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KARA Goo Hara, “Rumours of plastic surgery? I just did my eyes, nose and mouth”

KARA Goo Hara speaks up about rumours of plastic surgery brought up after there were comparisons of her photos during middle school and currently.

Goo Hara was on SBS Strong Heart aired on 5th January when she said, “This is the truth that I’m going to reveal for the first time. There is no female idol singers who will reveal such a thing.” She continued, “To say the truth if you are a female celebrity, you want to be called as beautiful by others. That was what I felt when I was young and I just made myself a little prettier.”

With that, the others around during the show had asked if she has undergone plastic surgery, she said, “I will not say that I didn’t” laughing.

She added, “Even though this is something I reveal here, the double eyelids, I have them since I was young. But our boss said my eyes looked dull in photos and hence we fixed it once.”

“Our boss also said, ‘There is no need for the nose to be higher, we shall just go for one jab shot'” and Jang YeongRan asked, “Are you talking about fillers?” and Hara said, “Yes.”

Goo Hara also said, “I only did my teeth”.

Following that gagwoman Kim HyoJin said, “Isn’t your eyes, nose and mouth the whole of your face?” causing laugther during the show.

Lastly, Goo Hara said, “I feel good inside after saying this out.”



Actually an earlier article on UEE on 5th January also talks about the similar topic:

After School UEE speaks up to question on whether she did anything to her face after debut.

She was on KBS Roundtable Plus aired on 5th January when she said, “Actually I just did a little to my eyes.”

S:EBN news


I personally thinks it’s good they are coming clean about it. Many times it is part and parcel of celebrity career where they have to listen to what their boss tells them to do


161 Responses

  1. she’s brave for admitting… ๐Ÿ™‚ . 99.9% of the celebrities, no matter how small, probably had plastic surgeries anyways. Go Kara

  2. I do like to think that if they truly do it for themselves and it makes them feel better that it’s okay, but once I know someone has had plastic surgery all I can think when I look at their face is that. That they had plastic surgery. And, Gah!!! She’s so young!!!

    There’s just so much that can be done with makeup. I think plastic surgery is so drastic. If you think that you’re determined to get it, just wait a bit more and think it completely through. It should always be a last resort.

  3. its natural for star to go under plastic surgery..

    its part of what you called “INVESTMENT”


  4. […] : asiae Credit : Sookyeong […]

  5. hara is jjang! and im happy she admit it…. KARA hwaiting! Hara jjang! ๐Ÿ˜€


  7. yeah and notice SOMEONE asked her to do that.
    “our BOSS”
    its just business

  8. She should practice her singing first rather than fixing her face.

  9. her plastic surgery doesnt seem fake at all.

    it seems natural. I like it =)…

    by the way…nose surgery….a filler? what does that mean?

    if a celebrity wanted to do nose-surgery….did they just go for a filler injection or insert something???

  10. hmm wow so much comments,
    hyomin’s natural? or she looks so,
    her features seem to be 100% matching to her childhood pictures,
    but yea thats my opinion

    people complain about plastic surgery , yet its the same people that complain and curse at one’s ugliness, what is the right thing to do?
    if a celebrity is not pretty enough, regardless of how talented they are, there will still be people out there who will not accept them, if a celebrity is pretty they got PS,
    hey who cares, maybe if people werent so criticizing there wouldnt be so many out there getting PS,
    so even if it is disturbing how can you blame them

    • I doubt that Hyomin’s natural. I doubt all the girls in T-ara except Boram…but they are already pretty.
      Just that they wanted to make their features better.

      • gosh natural beauties DO exist… seriously <___< there are billions of naturally pretty boys and girls. Some of them ARE korean and guess what, some of them ARE entertainers.

  11. Just ???
    What’s left ?
    But who I am to judge righ?!t

  12. lmao now before you call someone “cute doll” or what you should think over it

  13. ew her nose

  14. Wow it is like almost everything haha
    But she is so brave to admit it.:)
    Due to the fact that the korean is well know for surgery, it is not surprising at all..
    And all celebrities has done it and some of them only admit.

