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GDragon fanpage members submit petition to prosecutor office, 2nd and 3rd petition coming up

Amidst news that Big Bang GDragon will be charged for violating the Youth Protection Act with some of his performances during his solo concert, it was known that 1000 GDragon‘s fans has handed up a petition to the prosecutors.

GDragon‘s fan page Kwon JiYoung Supporters is known to have handed up a petition with signature from 1000 fans to the Seoul District Prosecutor Office after news went out about GDragon‘s case recently.

It is known through an announcement posted on GDragon Supporters on 21st December, “The first petition with 1000 signatures have been handed up to the prosecutor office directly. Ahead we are preparing for the 2nd and 3rd petitions.”

The fanpage also wrote, “We will also be sending out petitions to YG Entertainment and GDragon with 2000 signatures. We hope that we can get them to see the heart and sentiments of us many and also that of the artiste himself.”

They also added, “Instead of waiting for the case to be over, we want to relay the right meanings and sentiments. It is like a precious present as compared to just showing support, to relay the enthusiasm and also the subjectivity of the case.”


I don’t like how other sites are writing/dealing with this case.

I hope fans will calm down and not jump to conclude or believe everything claimed.

Media and fanaticism tend to blow up issues a little too much too fast some times.


69 Responses

  1. support GD to the fullest!!! n this site is so much better than allkpop. i cannot tell how much i hate the writers for allkpop. they shouldnt be hired for writing all the crap that they write. VIPs do what u can to save our leader GDRAGOn by signing the petition!

  2. what the hell is wrong with them.!!!!!
    is there a petition not to put jiyongiie in jail?? T.T
    KBITES is the best!!!

  3. “I don’t like how other sites are writing/dealing with this case.”

    thank you. SO MUCH for that.







  6. OH YEAH!!! Like what MBLAQ said..
    K Bites is the best site i ever seen for Kpop news ^_^
    no bashing or hating from our amazing writers ^.^
    and plz GD he dosen’t deserve go to jail WTH wrong with this pplz , they should be more to focus on more
    serious issues , idon’t want another lovely leader
    get suffer ..


    k bites ur the bestttt…..!!

    that stupid allkpop gave me the fright and i realized 2 seconds after i shouldn’t believe what it says. but now i am less worried. bcs i noe vip is doing what they can to prevent things going on worst! i think things will get really ugly if he will go to jail– the vip’s mobber will stress out the people responsible.

  8. yahh i don’t read other sites…i’m worried about this T.T cant think well….but

    like a VIP i just can give my support to GD! this is a problem taking by korean law so ….they will decide…and if GD need to take responsability then…i just hope its a minor thing and not prison…i just hope that…

    GD figthing!!!!

  9. That’s why i love this site….^^
    Those petitions might not be too useful regarding the case but can be a strong support for GD himself.

    Not a fan of his but he’s too good to be in jail. Whatever happen to the case of that girl from BOF who committed suicide bcos of a perverted ahjussi.

  10. yes !!! this site make me feel better than the other site . They’re making more hater and hater. even i read this news on that site already, but i still wait to read it from u,
    anyway can i involve to sign it too ? where i can sign ? or it only Korean ? hope he’s fine soon ^^

  11. You know, this whole issue and the media blowing things out of proportion does more emotional damage to VIPs than what the damn concert showed.
    I’m so flippin beyond worried for GD and I was never a fan of him until he started his solo promotions. I’ve never been this concerned about anyone in Kpop and never used to understand how fans can go so crazy and over-protective until now. AAAAAAAh I wonder how the K-Vips who have been supporting him since he debuted must be feeling. I wish this issue would get sorted out quickly so he and Big Bang can put their full concentration on their upcoming Korean and Japanese concerts.

  12. thanks sookyeong unnie!~
    jiyong oppa stay strong!!
    VIP all the way

  13. i will pray for him that everything turns good!!
    GD we fans will always be there 4 ya!!!
    don’t give up, stay strong!!!

  14. iam a international fan
    but i sent alots of letter 22 tell him 2 stay strong
    thats all i can do
    i cant do anythin else 44 him
    iam srry ==’

  15. http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/SupportGdragon/
    Thats one of the petition i found..
    Lol does anyone know whats the link to the petition Sookyeong mentioned?

