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SNSD Tiffany and 2PM WooYoung’s ‘love line’?

Fancams, fan-taken photos of 2PM WooYoung and So Nyeo Shi Dae Tiffany during 2009 MBC Gayo Daejun on 31st December have been hot interests amongst netizens.

The 2 idol members have seem very close to each other, and netizens think they spot another celebrity ‘love line’.


And 1 more here: click

Some netizens thought the 2 looked like close friends while others thought it looks like there was chemistry between them.

There were also fans who did not like what they see and netizens who think that fans should be more open-minded.

Reminder: Another but bashing or your comment will thrown out of here.

127 Responses

  1. i love you

  2. im to jealous bakt mo sa akin to ginagawa i love you

  3. I think they’re just friends, thats it. I ship wootae, they have a lot of chemistry and wooyoung’s favorite snsd member is Taeyeon.

  4. WooTae is cute 🙂 But for me it has always been WooFany<3 They are too cute together! XD My favorites 🙂

  5. Errr…. To me, Woofany pair is ok…
    But if can I PREFER WOOTAENG pairing…. xDDD
    Wooyoung and Taeyeon… (My Favourites ^^)

  6. They’re absolutely adorable!!! I wish they were real so Tiffany can take my place;) he’s one of my fave celebs and so is tiffany^^ woot woot

  7. i love wooyong so very much

  8. OMG they looks super cutee lol

  9. layla you are the slut not tiffany

  10. they look so cute together
    oh my baby fany ( dont say shes fat cuz you dream to have abody like her )

  11. tiffany-slut can do anything

  12. i think wooyoung’s way too young for dara. she’s like 27 now right?

  13. wooyoung is my fav 2pm member .
    i really do like him !! and i dont really like fany.

    but IF they really are a couple , then as a fan im happy for them.
    i hope fany can bring happiness for wooyoung .

    after all what WY has through , with jaebum case and all.. i hope there’s someone beside WY that can take care of him..

  14. Hahaha I’m a fan oh them. So yeah, I support them as if they really have “love line” lol

  15. omona so cute. i’d like it whether they’re just friends or they really are dating.

  16. WTF, Fany with that rascal?? OMG!!! i HATE WooYoung.. hope it`s not true.. hope they`re not a couple.. Fany, stay away from him!!!!!!

  17. … she’s not wearing a wig -_-
    and it’s not a bad thing to be jealous sometimes, geez.
    wooyoung/fany friendship line is cute 😉 but i reckon it’s defs just friendship, considering wooyoung likes taeyeon xD

  18. whats with this fatty fatty tiffatty??!!!
    (fany fany tiffany)
    wooyoung i think more of cute side.
    i dont like fany since she and yoona and sunny on the show KBS forgot the name.
    she likes to jealous.
    i like yoona better.
    or seohyun

    • LOL!
      NICE ONE!..fatty fatty tiffaty..haha!!..
      try to look at the clothes shes wearing…it dont fit..!!
      the other snsd fits them..!!even hyoyeon..
      and whats up with the wig..?take it off..!!

    • Hi haters! Nice to meet you :).

  19. haha.. remind me of Idol Army episode.. whahaha…

  20. i’d love to see more woofany in the next time..
    they’re both cute 🙂

  21. wooyoung’s babyface…
    it doesnt match with fany’s mature beauty.
    i want woo with someone who looks chubbier in the face like a baby. ahah!

  22. *cancel the is .

  23. Fany is just looks more healthy looking then the other snsd girls , in my opinion .

  24. my heart just got broken!!! lol…
    hmmm…im not hating but i don’t see any chemistry at all..
    let them be just FRIENDS and nothing beyond! with that i can be at peace… lol

  25. oh..no..at least he’s happy though.i’m heart broken to see woo changing from happy go lucky to sad miserable looking.and now..wallahhh..he’s smiling again..XD

  26. lol melissa XD i think she’s okay =) she’s not too slim and not too fat.

    i think tiffany and wooyoung will be a cute couple if they really date! you can see in the video, wooyoung hugged him first, besides that, they’re human too ^^ i dont mind if they’re in love or not. coz every human are same =D love,live,laugh.

