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Idols SNSD YoonA and 2PM TaecYeon confirmed on Family Outing 2 for variety show debut

It is known that 2PM TaecYeon will join the team for Family Outing 2 after end of Family Outing 1.

A SBS Entertainment staff said on 8th January to Newsen, “TaecYeon has finally confirmed joining the team for Family Outing 2.” With that, it will be TaecYeon’s first fixed variety show appearance after his debut as part of 2PM.”

Already, it is known that celebrities like So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA, actress Kim WonHee, Yoon SangHyun, gagman Ji SangRyeol and Shin BongSeon has joined Family Outing 2.

It is revealed that there will be 8 members on the Family Outing 2 team.

Meanwhile, the last filming for Family Outing 1 will take place on 11th and 12th January.



[MyDaily source] Meanwhile it is revealed that the format for FO2 will follow about 50% of that of FO1. But it is likely that we will not be seeing the rural services like we did in FO1.

100 Responses

  1. yoona is so boring. she’s always doted on and fawned over like she’s some precious jewel or something. i hope they’ll treat her like a real person and make her do some stuff. wouldn’t mind the whole love line to make it a little more interesting. it’s gonna be different without the nation’s siblings…

    • she´s not like that at all.
      yoona´s so funny,nice and down-to-earth!
      YOU´RE JUST jealous right?!xD
      what you say about her shows you don´t know her at all..
      just watch fo

  2. no Jae Suk, Dae Sung, Hyori, Ye Jin, Chun Hee, So Roo, Jong Shin, Jong Kook means no Family Outing for me…

  3. i like the old FO members..i thought they will maintain the old cast & bring back Chun Hee & Yejin..iys ok to bring new cast but the most important maintain the old cast..i will miss jaesuk, sooro, jongshin, hyori, daesung alot…:(((

  4. i really love taec, but i seriously think they should’ve chose junho instead. he’s like the least noticed in the group, and taec is already popular enough. daesung wasn’t the most noticeable to me until he came into this show.

    that’s what i expected family outing to do. Kind of, to make some of the unpopular more popular.

  5. I’m a fan of taec but I’m not a little tiny bit of excited .

    • agreed.i always restrict myself to any negativity, but this not this one..i am crazy bout taec, but i just cant stand watching the future fo2 teasing him with yoona…and i love yoona, honestly..but not together as in taec-yoona…yoona->seunggi…taec–>ha jiwon…that would be better..

  6. OMG ❤

  7. yoona’s a really pleasant girl and out of snsd i truely believed she would be one of those i’d like if i learn to accept snsd wholeheartely..
    having said that, she’s horrible on variety though.. i thought sooyoung would be funnier or smthg.
    choose someone 4D! like kara’s nicole, 2ne1’s dara or smthg!

  8. Obviously the format of the show will change because it doesn’t appeal anymore. The ratings keep decreasing…

    For the new season, just wait and see.

  9. if its not going to be rural service settings anymore why keep the same show title? its not even going to be the same anymore.

  10. Interesting. People already jump into a conclusion before the show aired, I mean even before the whole cast line up is completed. Hmmm…..

  11. I mean. *nothing will happen

  12. Is it a family show or an idol show?
    Srsly , I’m confused about JYP.
    But I can’t do anything about it anymore.

    I should just shut up since no one will happen
    If I kept on bragging.

  13. bleh, not going to watch it

  14. woeeh! cannot wait!
    TaecYoon coupleeeeee!!!!!!!
    going to miss the others though.. =[

  15. always the first one is the best one ..
    FO season 1 is the best ..

  16. They should follow 1n2d team if they wanna boost up the ratings.

    It’s not about good looks (only 1 out of 7 members of 1n2d is cute) but people still watch the show.
    It’s the relationship, the strong brotherhood and dorky personality they portray on the show that make the rating go 30%+ every week.

    If I wanna watch Yoona or/and Taec, I could watch other idol shows.

    • They actually surpassed the 40% mark last week.

      And yes, I totally agree. FO isn’t an idol show.And plus, i thought it was a given that most idol shows don’t actually bring in massive ratings the way 1n2d and old FO does.

  17. Why Toona zomg!! I want to old FO! It used look like a family! Now it’s just like some random variety show going to the countryside. =_=

  18. im not excited for this.
    first of all, i didnt watch family outing, but im soooooooo not gonna watch it if theres a loveline between taec& yoona. they dont look good together (though that wouldnt matter if they like each other but…whatever!) and this is FAMILY outing.
    yeah, so basically im jealous of yoona lol
    i like her though. shes cute & funny.
    but im going crazy with taec’s sudden rise in popularity. before, 2pm members (besides khun) were all evenly popular….but now after he started looking older and sexier and ripping off his shirts more……..more ladies are coming at him left & right. all the idol girls cant deny he’s attractive and nowwwwwwwwwwwwwww yeah.

    ahhhhhhhhhhhh T_T

  19. no nooo they are killing F.O T.T!!

    this isn’t working for me anymore…T.T i don’t know if i will watch it….