  15. Whoa! So nice of her to admit that.. ๐Ÿ™‚ At least, she’s being honest to herself and everyone else and don’t bring any groups in here.. >_< So what if they did surgery or not? The heck.. Some of you are narrow-minded.. .___.

  16. meh. tell me something idk lah.
    u dont have to be celeb to get surgery.
    even regular high school students & housewives go under knives there.
    perhaps get some eyelids done is as common as go to dentist and get braces.

    • why does that sound so wrong?…

    • Its just not korea in many other countries girls get nosejobs before or after highschool and many housewives get botox and breast implants.

  17. Hara looks good and if it pleases her than that is all that matters.

  18. I knew she had done her nose by observing past photos, but I didn’t know she did her eyes and mouth .. they look the same to me

  19. At least she’s honest? There’s nothing extremely drastic.. Many people fix their teeth. The nose you can sorta tell.. I think she was naturally pretty even before her plastic surgery.
    We might view plastic surgery as something really big, but it’s so common in Korea that it sorta becomes scary to us. They view plastic surgery as something normal. You can’t blame it all on girls that want to look more beautiful after south Korean society’s high standards of beauty.

    LOL of course Jang YeongRan would know all about the technicalities of plastic surgery… she is so plastic!

  20. make like…ha~!~~~ she’s making up for her lack of talent XD thats why she had to get things done. &nd please, ha! there’s no female idols that admitted such thign? Lol, she’s not the only one who admitted she’d gone through plastic surgery. sorryy but I dont like her.

    • if you don’t like her then why even post on an article about her? seriously, antis are getting even low these days. this was pre-recorded as well.


    • What an immature mindset. Saying sorry that you don’t like her , haha. How old are you? 12? Grow up puh leaze.

    • nice caps. let me guess your 10yrs?

  21. I don’t think fixing the teeth would be considered as a plastic surgery. Most people would do that – either they’d wear retainers, braces or do something the dentist would suggest. I’ve always thought that she is a natural and I think it’s still safe to say that she is. As for the nose, I guess if ever she did fix it, it was just something really minor. Frankly, even with UEE was just ok — I mean she didn’t really change. I would be hella bothered if the artist had a completely different face before h/she debuted. And most people know who they are by now. Hara and UEE were able to confess because it wasn’t a big change, the way I see these news.

  22. in Korea plastic surgery is so popular that it is offered in combos. my cousins tell me that they’ve seen advertisements that are like “get a sang ga peul now and receive a nose job for half the price!”
    only in Korea.

  23. lolllll

    must be a culture thing to believe fixing your teeth is considered plastic surgery. but can someone fill me in on “jab shot” and “fillers”? call me slow but i dont understand. as for the eyes, i dont even know if double eyelids, not to mention she previously had double eyelids before doing something to emphasize the feature, but you can get double eyelids without going under the knife. at-home tactics can do the trick, just gotta keep up the procedure for prolong periods of the time.

    anyways, little (emphasis on little) touch ups here and there, do not really matter. its not like liposuction or something. shes pretty! incredibly gorgeous looks to fit her gorgeous personality, at least on-stage personality.

    its just the pressure society puts on “idols”. sure, people will complain that talent > looks but lets be real here, MANY people will be drawn to good looking idols or people in general, especially if those idols have to make appearances for photoshoots, performances, etc.

    • What they mean by fillers and jab shots, are what you can say, kinda like what botox does, except a little bit different. A filler is used to inject something, IDK what they inject though, into the nose and make it look nicer. In most people’s cases they use a filler to get a higher nose bridge.

  24. daesung need his eyes and NOSE done

    • I bet DaeSung is better looking then you can ever be.

    • Agree!! he is hella ugly U.U

    • DaeSung doesnt need anything done. he’s as handsome as ever.

