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WonderGirls Barbie Girls concept photoshoot for EXR revealed!

As reported previously, WonderGirls recently did a photoshoot of ‘Barbie Girls’ concept for clothing line EXR.

HQ photos for their photoshoot have been released!

Jump the cut for the eye candies!

Who makes the best Barbie girl?

21 Responses

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  2. haha thats cute
    i tot sohee’s name will be like sofie/sophy or something LOL
    geezz mattel should really make some dolls w/ puffy cheeks like hers LMAO

  3. Yoobin !

  4. yoobin!!!

  5. Love YOOBIN’s Barbie pose!

  6. creepy…=p

  7. Yoobin<33

  8. lol lol i want all their clothes and items xD wow they really look like barbies xD

  9. I want a Sunye doll…. I want!

  10. I look the photos and I’m like oh it’s the Wonder Girls but the longer I stared at the photo ..well it began to creep me out lol. SoHee looks like Snow White. I love the two last photos. I feel like it has been a long time since I see them wear normal clothes because whenever they appear I see them in their Nobody outfits.

  11. am i the only one who is terrified by these…


  13. SunMi looks great, i love her killer stare. All the girls pull of the concept well in my bias opinion kekeke.

  14. who’s ken?

  15. Pretty!..
    I miss them!!

  16. They look so tall and doll-like!
    Colorful! ❤

  17. yenny and sohee^^ but only cuz i’m biased…ekeke^^ but i liked yoobin’s blonde pic with the hoodie on and the three shoes at the bottom. so cute!^^

  18. I want those clothes!

  19. yoobin and mimi

  20. cuteee

  21. Sunmi has scary eyes. lol.

    But love the concept. they look so life like that it’s pretty cool. 😀

    I can’t wait for their US Album to drop in on February!! 😀

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