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[Photo Spam] Cube Ent family at Cube Star Party!

Girlgroup 4Minute, idol group BEAST and upcoming singer Choi Jina were spotted together in one venue on 5th January in Seoul Melon AX Hall for ‘2010 Cube Star Party’.

The signing ceremony between Cube Entertainment and Universal Music was also announced officially during the event.

More photos under the cut.

4Minute Nam JiHyun and BEAST YoSeob were the MCs of the night

Choi Jina’s solo shot!

The Cube Ent family also did a birthday party for YoSeob and JiHyun

14 Responses

  1. Jihyun looks extra pretty with the curls..Hyuna is pretty is usual. I love Cube!

  2. Cube Ent. FAMILY? Are you kidding me? COPYING “YG FAMILY” ugh.

  3. I wish that Beast would visit Singapore someday!

  4. For some reason, Choi Gina looked hotter in 2PM’s video. Don’t like the dress on her, but interested in her debut this summer.

  5. cute πŸ™‚

  6. damn 4minute girls are hot. Junhyung! Hyunseung! These guys are so talented

  7. so cute

  8. Y O S E O B < 3
    ahh, the best guy out right now! (since Jay is currently not here, and SHINee's Jonghyun is not doing promotions)
    love the cube family A LOT
    esp Hyunah, Doojoon, Gayoon, Kikwang, and Yosoeb~
    Gina is gorgeous, looking forawrd to her debut

  9. Happy B-Day Yoseob!!!!

  10. i want to attend too!!! shiizz..must be verrrrrryyyyy FUN..and i wanna see gina choi sings!

  11. ahhhhhhhhhh! i wanna attend too ><

  12. I’m waiting for you Gina πŸ™‚

    TIme for 4Minute leader shine … she’s so bright today wt MC position

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