    • nah. he may sometimes be considered an ugly duckling, but if you win the heart of someone like goo hara because of your looks, then youre doing absolutely fine in life

    • wtf. shut up hater.

    • Daesung might not be goodlooking or fit the idol image. BUT, once you get to know him, oh man, he can hella attract you like a magnet like what G Dragon said. That’s just this vibe about him which makes you grin like an idiot. Daesung is beautiful. And he so does not need plastic surgery at all.

      • agree with ‘huyu’ he is hella ugly bet fans wont say that if wasnt for personality,TOP even attracts guys his hair long

  25. For me, she didn’t do anything big and, you know, she was pretty before so it’s not like the plastic surgery made her pretty.
    I see no problem in having surgery, especially if it’s like the ones Hara did.
    I don’t think she needed it…but well, for me, if you can pay to have something you don’t like about yourself fixed and if that’s going to make you feel better about yourself, it’s fine, as long as it’s nothing drastic.
    I really admire her. Telling someone you had you eyes and nose done is not easy and saying it on tv, it’s REALLY hard!
    I’m glad to know she feels better now, that’s what matters…

  26. i refuse to believe there is no celebrities in korea havent done anything to their faces or bodies. come on people lets be realistic here

  27. Props to her cause theres not much difference really.LOL.

  28. I love how Hara is so honest and straight forward with everything. This girl is all sorts of awesome!

  29. Anyway, I applaud her honesty. It’s not easy to admit to something like this since she’s one of the most popular female girl group members right now, even though it’s not that big a difference. I mean, most people would probably be able to tell that she had a little touch up here and there, but nothing drastic that makes her beyond recognition. I just hate those celebs who deny having anything done when it’s blatantly obvious that they’ve done something.

  30. nice..i wish someone would pay for my nose job !

  31. Korean surgery is really the best. I wonder why Big Bang won’t follow suit? Well I guess the bill would be too much even for YG to pay given how ugly those 5 guys are.

    • then why don’t you go get your face done as well since korean surgery is the best. idiot gtfo.

    • Maybe some people more than others need to rely on plastic surgery to make themselves prettier since they lack any form of singing talent to back themselves up. Can you honestly say that Hara is musically talented? Even though I like the girl, she seems like one of those pretty girls who became a singer just for the mere fact of becoming an entertainer. The fact that Big Bang, SG Wannabe, and many other groups who haven’t had surgery and are still successful is something that should be applauded. It’s because of shallow people like you that people feel like they have to do plastic surgery to get noticed. No matter how much talent someone has, they cannot be successful because of their looks. Really, I feel sad for you. How ugly your mind must be to think such thoughts let alone post it on a public space.

    • its because they dont need it.

    • I wonder how much SM paid with all his artists.

    • I just want to say:
      I have always liked Big Bang because of their music. They are the ones who actually led me into liking KPop.

      Looks have always come second to me, which is why I don’t support KPop groups if I consider them to be just riding on good looks.

      I don’t think it’s fair for you to judge whether or not Big Bang should or should not get plastic surgery.

      I realize that they may not be the best looking of guys, but to some people out here, that’s okay. The fact that they are willing to pursue their dream, good looks or not, is admirable.

      Now, you put your name as “attack”, which to me, is clearly designed to provoke someone. Good job. I have responded.

      My last sentiments: The worst kind of ugly is not the physical kind, but rather, the ugliness of the mind and heart. You should think about that a bit.

    • Err sorry, Big Bang are five talented guys and i’m SO EXTREMELY glad they didn’t have plastic surgery. Cos it just proves that they are extremely focused in their music and not about their looks. Besides, they’re musicians, it’s their music we listen to. That’s why i’ve always liked Big Bang. The fact that they don’t really bother about their looks but is so passionate about music is just.. woooo~. And… err the bill would be too much? Lol, i hope you know that Big Bang are one of the top earners in the Kpop industry. Heh. Just look at their clothes. The price of their shoes alone is enough to make your jaw open.

