high fever and is not feeling very good. Her recovery rate is slower than expected and it seems that she has to stay hospitalised for a longer period of time.”

“We want to make sure that she is fully recovered at the hospital before she will get back to her activities.”

YounHa was down with high fever and other flu symptoms on 31st December and had collapsed from exhaustion early morning on 1st January. There were worries that she has contracted swine flu but after the health examinations came out it was confirmed that she did not get the flu.

This is also the reason for her absence during KBS Music Bank and MBC Music Core.

Currently, her hit song ‘Broke Up Today’ is gaining much popularity.

S: StarNewse

7 Responses

  1. poor her . T_T
    younha hwaiting !

  2. omg poor Younha!! fighting!!!

  3. Younha fighting!
    Her album is doing so well. I hope she gets better soon.

  4. younha fighting

  5. I really like her a lot! She is great at singing! Hope she recovers soon! Younha Hwaiting!

  6. Awww Younha she’s my fav singer ><
    hope she get better soon .. ^^

  7. poor Younha hope she get better ^^
    I wonder if she got exhausted preparing for her concert

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