    • i believe that petition are for those who went to the concert only. that petition requires you to mail in or email a pic of the concert ticket and info and whatnot. so unless we actually went to the concert, us international VIPs won’t be able to participate in that petition. we can help in other ways tho.

      i’ll let y’all know if there are any international projects for this.

  16. Love it. I love the never-ending support VIPs give.
    I say f–k the haters/antis/ ‘citizens who ever break the law’ /whatever. GD will NOT go to jail over something like this. Believe what you want, but like sookyeong said, its the media.

  17. I agree. it was like bashing them.. T__T No… GD we will support you! T__T

  18. I wish there was a way I could sign the petition, but I’ll pray for everyone involved in the case. 힘네요, 우리는 항상 네곁에서 있을 거예요. ❤

  19. I love the way you wrote this news^^
    Thanks a lot

    GD Fighting!! Fans always support you (:

  20. I understand a fine would be reasonable but wtf are they out of their minds jail time???? seriously the time could be spent in catching real crooks and murderers but they have to pick on GD who was only there to entertain he didn’t cause no harm to anyone

  21. i hope evrything will be ok for him…

  22. thank you sookyeong. i agree with you on how other sites write about this issue. i’m seriously thinking of doing a content analysis on diff kpop news sites including yours regarding this issue.hehehe…

    to GD, YG and the VIPs, this too shall pass.

  23. dear kbites,
    you’re the best site and the only site i rely on now
    thank you.

  24. just be strong GD. we can all get through this in time. WE LOVE YOU GD! fighting!

  25. This petition is actually for those who went to the concert so it would hold some value when the said “victims” of this don’t find it offensive and would be a boost to GD’s case

    • Gdragon fans obviamente van a estar del lado de GD.. ellas incluso van a mentir con tal de salvarlo de la carcel.
      Hay que respetar la ley.

      • if you think replying in another language will let you get away with posting hateful and disrepectful comments then you’re sorely mistaken.

        his fans are not lying and will not lie to save him from being imprisoned. his fans know that we are victims of the situation regardless of whether the law is there or not.

        a fact this article did not mention is that the petition states;

        “In order for a performance to be filed for being obscene, the audience must agree to it. However, the concert was not obscene to the viewers and none of us were sexually offended. We can not let a single performance degrade the quality of the whole concert.”

        so should we take the words of those who hatefully judge behind a computer screen or those who actually went to the concert and experienced it first-hand? or should we take a view of a hater? you.

  26. GD will have my support.

    Thanks K-Bites!
    Allkpop write ups about this issue added more stress in me..

  27. fans, the law was there before GD’s concert… what’s with these talks about the authorities picking on him ? if he’s proven guilty, he HAS TO take responsibility. YG and GD ARE at fault, too, seems like majority of you can’t see this…

    • it is true that GD and YG are at fault too but seriously going to jail for what…inappropriate. are you serious!! thats just insane. korea need to realize what century we are in now and with internet and stuff we cannot prevent minors from sexual things. its impossible. it is true whoever breaks the laws needs to be punish for it but i dont think jail is the answer for this case. if he do go to jail which i think he wont because other celebs did far more worse things and still didnt get put in jail. i agree with the other vips “the victims” if we are not complaining about the things he does at his concert then nobody should. we pay for our own entertainment and thats GD’s music. if the minors parents are the one complaining then ban your child from it.

    • @ Anonymous

      IKR ? =_=!

    • This is true; however, did his CD not have a rating of 16/19+ before the concert? If so, why would the parents of these so called “children” be allowed to go to the concert? I agree that if it’s the law, then the law should be carried out. BUT. Parents should stop placing all the blame on people who didn’t give birth to their kids. I’m so sick of this massive shift of parental duties on every other authority.

      • AMEN! this is what i’ve been saying over and over like a broken record. why should anyone else do the parenting for a child and not the parent themselves?