  20. i will try to watch FO2. TRY. it really doesn’t look promising to me. no more rural activities? that means…they will play games in the countryside?? DUN WANT.

    and its so obvious everything is for the ratings. the original show of random people put together may be losing its charm

  21. am i the only one who wanted mir of mblaq to join this show? i thought he would be a perfect fit since he’s wacky and actually grew up in a farm. he would be like the maknae who is sort of like daesung with the mischievousness, but is actually not afraid to touch farm stuff. lol. he’s like a combination of sooro’s “farmer’s son” (am i right?) and daesung’s idol who doesn’t act like an idol.

    • Ikr. I dunno. Never heard yoona as funny but who knows. I thought they would put more gag people in here. Mir is perfect lol Woo too. heck even jo kwon haha

  22. People are being too negative. Treat it as a new show! When season 1 started there were no established roles. I’m excited to see how this will go even if it won’t be the same.

  23. Great. Now Family Outing is just gonna be another idol show ._. All I gotta say is… Daesung, Please don’t go back to FO2…. I’m begging you

  24. i dunno how they’re gonna make it interesting if they scrap the core of the show which is the rural setting. and then there’s the whole yoona taec thing. they’re everywhere. i love them both but dang. put someone worth the attention for once. like woogoo or junho. and sooyoung. i mean, why does that girl never get offered such things? she’s hilarious!

    anyway, i’ll still give it a try. cuz of yoon sanghyun. haha^^ he’s fantastic. elastic. lol.

  25. Wait a minute, Family outing? More like Idol outing. Sorry, but FO 2 seems like it’s gonna suck. It’s not a variety show anymore.

  26. hurmmm…
    idols are everywhere,…
    even if the rating turns out great..
    it just maybe because of the loyalty of the fans…
    FO1 attracts worldwide viewer…for a reason that we gradually fell into love with their casts after watching it for sometimes…
    some celebrities in FO1 were actually unknown to the foreigners, but we discover their identity and stardom through times…and makes FO1 as it is despite those controversies..i bet other variety show pose some controversies but what matter in FO is not the ‘fake’ set or what,its the bonding that pulls the worlld togther to wtch…
    Bet the producers realize this and that why they ve to resort to idols…
    I’m pure fan of Fo,i have all the episodes…so, this is totally a turn off to me…too much idols..i need a break for a moment…

  27. hyunjoong decline it right?
    probally he decline because he saw yoona is there.

  28. I am extremely dissapointed. i am a soshi fan and I have no problem admitting Yoona is not funny. I love taec but 2pm has funnier members.

    this sucks

  29. LOL CRAZY!!!
    Yoona is not funny?
    why not take sooyoung instead? shes funny.
    people these days..
    just taking the pretty ones.
    also no one can replace HYORI!!

    • I know..!Yoona is not that funny..Shes just acting cute..!!
      Look at the episode of her when she came..!!
      ergh annoying..!but a bit cute..lol..
      and i agree with you..they should pick the talented ones..
      Why not take 2ne1 instead..?Theyre funny and dont really care about acting cute.. 😦
      i want the old kpop and fo..

  30. wow.. no rural settings…? but that’s what family’s about? that and their obvious family-like chemistry.. :/ i’m scared for season 2..

    i will give episode one a chance.. only for taec ❤ bah! why is yoona on the show! -___- not gonna lie, i don't like that… but i don't see season 2 going too far, so i'm not worries.. and i agree with everyone else.. if there's a loveline forced in there, its gonna be hella awkward… at least taec's not going on wgm! hehehe..

    and i REALLY wish they didn't pick taec.. he's getting way too overexposed lately… why not junho/wooyoung? junho's HILARIOUS but never really gets camera time and this would be a great way to show him off.. and wooyoung, who doesn't love that ssanti boy? he's made for variety shows.. definitely would be the next daesung…

    MAN. what happened? FO used to be my favorite show… ):

    • I feel the same. Why not Wooyoung or Junho?? Taec is getting all the exposure.

      Yoona also shouldn’t have been picked. Sooyoung is much much much funnier.

  31. I don’t get why people assuming a loveline between Yoong n Taec. Taec is older than Yoong so they can be bro-sis in this case. We all know their chemistry as lover is awkward but as siblings i think they’re going to be fun….XD
    I honestly like the cast. They have 2 more places, rite? please add 2 crazy bombs!!! LOL
    No more eyecandies but all I need is BOMBS…. like JangDongmin, Jung Joori, YooChaeYoung, KimJaeDong or other crazy comedians….

    All de bez to them.