    WOOFANY !! ❤

  27. No offense, but Tiffany looks a bit chubby. She has flabs 😛
    I’m just wondering of why the other members of SNSD are slim and she is kinda not. That’s how i see her.. Sorry~
    Anyways, that doesn’t affect how she sings by solo or by group so So Nyeo Shi Dae FIGHTING!!!! I love them so much!!!! :PPP


  29. ahhahaa

  30. woofany…
    cute !!

  31. What happened Woo young-Hara pairing?T_T….I prefer Hara over TIffany kekeke

  32. wow they do looked close but i thought he admired taeyeon…oh well hahaha wooyoung<3333 just got my 2pm cd finally…yaya :p

    • really? WooYoung admires Taeyeon? Wow… :)) I haven’t heard of it.. May you please send me the link of the news or something about that issue because I really like SNSD’s Taeyeon.. Thanks in advance!!!

    • wooyoung chose tiffany in idol army XD agreed with melissa. never heard about Wooyoung-Taeyeoon. hehehehe. mianhe ^^

  33. Wooyoung did choose Tiffany on Idol Army ;D

  34. i love them 🙂

  35. lol Woo i just hope the hardcore fans don’t do anything O.O you how it gets after hearing this kind of news o.o

  36. they seemed to hardly get off of each other…
    its understandable…such collaboration is really rare..so such bond is predictable..
    just give them a chance to ve fun with each other presence…it’s rare for them to ve such opportunity..
    i dont mind if they do flirt..
    it’s refreshing..hehhe..

  37. isn’t she dating that model?

    shes close with 2pm junsu too! junsu is friends with soo many cleebs.

    who cares they need friends and g/f bf hehehe im jealous but what can i do.. they need love lives too

  38. it’s nice to see friendships in a seemingly competitive entertainment business..I can’t imagine being restricted to developing friendships because of competition..I just hope what we’re seeing is real as opposed to being staged..that would be really sad

    • @cagnes, I like how you said it. This year is the year for peace and if these idols show us how it should be done in their own little ways, then I’m absolutely all for it: friendships or even more. Being happy for each other is so “in” while cynicism or plain old jealousy is so “out!”

    • @cagnes and @ravmad – well said!

  39. @Mushimunchins .. Thank you so much now i’m gonna search kkkkkkkkkkkk… xD
    coz i’m fan of dara and i didn’t know that woo he’s fan
    of her.. but now you remind me of wild bunny in DEG
    episode and i was wondering what are they talkin’ about
    of 2NE1 .. coz i didn’t find that ep with eng sub T__T

  40. Yeah! Woofany!


  42. awww they were pretty cute on idol army too 🙂

  43. SNSD seem to have a lot of antis all the time, and I grudgingly admit that part of the reason is because female fans are just jealous of them, always being ideal types of male celebs and having close relationships with them… I am one such fan. Furthermore, Woo Young is my favourite from 2PM, and seeing this does not make me really supporting them all the way, but yes, it is great to see good relationships between members of different idol groups, and for the males to have female friends is actually good for them too. Well, everyone deserves to love, so how is it possible for us to criticize?

    Sometimes it is conflicting to be a fan girl, because as much as I want that male idol to remain single and belong to ‘me’, I am also sad that because of us fans, they are not allowed to love or date. Sigh, you can never have the best of both worlds in life 😦

  44. love since Idol Army, i’m telling ya!
    Wooyoung’s favorite SoNyuh is Fany, and it clearly shows her giving the hug FIRST- chemistyyy~
    i ADORE Wooyoung, he’s been my favorite since before their debut, and if i had to choose a girl for him (other than me) it would be Tiffany, or Sunye of WG hehe.
    Wooyoungie is smart, he likes girls that don’t break when you hug them (;

  45. i’m a bit jealous but it’s ok with me ..
    coz i loved them together after i watched idol army
    i loved how tiffany teased wooyoung LOL!!! xD
    by the way why most of you love woodara couple ?????
    is there somthing between them ?? @@

