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Netizens are fancinated with Nich Khun-Son YeJin’s resemblance

Photos comparing 2PM Nich Khun and actress Son YeJin‘s appearances revealed online have been the topic amongst netizens.

On one internet site, photos uploaded to compare the resemblance between Nich Khun and Son YeJin have given many netizens much entertainment. The title to the post written by the particular netizens was title ‘There is Son YeJin in Nich Khun‘.

Go under the cut for more photos.

The photos used for comparison have shown the 2’s resemblance even in their hairstyles.

There was even a composite photos of the 2 celebrities’ face posted up to show their lookalike.

Netizens who saw the photos commented, “They really look alike”, “Nich Khun is prettier!”, “Oh, what is this!”, “I didn’t think so when I read the title but after seeing the photos I think they look alike” etc


What do you int’l kpoppers think about the resemblance?

24 Responses

  1. almost the same eye smile, i think.

  2. naaaa i can’t see it xD

  3. what the hell
    some of the”netizns” have no lives.. if they don’t bash on someone they come up with stuff like this..

  4. It’s the eyes other than that nothing. Netizens really need to cool it lol.


  6. i think so…

  7. not really….

  8. emmm… /:)

  9. huh? o_O

  10. ITS THE EYES!!!

  11. The 2 lasr pictures they look alike but the others not at all ! 😛

  12. they look alike when they’re smiling. but other then that, not really. but khun is pretty for a guy so i don’t blame them for the comparison. hehe^^

  13. I see the resemblance. It’s the way they smile.
    Netizens should’ve used better photos of Son Yejin that kind of resembles Nich. But yea, I see the resemblance.

  14. LOL. they don’t look alike sorry x)

  15. What!!!!!!! o_O,
    ALL you try to understand some K-netizens mind…..hum, that’s dangerous >_>
    AJa AJa!!!!!!!!! >>_>>

  16. Hahahah, they looked alil bit similar though. That cracks me up 🙂

    • pffffffffffff PHOTOSHOP!!!!!!!!!!>_>

      crazy mind of those netizens, do that to attract people’s attention…………..like always pfffffffff

      • why do you call them crazy? was there something from this article that makes it crazy? XD

        Actually, both of them do kind of look similar when they smile. If you have been following Son Yejin before, you’ll know exactly what I mean, but if not. Then I can’t blame you. 🙂

      • @chessy: i mean generally, speculations, bashing people, hating etc………
        they don’t look alike, not the same nose, lips, eyebrows etc…….

        PHOTOSHOP ^^

  17. khun is so cute at the last pic LOL

  18. netizens have so much free time to even notice something so ridiculous. and nope. no resemblance whatsoever.

  19. I see no resemblance.

  20. Uhhhmmm.. They don’t really look alike. Well for me.

  21. This is too weird.

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