    • i’m sorry. we GET it. the law was there. children were at his concert. he broke the law. trust me we GET it.

      but the thing we’re goin WTFOMGD at is the fact that he’ll probably face jail-time for it. yes we know it’s law, but srsly, we find that more than a little harsh and ridiculous. not to mention, the purpose of that law is to prevent the corrupting of minors, but so many other things outside of that law is also corrupting minors yet nothing is done abt it. also, the act of being overtly sexual in that law is an offense many others have commited. why only GD?? that’s what fans are mainly pissed off at.

    • No I get it, the law was there yes, but then they should ban porn videos and websites from computers that have sex subjects included in it!! The gov is trying to make an example out of GD so no other entertainer would do it again

  28. i guess only those who went to watch the concert can sign the petition. i hope the int’l fans can do something to show support…even just in the form of moral support.

  29. Do anyone here know how much suffered GD’s fans have had to go thru for a month from the day the concert started till now…
    Kvipz all prepare but keep silent and they r waiting for some fairness from this and that association…
    Media blows everything out of portion and every single news coming out with slight difference, they just change the name of the association and put some flavors in it ,…. till now it is till under investigation ……what take them so long

    this is just one of their projects…. sigh … I should stop here… Noone understand.
    It is really painful to read these comments ..

  30. Thanks a lot sookyeong!!!
    Do you review all the comments left by fans???
    I already read this news from other sites..In fact I am waiting to read this new from your site. Like you said other site overeact this case. Fans got panic and haters are excited. I belevie that things are not as worse as they mention. I cant understand why the article writer(esp Allpop) like to stir things up esp GD’ s news. Well anyway thanks for the news.
    I know GD will be safe. YG and kVIPs will protect him.
    Much of luv to my fellow VIPs and GD 🙂

  31. serve him right.. kkkkkk

  32. wassup korean ???
    why is everything like that !!
    it’s a new year 8)

  33. please contact me if any international fans have projects to support GD! he needs all the love he can get now

  34. i hope he can learn from this
    no need sex scene & violent act to make amazing concert

    • Totally Agree!!!

    • I’m a big GD fan and I completely disagree he didn’t do anything wrong, he shouldn’t feel bad or apologize for anything! If u don’t like him or u thin he behaves inappropriate then u shouldn’t see his performances!!!

  35. lol seriously, if this is NOT GD, he would have been thrown to jail and netizens will laugh about it. unfair huh?

    I get the sentiment of fans, but don’t rush!
    YG can handle the situation.

  36. I hope he will not go to jail and I hope GD will not do anything crazy

  37. I hope international fans can do something about this too! poor GD. seriously allkpop should put some more decency in their writing.

    • Allkpop has one of the worst writers out there, but amazingly influential because I actually see a lot of people agreeing on every word they write. They used to be fun. I go to Kbites for the most part, then Seoulbeats.

      OMO I feel OffT but to stay on topic, but I hope everything will turn out fine. Best of luck to GD, he doesn’t deserve all this kind of shit.

      • i agree!!!

        k bites should reign over allkpop! <– aahah

        anyways, sookyeoung, thanks for being what a true reporter should do, not fluff/ bash news.

        i'm undecided in this issue, but I appreciate clean cut no hype news about it. that's why i believe stuff only if k bites writes it :] ahaha

  38. Me too… I like it here in K-bite..

    GD Hwaiting!

  39. i agree with you sookyeong! i’ve read news about GD in other sites and fans are getting crazy!
    one thing also is i don’t like how other writers wrote an article about GD’s issue coz it seems like they were exaggerating GD’s case which caused the fans to heat up and throw words that are absolutely absurd and inappropriate for minor readers who visited those sites..i hope this issue will be cleared up as soon as possible for people to calm down..

    i feel sad for GD though.. :c

  40. OOOOOOOOOOH 2ND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. i agree ^^ i try not to go to other sites because they keep on stirring issues and makes it bigger than how it really is.

    i like it here in kbites^^

    hope Gdragon to pull out of these, but of course he still has to pay for what is due but hopefully not in jail

  42. i hope it will settle down soon. just pray for him!

  43. where do i sign that petition???

  44. that’s why it feels so much better in this site. hmm the petition might not work but at least there’s some effort. i know the kwon leadah will stay strong. will be supporting him always.

  45. ahh. not g-dragon! 😦 first<3

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