    • -Well, it started with Dong Dong radio survey… 2pm, 2am, and BB was asked 5 questions about who’s their ideal girl, who can last in a variety show, who they want to be with if they are stranded on an island, the toughest member and so on…..
      Wooyoung was the only one who said “Sandara Park he he he!” in ALL 5 questions.
      -Also, during 2ne1’s encore in Inkigayo…. Wooyoung gave the flowers to Dara instead of CL who is next and much closer to him… He was about to hand the flowers to CL but then Dara came and so he handed the flowers to her.. You should see CL’s expression! It was priceless! :))
      -& they were also stealing glances with each other during encore (I thought it was just nothin’ but other people saw it too and i kept on repeating the vid & it was true! The chemistry between them is hella cute! 🙂
      -DEG’s abracadabra parody- woo sporting dara’s palm/apple tree hair although he denied it! LOl.. what’s funny is that the PDs are making it obvious that he’s lying… LOL
      -In MAMA, When 2ne1 was walking to get their award for best song of the year…. Wooyoung was only looking and followed his eyes on Dara! There were some screecaps and that showed it that it was <33… Hahhaa
      -& there's actually MORE to mention…
      -Just visit this site if u want to know more: http://ygladies.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=3254 for more information! 🙂
      WOODARA is Love<333

      Anyways, I like Tiffany! I like Woo! I see them cute together, but they just look like really close friends! I remembered Idol Army and they were adorable there! I'm a Fany fan and I know that she IS very friendly:) I mean… who can't resist her?! :))) hahah &you know.. Fany's ideal guy is Jo kwon & Woo's ideal girl WAS dara… so yeah…. Woo usually looks shy when he's around the perso he likes… (ex. Jin Bora) hahahaWooFany :)))

      • but isnt WooFany has more interaction more than WooDara…
        i’m sorry but i always imagine DaraGon..n WooDara is weird for me..
        WooFany started like, a year ago like, before both of them are even famous, something like the uniform cf thingy…?no?and to idol army and now this

  46. CUTE
    I’m seeing some chemistry between them ^^
    I can’t say I’m not jealous hahaha
    And in the first photo, is he holding her waist? :OOO

  47. Aaaaaaaaaah, CUTE!
    I may not like SNSD much but Tiffany is my fav member and WooYoung is my fav member from 2PM. They look really good together whether just close friends or something more 🙂
    I doubt the something more though, I don’t think SNSD fanboys would be too happy lol

  48. woahhh… wooyoung ah. you finally found the girl you like.

  49. I find Wooyoung cuter than this pairing lol The way he smiled and toucher her. Idk lmao

  50. kind of jealous, but it’s ok….whatever makes him happy lols…

  51. I love Woofany together they would make such a cute couple. hehee

  52. aww … they look so cute together 😛

  53. Woodara pls.

  54. they do seem close
    but more like friends close
    woodara is better

  55. ooohhhh sooooo pretty jealous T___T *sigh*
    u r veeeeery lucky girl —>fany

    but guys idk wut ‘s the story between woo&dara

    can anybody tell me wut’s being between them?

    • 2ne1 was guest on Dong Dong radio, and there was that part that the mcs asked some male idol like, 2pm, BigBang and…. i don’t remember, about like who does they like and all that…
      and WooYoungiee asked in all of those 5 questions: “Sandara Park hehe”
      and when the girls won inkigayo with IDC Woo give the congratulations flowers to dara, instead of giving it to CL who was closer hehe..
      and those cute starings and shy smiling between them on the winning speech were hella cute..
      and not to mention on wild bunny were Woo tied his hair like dara’s palm hair… but he denied it by saying he was copying a comic called dolly… totally fail… haha

  56. I’m a fan of WooDara more but goodness, WooFany is so cute together!!!!!!!!!. =))

  57. aw no! woo and dara! lol but fany and woo do look cute together.

  58. omg i normally don’t like pairing up fany with any one other than a fellow soshi, but she and wooyoung ARE unbelievably cute XD

  59. am i the only one that wants them together?
    i find them very adorable together. ever since idol show days.
    both groups have such a nice humor.
    at first, i had prefered a 2PM and 2NE1 collaboration due to my biased love for 2NE1.
    but after watching the 2PM-SNSD collab, i find it even better.
    i hope we can see more ❤

    • hell no!! I finally found someone who find them cute & adorable together !
      I really wanna see more too!! ~~~ ❤

    • Woot woot….Agree agree!!!
      I find the 2 groups compatible bcos:
      1. Many members
      2. Sense of humor
      3. They’re good in variety shows
      4. They’re around the same age
      5. They’re now the hot issue in Korea (when some female guests on TV chose 2pm, the male would choose SNSD)

      Nothing better than polar opposites coming together.
      If u’re too much alike, u’ll be siblings (Super Generation).
      The beasts n the fairies!!! <333