    • Big Bang is not that ugly… seriously lol and I’m a guy.

  32. I predict a trend of several more celebs confessing their under-the-knife experiences.

  33. Hara was a cute kid before. Now she is more grown up and the things she did enhanced her looks. She’s very pretty. ^^ Still looks the same to me.

    Props to her for coming out with her plastic surgery, which weren’t even major things anyway.

    I don’t care if celebs get plastic surgery. It’s annoying to see people bash on celebs who get it. It isn’t a crime. Regular people do it too.

    It’s just a shame when some people get so much surgery done that it completely transform their original looks.

  34. no female idol would admit it??
    isn’t Uee also admit it recently??

  35. i’m kind of disappointed because hara was pretty before surgery, she didn’t really need it … but whatever, at least she’s happy about it.
    ^ lol yeah, i don’t think braces really counts as surgery so much.

  36. Fixing up your teeth.. I wouldn’t call that surgery =/
    Though Lil fix ups on the eyes and nose are.

  37. Personally, I don’t care.. just like how I don’t care if Park Bom got plastic surgery.. Goo Hara looks pretty even before anyway.. maybe not outstandingly pretty but she was not ugly.

  38. The whole face or just teeth??

    • just the teeth. the article’s title is just to get he reader to get interested.

    • she told she fixed eye – we fixed it once,
      nose – one jab shot, โ€œI only did my teethโ€.

      so it’s mean whole face

      • a filler is a shot as in botox.
        the eyes is nothing. she still looks the same when
        she removes the make-up.

  39. Wow~~she admited o.o

  40. WOW

  41. She is brave enough to say it. That’s admirable. In Korea, plastic beauties is everywhere. Almost like a common thing to see. If you count fixing teeth is plastic surgery, then it is even more common…

    She didn’t deny it. That means she would like ppl to accept her despite her “modifications”. Hardly any Korean artists would do so.

    Don’t blame her entirely. It is the society that needs to be blamed. We probably would not be looking at them in today’s perspective if they are not good looking. I don’t think there will be as many SNSD or KARA fans out there if they all look terrible (or at least less attractive than now)… They would probably be forgotten even before the release of any singles/albums… Sometimes no matter how good your talents are, outer appearance is still the dominant factor.

    Hara (and other artists) pays the price to be famous. They have to make themselves pretty and presentable to the public. They have to undergo lots of tough situations. Tight schedules, regular training and stuffs.

    Hara stood up and admitted to this. That’s something! Perhaps wif this, more plastic beauties would want to do so.

    • ^^but it was only the teeth that she got fixed. that doesn’t mean she’s plastic as in the outside.

  42. it’s good that she’s clear up and admit it ..
    but i’m so disappointed , Where’s the natural beauty gone ?! ><
    by the way none of Wonder Girls go under plastic surgery ..

  43. Wow that’s so messed up how her boss told her to get stuff done she loooked perfectly fine before. For saying she got those done wouldn’t she get in trouble by her boss? Wow the k ent is. Scary the make u get stuff done n make u do scary diets n they barely rest. Feel bad for celebrities. Well it’s cool how she admitted unlike others who didn’t. I think that was brave of her. I hope neitizens won’t bash on her.

  44. She’s like the prettiest asian girl I’ve ever seen and I love her so it’s okay.
    I wish other people admitted too *cough*SNSD*cough*

    • i hope so too!

    • LOL i wonder how can people say that snsd had surgery for sure. Did they tell u or something ? ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Yuri did double eyelid.
        u may know after watch her before & after debut photo

      • Plastic surgery is common in Korea (very common). Almost every celebrity out there has got something done. I just don’t get why people always have to say SNSD when it comes to plastic surgery. Every Korean celebrity had something done… so why don’t you start calling the rest of the people in the Korean entertainment plastic? Even Korean girls at my school got surgery on their eyes. Surprise? not so much.

