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MBLAQ Thunder has a new nickname ‘smelly-dol’?

It seems that MBLAQ Thunder, known for his good looks, had recently gotten himself a new nickname ‘smelly-dol’?.

This was during the recent filming of MBC Every1 Idol Season 5, when talent Kang YeBin had “exposed” Thunder saying that he smells, giving him his new nickname.

The episode that day was an enjoyable date with MBLAQ for the female MCs Shin BongSeon, Jung Juri and guest appearance Kim NaYeong, Kim SaeRom and Kang YeBin.

But the problem comes when it was the time for the game of selecting partners. There was a female guest appearance who said that she would choose the MBLAQ member with the best smell, and Kang YeBin said, “Thunder’s feet smells”.

Thunder was seen a little flustered and did not know what to say, and then the other female guest appearances have saved the situation by saying that it was cute of Thunder.

Meanwhile, Thunder showed off his baby-like skin as requested by one of the noonas on the show.

The show is set to air on 6th January.

S: TVReport

23 Responses

  1. i don’t agree with her but since she’s a rookie i can forgive her (this once lol). she probably doesn’t know how korean fans are yet so i hope she doesn’t get hurt too much by the words they will give her…

    i still love him and the rest of MBLAQ ❤

  2. Eww…

    But wow, that must’ve been embarrassing for him. x.x

  3. well, who hasnt had a smelly feet? bad day for sanghyun? -.-

  4. Who the heck is Kang YeBin! Can somebody point me at to her. I don’t know her but she doesn’t have the right to tell them that to everyone, even if its a joke.

  5. Is it just me or do Joon and Mir look REALLY alike? :O

    • ^ i also found they are REALLY alike lol at first when i looked at them i thought they r the same guy o.O

  6. OMO, who cares about Thunder and his possibly smelly feet. Just WTF are G.O and Mir doing?? haahahaha

    • LOL! mir is totally xDDD
      and im sure it would just be a joke since he is one of the two that showers for a long time xD

  7. Thunder’s already freakin ugly and got no talent. Now, he stinks too? Poor kid. Well, at least he’s got that height thing going for him.

    • Wow does it make you feel good to put people down like that? I pray for you.

    • oh dear! if he’s so ugly and talentless, why the heck is he so popular?

      you must be very flustered of your ugly self. tsk.tsk. why be so judgemental?

  8. I like how I’m more distracted by what G.O and Mir are doing. LOL.

  9. yahh its a joke xD

  10. Girls…Its just a joke! I guess…like Joon, the MBLAQ guys makes Joon’s who “dont wash” a joke…

  11. nah… i think it was just a joke… so that noona can have thunder all by herself…

  12. lol so apparently he’s not one of those “heavenly celebs” like daesung and gyuri LMAO

  13. Kim Yebin probably said that Thunder’s feet smells probably didn’t want one of the female guests to get him, so that Kim Yebin can take him herself instead. lol.

  14. Was it necessary to humiliate the guy like that? Poor Thunder. I feel so bad for him and the ironic thing is in MBLAQ, the members always talk about how Thunder and G.O. are the only 2 members who wash up well, sometimes taking up to 1 hour and using up all the hot water while the other 3 skip showers sometimes. They even talked about how Mir got cursed by the dance instructor for his smelly feet but then that was joking between the members. Coming from another female celeb is just plain embarrassing. 😦

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