      • Yeah, I’m totally agree with you Qritza. I thought they’re really compatible esp. in term of big numbers and their dorky & crazy personalities. Both group are known for not having a typical idol image. The beast and fairies, and their combination, 9PM made Hottest Generation. how hot…~

  60. I’m Big Fan of Both Group: 2PM & SNSD

    Woo & Tiff? They were cute~~
    yeah, remember idol army 9PM who Woo & Tiff so romantic ~

    it doesn’t matter if they are Closed friend or going out together…

    I always support them.. ^____~

  61. awww wooyoungie with fany ❤
    if she can make him smile then i'm happy =)

  62. Aha, I remember watching Idol Army with 9PM and they were cute as heck. Wooyoung and Tiffany look good together 🙂

  63. i think they are just friends, lke khunnie said he became more close to sohee after Nobody tango practice, it shows great collabration between idols yay, but i really mind they will become a couple.

  64. gahh wooyoung is such a cutie. im jealous ><
    they look cute together though 🙂 they both look really happy keke. i definitely see some chemistry!

  65. I’m starting to get sick of all these scandals involving SNSD and other male groups. In the beggining I used to think fans were overeacting, but I’m starting to think SM ent encourages the girls to create scandals or create hype over these scandals in order to promote SNSD. As soon as a male group becomes popular, SNSD starts a scandal with them. There’s not a single popular male idol group that they haven’t had a scandal with. It’s starting to get annoying…

    • How the heck is it SNSD’s fault that netizens create scandals? What, are they not allowed to have interactions with other male groups or something? Maybe it’s because the girls are so damn friendly that so many celebrities like them. Besides, Tiffany/Hyoyeon havebeen friends with 2PM’s Junsu before debut and they have been thanked in both albums. Tiffany/Yoona ate lunch with Taekyeon before also. Who knows, maybe Tiffany/Wooyoung got a lot friendlier preparing for the special stages.

      Not to mention, SNSD is in the same company as DBSK, Super Junior, and Shinee. Of course there are always going to be rumors of them dating each other, interactions, etc. That can’t be help.

      • It’s okay if they want to be friends and date male idols. But they’re idols too and they know how fans are sensitive, besides that they already felt the hate of the fans of male idols on the dream concert incident, so they should by now, know that they should be low-profile about their friendship and romance with male idols. But instead of being low-profile, it seems like they want everyone to see their ‘closeness’ to these male idols. Other female idols are friends with male idols, but you don’t see news of scandals between them and male idols. So probably SM ent create hype over these scandals in order to promote SNSD.

      • @ Ellie

        SNSD isn’t the only girl group with scandals. If u can recall, Sunye WG had a scandal with ParkTaeHwan.
        It’s bcoz they’re popular that they have scandals.
        N one more thing is the fact that people are overreacting. If it were not Tiffany n Wooyoung laughing n chatting in the video. Will it be a hype? NO.
        It was just some friendly gesture that everyone of us do with our friends.
        Moreover, SNSD had many antis so the smallest things will be exaggerated n overhyped.
        There’s no way SM wants them to make scandals. If SM really wants them to do so, why does SM never let the girls have sexy or provocative collabs with male groups? Of course SM wants them to be careful esp after they got many antis bcos of collabs with male idols from the same company (hint: Haptic cf).

        P.S. SNSD doesn’t need scandals to promote them. They have one of the biggest company backing them n they have a large fanbase already. When they were rookies, ur assumption is more possible.

      • SM don’t need to promote SNSD with that, SNSD already famous.

    • “Reminder: Another but bashing or your comment will thrown out of here.” – sookyeong

      did you NOT read this warning? or did you just ignore it cuz you’re just too much of a hater to at least respect sookyeong’s requests?

      get outta here. if you find it annoying then don’t read it. you’re only annoying yourself more by reading it, so what’s the point?? just cuz you don’t like em you’re making up all these ridiculous conspiracies. do everyone a favor and stop thinking too much with your non-existant brain.

      what? idols can’t have good relationships with other idols in public? grow up pls. nicole is super close to key and jinwoon and EVERYONE knows that. but just cuz it’s SNSD’s fany you wanna hate her? yea. way to go hater.

      do you really think SM has the time to be doing silly things like create a stupid scandal right now? please. there are more important things for them to settle. like the hankyung case. and besides, SNSD is famous all over asia. SM doesn’t need cheap tricks to promote them. they do a good job of that by themselves.

      geez. ppl just dunno how to shut up when they have nothing nice to say.