        But I won’t believe it until a plastic surgeon or them, themselves say the truth.

    • I think it would be more interesting if we can get admission from DBSK, SS501 etc and watch the fangirls’ reactions here

  45. she only had her teeth fixed….

  46. i still love her. period.

    i didnt like her for her face. but for who she is. โค

    as a girl, if i like female idols by looks, i wouldve been fangirling over snsd,,, but i'm more into 2ne1, beg, and kara…

  47. She’s ten times prettier now that she admitted ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. i think she was very pretty before and i think she is very young to have gotten surgery but its her body and she seems happy i may not agree with cosmetic surgery at a young age but im a big fan of her she is very lovable

  49. how is having TEETH fixed plastic surgery? Isn’t that normal?

    I’m not a fan of her cause she’s not really the most talented. But I like her in variety shows.

    And by the way, what she did is nothing. Some people change 100% after surgery. good thing she comes clean.

    • lol. exactly. dude, i honestly thought she did something big! this is nothing. she got her fronth teeth fixed only. the others look the same. check her old pics at karaholic.com and the nose thing is nothing she didn’t get like a new nose. it’s a filler. she didn’t go throught the knife like others who look like another person. still the same. i got my teeth fixed too. so it’s no biggie. doesn’t she have a gum condition or something and the dentist told her not to get it fixed or something like that??? can’t believe that this is considered ‘plastic surgery’. she’s still beautiful.

  50. COME ON people. i thought she look the same anyway.

    nose fillers, fixing teeth etc are “plastic surgery” most people do. NOT ONLY KOREA. i hate it when there’s this stereotype against korea about plastic surgery when k celebrities get bashed so badly. i’m from singapore and currently 18 and one of my friends also did the nose jab but there wasn’t much difference at all. just a tad smaller.

    teeth? most of us do that! why make a big fuss over what most of us do anyway? my mom also got her jaws jab too.

    i don’t know what she did to her eyes but it looks the same, she also mentioned she have double eyelids since young.

    when you guys say which kpop idol doesn’t do surgery, why not question yourself which hollywood stars doesn’t.

    • she only fixed her teeth and got a nose filler.(shot)

    • It’s the fact that all this plastic surgery has become normal that disturbs people. It’s the fact that people are slicing their faces up and all anyone says in “why make a big fuss”
      It’s disturbing and wrong that our materialistic needs have made this normal thing.

  51. im happy that she came out with having work done with her face, but what makes me sad is that she was told to change her face at such a young age. how old was she when she had to go through those changes? instead of telling her to fix her face, i think it wouldve been better to teach her some confidence- she didn’t need those “enhancements” to her face at all, she was/is beautiful.

  52. GaIn also admitted she did injections to her nose (to re shape it). I think injections make less of a difference than a proper nose job where you have a chunk of metal rammed up your nostril. Anywho, good on her for admitting it, she really is pretty brave.

  53. i have mixed reactions to this…

    a little disappointed that she (or any other idol group members) had plastic surgery… she does look “natural” that it’s not obvious. i don’t think people would’ve suspected if her old pics didn’t resurface

    impressed that she came out in public to acknowledge that she did have work done on her face, even if she could’ve just ignored the issue or denied having anything done (like other idol groups even if the changes are pretty drastic, hence very obvious… )

  54. hmmmmmmmm, too much Plastic, how old is she?????

    they do plastic surgery, too young in this country, for my view, they go there too easily >_>

  55. DON’T CARE.
    KPOP girl groups DO IT.
    I mean KOREANS DO IT!
    LOL this is NO SURPRISE.

    I like Hara cause of her personality especially in Invincible Youth. Even if she’s not pretty, I’ll be a fan of any girl with HER PERSONALITY.

    • yea,, all the girls do it,, i’m pretty sure even the guys do it too *jang geun seuk for example

  56. i feel bad, i really find her very pretty, she really caught my attention before in just a first glance…but still she has the nerves to tell the truth.