  32. i’m sorry, i like Yoona & Taec, but only one of them should join.
    i don’t like FO to be a LOVE SHOW or something. and if this is the case, i don’t like DAESUNG to join anymore. with all the DaexYoona in FO1, im sure it will brought awkwardness in FO2. so….. i dunno.

    • Aww….I found that really fun. Oh well, even though I am a hardcore fan of Yoona’s, I still think no one can beat Hyori. But I’m still glad that Yoona joined!

  33. oh plz.
    I love Taec and Yoona. but no please.
    they are everywhere.

    why not Junho or WooYoung? or SooYoung?
    they got the “vibe” for this kind of show.

    remember the episode with Yoona? omg. >_< I hope it's not going to be the same during the whole season.

    • yeahh…. i want sooyoung too ^^

    • I know! all the guys were like drooling over her and she wasn’t even funny when the show is supposed to be funny. I think Ha Jiwon was better than her and even they wanted to get someone out of 2pm and snsd, just like everyone else is saying, they should have picked wooyoung, junho, or sooyoung

  34. uhm… XD!! Tae y Yoona ??
    hubiese preferido a Woo o chansung XD!! y a cualquier otra chica de otro grupo … hubiese preferido a NarSha de las BEG en serio o a una 2NE1 Dara, bom o CL y me preocupa que este creciendo más los Antis de los 2pm porq’ tenian q’ poner a una SNSD espero Q’ esto no afecte a los 2pm y Q’ a tae no se le ocurra hacer nada q’ moleste a los Soshis del terror en fin ..!1 gracia spor la info =D!!

  35. does anyone else think they use yoona too much?
    i mean i love the girl, but i feel bad that the other members dont get as much attention. same goes with taecyeon.

    i think SNSD SOOYOUNG should have been asked (halarious on shows and quick witted)
    and 2PM WOOYOUNG or JUNHO should have been asked (also both funny and talented)

    • I AGREE!!! Yoona is a sweet and gorgeous girl, but so are the other members of SNSD.
      And lol Wooyoung on variety shows again would be amazing. ^-^ ssanti dancee!!!

  36. i don’t think this cast is going to work. and please enough of taecyeon and yoona.

  37. Idk, i kind of ship yoonaxkhun. I don’t really mind either of them, but eh, the felling’s mutual. Good luck to them though, seems like they’ll get a ton of shit before even being on this show. Was kind of hoping 2PM reunited before either one went on a variety show…but I guess JYP really is screwed, what with all their debts and such that they have to pimp 2PM as much as they can. Sighs.

  38. It should be other members in the group except yoona Someone funny may be sooyoung

    • WOW! thats EXACTLY what i said! yay

    • I agreed~ sooyoung is way funnier than yoona XD they should’ve pick sooyoung or KARA- park gyuri XD but i’ll watch the second season and i’m sure i’m gonna miss hyori unni ^^

    • sooyoung is hilarious! and she doesn’t try to act funny like Yoona. And I love how the other members are scared of her, watch snsd intimate note and you’ll see the real sooyoung

  39. i wish people would stop saying FO 2 wont be as good before it even airs. watch then criticize. i will miss the national siblings and dumb and dumber though but excited for the new season.

  40. they should call this an idol show instead. I’ve been reading comments from both sides on other forums and it sure as heck ain’t nice to read.

    JYP once promised Hottests that he won’t allow 1:59 to attend any variety shows because of Jae and only focus on music, but since he’s starting off with Taec attending a variety show and broke that promise, could it be giving the possibilty of LEADJA coming back? Could this be a sign?

    Honestly, I could care less if it’s Taec as one of the members of FO, but i’d rather have Wooyoung instead of him. I don’t have anything against Yoona or any SNSD members, but tbh I want to see other girl groups doing this. It seems like the producers only had one choice, it’s either a member from 2PM or SNSD. Two of most korea’s top idol groups. It’s a given fact that both groups are more experienced in variety shows seeing as they’ve been in the industry for quite long, but seriously I don’t think Yoona/Taec is FO material. But who am i to judge right? The have not started yet, so I’ll just wait till it airs and judge it.

    I’m anticipating this new season. There’s already an increase of antifans from both groups ever since this news was nade public. It is either they just can’t accept the fact that the PD will put Taec and Yoona in one show because of the whole pairing shit or because JYPE broke the promise he made to the fans. Maybe both.

    • maybe also because “it’s taec again?!”

      when rumours start circulating abt having a 2pm member, i was hoping for wooyoung too. wy for his ssanti-ness that suits variety show, and would be somewhat familiar to daesung, throwing the idol image away. or maybe junho, with his variety-eagerness. or chansung.

      srsly, as much as i love taec, i think he had enough exposure and popularity already. time to rotate the members’ exposure if they are really coming out on variety shows.