    • @ Ellie, why would SME want to create hype over these scandals? Or you are trying to publicity? SNSDs already popular, they don’t need any hype/publicity at all. They wouldn’t want any scandals anyways. Scandals are deemed bad and troublesome. Its not SME that creates these scandals. Netizens, out of their boredom likes to spread these rumors and make assumptions.

    • people should already know that bashing isnt allowed without sookyeong’s warning. what happened to respect?


      i agree with on that i think fans are overreacting. but i think they are because they find it very interesting and what to believe it, and so they react that way.

      but really…? SM encouraging girls to create scandals? now i think youre overreacting. youre thinking too much; just watch the video and smile bc its cute. youre looking into this too much, its just friendly interaction, not to mention snsd is made up of 9 DIFFERENT individuals.

    • u’re telling me….u think this is a SCANDAL??!

    • This is not a scandal. This is friendship. They’re friend, 89er… and SNSD is already popular. They don’t need to ride on 2PM.. and their schedule is pack like hell, they don’t need to have a scandal. They don’t have time for it. Only netizens and antis got plenty of time & don’t know where else to spend it.

    • if the company encourages snsd to have scandals to be popular, why didn’t they do it to CSJH? gosh~ for sure you’re just jealous. haha

  66. As much as it pains me to say this lol , Woo and Tiffany do look cute together( I don’t even like SNSD). They look like they are having so much fun together.

  67. they are pretty cute together ^^
    So cuteee ^^

  68. i super love this pairing. love or not IDC as long as they both happy together! rooting for WOO-NY! XD

  69. awwwww….. so jealous…. but i loved Woo with Tiffany since that idol army episode, Woo was just so cute, messing with Tiff, and making her angry haha…
    although i am more a DaraWoo shipper, i like WooTiff and WooTaeng too hehe..
    they seem really close, i think they are really good friends since the two of them are 89ers hehe
    but i wouldn’t really mind seen them going out hehe

  70. lol. cute. can’t say i’m not jealous. heeee~~ can woogoo baby handle fany tho? i can just imagine them out together right now. cute.

  71. “this love is unbreakable~” LOL. i just heard that song after 5 or 6 years..hehe.

    and what’s the song used in the 2nd fancam..?! please tell me the title and singer.. 😀

    i must say they’re cute together. 🙂 they should try wgm. 😀

  72. LOL. it seems like the fans are repeating a 3 sec hug for a long time…anyways..i like this pairing ever since idol army…so who cares! haha

  73. “…netizens who think that fans should be more open-minded.” LMAO seriously?! xD Aren’t netizens the ones who need too? lol.
    well, they’re both 89ers so i think that they’re close friends. But if there is really something there, i think that they would be cute together. ^^

  74. cuteeee!

    soo jealous but no lie i think they’re pretty cute together

  75. As long as he’s happy………………….

  76. I don’t know if they are just friends or couple, but one thing is sure :they can’t look cuter ahah ~~

  77. if they aren’t going out then i think wooyoung really really likes tiffany…his eyes seem to sparkle when he looks at her…he looks too happy lol…andif they are going then good luck…and i can’t believe netizens said ” fans should be more open minded” aren’t the netizens the one doing all the bashing everywhere ellse?? sheesh~

  78. They’re very cute together 🙂 Although I don’t prefer 2PM & SNSD together, I don’t really mind it at all. Oh and… LOL. I like your warning Sookyeong! XDD

  79. sorry tiffany but wooyoung’s tight looks as big as yours or even smaller here.

  80. I’m a very huge fan of 2PM but i don’t really like SNSD , anyway Tiffany is really cute ~ Couple or just friend , I don’t care => they are soooo cute together haha !

    Oh ! And I remember when Junho ask the phone’s number of Sooyoung, ahah ^_^

  81. Although i’m not a fan of this love line, i cant lie, but they do look incrediby cute together. they seem close.. its always good to see great relationships between entertainers.

    these two groups had a great year. hope these groups continue to succeed.

  82. They really do look sweet ❤
    Still got the love since the Idol Show days ^^

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