  57. so that’s why she is oversickly beautiful….

  58. I much her heart is lighter now that she said the truth. I still love her and I love her even more for being brave enough to admin it ! ๐Ÿ™‚

    So many news on Strong Heart !

  59. what i like about her is that she still look the same as if she didn’t do anything at all compared to the others who can’t barely recognize from the original face..
    she became prettier..

  60. well, she’s gorgeous either way. at least it worked out well for her.

  61. i just did my eyes nose and mouth! I JUST DID what a phrase so your saying it’s just few? that’s a lot girl your just like dawn yang changing your whole looks. fake face

    • lol are you jealous because your surgery failed ? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • she said JUST DID cause A LOT OF WOMEN in KOREA go for a 180 degree transformation. Like you won’t recognize them anymore after surgery. Hara, UEE and many others had “improved” their appearance. Not change their overall look.

  62. I knew it when I first saw her old pics I knew she went under the knife b/c she looked kind of different and I hope people will not dislike b/c she had her face done

  63. I love Hara for who she is: a dork.
    But nevertheless, it’s sad to see how the entertainment industry works.
    As a woman myself, I feel somewhat annoyed at how companies keep on trying to sell women as objects. The worst thing is that the public can’t be any more hypocrite. They attack stars who go under the knife, but also complain about those whose looks aren’t the best.
    I still remember all the harsh criticism Big Mama got when they revealed themselves to the public.
    It’s sad that nothing has changed and that aspiring stars are still being convinced that it is beauty what will get them far and not their innate talents.

    • Preach it girl!
      I hope netizens don’t go crazy on Hara after this.
      Kara hwaitin!

    • Male celebrities have surgery too…

      • I don’t think you got my point.
        I can understand celebs wanting to have surgery to feel better about themselves; but I do not understand it when they are somewhat forced to do it.
        Hara did say it was the company’s CEO who ‘suggested’ her to have some things done.
        And male celebrities don’t receive as much criticism as females do because Korea has a patriarchal society. Up to this day, women are objects that males like to show off to their friends and that is plain sad. Or why do you think that all girl groups are shipped as barbie dolls with flawless skin and slim bodies?

      • Most boys are good looking too but it’s true that it’s not as easy for girls to be successful if they aren’t pretty.

    • Seriously, you hit the nail on the head- women are valued for how they look more than their talent. I’m glad to see that many people recognize this fact. It doesn’t make the music industry evil, but it does mean that many young girls feel worse about themselves. Thanks for saying that, girl! ๐Ÿ™‚

  64. she went from being a pretty girl to a world class beauty. i keep saying it, but you have to have something to become something, even with plastic surgery.

  65. her popularity will go down,, she doesn’t even look that different.. even snsd will never admit that,, and the differences were huge compare to hare

    • lol maybe because unlike what people think, most of SNSD members didn’t have surgery ? ๐Ÿ™‚

      • and if they did, i dont think people would mind. have you seen their old pics? you cant just say that they grew up and became pretty. nose dont change. eyes dont change. specially not the shape of the face.

        at least hara is honest. go girl!

      • hmm… what’s new? ^^ oh come on.. it’s part of being a celebrity.. you have to look good..always…i still admire her for saying that on TV.. one reason why im liking most of DSP talents.. they are a little bit ‘undisciplined’ which is good i think since they can be true to their selves ^^

    • I’m sorry, but because she admitted that she did it. her popularity will go down?
      At least she’s ADMITTING to it. Most people don’t admit about it until later later in their career.

      And why are you bring SNSD? it’s not about SNSD it’s not Goo Hara. Quit trying to bring in drama.

      • I have to agree with Tia that SNSD looks extremely different from their pictures before they debut, not just the young to adult kind of different but the shape of their features.

        And I think she was just trying to bring up a point about how celebrities who undergo surgery but insists they’re natural even though its damn obvious compared to Hara who actually is brave enough to admit here.

      • We probably didn’t see the same pictures then, because their faces look absolutely the same lol

  66. no surprise at all….tell me which idol didnt get under the knife….i believe the answers is NONE….so its not big deal at all…its a fans service….

    • Dara Park… She looks the same: from her early days (talent search program) in the Phillippines, up to now in Korea…

      Some of her friends even posted high school photos of her.. She looks the same.

      • true. and shes very pretty.

      • TRUE!

      • u will be shock if u know the truth…..they might got surgery even before they debut or in high school period….

      • give me a link sandara park while she still kids….then i can know if she surgery free or not…….not a highschool photos…she might have already done something…..

      • How the heck would Sandara Park get a surgery when her family had to move from Korea to Philippines because they had no money? Where would she get her money from to get her ‘surgery’ done? If you know about her family history, you would know they can’t afford to spend a lot of money and waste money just because she wants to look pretty. Well she never wanted to be pretty, since she was already born naturally pretty.

      • omg at those people who think Dara actually had surgery. You do know that Dara practically grew up in the Philippines, right? You do know that she was a celebrity before, right? Having said that, since she was a hot topic here in the Philippines way back, that surgery thing would be talked about right then and there. No, she didn’t. Rest assured.

    • none of the wonder girls have gotten surgery except for sunye’s right eyelid which was uneven,

      • how u know? u got prove?? give me the pic before and after….

      • u gotta be kiddin me…..WG surgery free?? even korean comedian has done surgery before….dont make me laugh by saying ridiculous thing….

    • wonder girls did not have surgery and 2NE1 Dara,CL and Minji i don’t about bom she looks have her eyes done and cheeks.

      • WG didnt have surgery?? give me a break…..do you think all korean got pretty eyes like them?? 80% korean have done double eyelids surgery….i will be surprised if WG didnt….i think 2NE1 too might done to their face….but dont forget Male Idol too…they all got surgery…

      • lol. all, no maybe korean artists have done something with any of their faces. it’s either the eyes, nose, lips, or maybe the whole thing.
        double eyelid is pretty common, but still considered as a surgery so with that said, 2PM, 2AM, Joo and WG all have done surgery before. If you’re a born korean, unless your mix with some other race, you only have both single eyelids. lol.

    • CL,Minzy,Dara of 2NE1..Nicole,Gyuri,Seungyeon of KARA
      and idk lol

    • All of JYP Family….

    • LOL much @ Seolliem….

      Please don’t hate me for replying to your “tell me which idol didnt get under the knife” statement… It’s true that Dara didn’t go under the knife… Her family was ‘poor’ or starting anew when she was in the Philippines… When she won the talent search program, she used it to alleviate her family’s morbid situation..

      And you don’t need pictures as proofs … You can just search for vids in youtube…..

  67. i think it’s great that she admitted it. it’s obvious a large number of kpop stars have gotten work done with their perfect cute noses and straight bright white teeth, so they shouldn’t feel bad about admitting it. also you can tell she only did little tune ups, its not like she completely redid her face.

    im confused about the nose fillers tho. do they inject something in to their noses? what does it do?

    i’ve only heard of those silicone inserts to make the bridge higher.

    • yeah her whole face was pretty much done. The teeth thing is normal though but the eye and nose arent.

  68. She’s very brave to admit it.. =))

  69. lol yeah isnt that everything?
    aww im abit disappointed cos when people started comparing her photos i actually went maybe she just grew up to be pretty!
    well apparently not.. /:

  70. As long as she’s happy with it. In the end, she is the one who has to live with that face.

  71. I like how Goo hara is not afraid to tell this kind of things! KARA HWAITING!

  72. At least the fixes were small and still makes her face look natural, compared to faces that look to fake to be real~ ^^

    I guess Strong Heart is really one of those shows stars like to go to because they have the freedom to say whatever they want~

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