    • as hottest i’m also waiting eagerly to see 2PM members join variety shows but deep down my heart i felt uneasy becoz jay’s matter didn’t solve yet..before this jyp said 2PM won’t promoting second single after heartbeat but still they continue promoting 2nd single..then he said 2PM won’t joining any variety show until jay’s matter resolve..but what happen now is completely different from what he said..it makes me thinking before this he said if jay comeback he will join 2PM & not to debut solo..maybe the truth is Jay won’t comeback & 2PM will continue promoting as 6 members..before this i felt hottest who boycott 2PM is kind of selfish but at this moment i have to admit what they did is actually the right thing becoz they knew that JYP has the power to bring back jay..actually we are not suppose juz waiting jay to comeback but waiting for JYP to bring back Jay..

    • What if is a sign, I sure hope so. I do think that Wooyoung would be a little more fun, but have seen how quiet he’s been since Jay left, it’s like his personality was fading. But hopefully it does mean jay is coming back so we can get leader and the real Wooyoung back.

  41. im somewhat upset over the rural services thing that made the show really funny but the writers will find a way to compensate for that it may be even better than before i hope the show is a hit and yay taecyeon i like yoona 2 so im excited

  42. Not really excited about this. Too much “idol stars”. Putting them on shows will undoubtedly give short-term stimulus for rating, but will it last? Will the chemistry between the cast be forged as easily as FO1 members were able to do? And can they compete against the “realness” of 1n2d in ratings?

    I don’t know. But I highly doubted it.

  43. didn’t JYP announced that 1:59 members are not going to appear on variety shows? so why make Taec appear on one and not have the other members attend any variety shows?

    anyways, I want Daessssung on FO2! Yoona-Taec-Daesung love triangle would probably be epic IF YG let him be part of the show, but it seems to impossible.

  44. Still hoping that they would put Jo Kwon on the show…but I can see that it’s impossible.. =(

  45. I get the feeling that if Daesung joins, all hope is not lost! xD
    please YG, keep him in there. we need something from the first season to keep this show going!

    • Dae would be working with his own album and BB’s comeback this year I think.

    • eventho i luv him, i dun want him to be in FO2. it just wont be da same with da new cast.

      • true.. but still.. you would feel atleast something from season one would keep season two there for you. but i agree.. it wont be the same.. FO1 was too good and the cast really worked well together. i just think dae would bring that to FO2, and they wouldn’t be awkward or something

        meh, i dunno.. must be BB withdrawl or something.. 😐

      • i think it would just be awkward to watch FO with all those idols. heck the only korean variety shows i watch are 1n2d and FO because there arent any idols[except Seungi, Ji won, and Daesung but they are more laid back and un idol like]… and i agree, i dont want daesung in season 2. He’s got enough on his plate with the drama, upcoming solo, japan concert, BB album, Big Show concert, and other stuff.
        i think SBS should just scrap FO and create a new show with the new cast. Really 50% of FO is already like many other variety shows and since the cast is different it wouldnt hurt to make a new program. plus current FO wont feel disappointed and new fans will love the show.

      • @dottod,

        I agree about scrapping the show completely. i mean, if they are changing the format as much as they plan, they may as well call it something else.

        And it would be awkward watching all those idols.. but still.. for me, its Dae.. he doesnt seem idol like and is as funny as hell, but then again, that’s just me.

        I guess its cause of the Big Bang withdrawl, that Daesung on FO is the only thing i got, but even that is being taken away. -_-

  46. this show will only sink if people let FO1 over shadow. of course without the old cast its no the same. they are not trying to be the same. they are trying to move forward. thats what all shows do. anyways, QUEEN KIM WON HEE! BOW DOWN TO HER GREATNESS!

  47. I will miss Hyori, Jaesuk & the rest of the cast… they were all funny. I don’t think FO 2 will work…

  48. So if 6 members have been announced, there’s still 2 to go …..

    Rural services ??? Like farming/fishing/harvesting, etc.?!!
    I really enjoy it when they go fishing and catch animals.

    I was hoping the main concept would be more-or-less the same…. :3 Maybe not.

  49. OMG something to look forward to! HAHAHAH Fandom is exciting again! Fangirls killing and grilling each other. :))) DAMNNNN hahaha

  50. WOOOOO!!! Totally going to watch it for Taecyeon!!!

  51. it will be another netizens complaining about this new show and format like…Intimate Note. bleh!

  52. I should be happy but I’m really not…
    All Hottests can understand why and it has nothing to do with jealousy for Yoona…

  53. They really know how to cause some scandal! Hope to see Yoona soon!

  54. KARA’s Nicole >> SNSD’s Yoona

    Don’t even deny it. =)

    • lol..funny you cmparing them…
      the natural beauty always win…

    • LOL hara >>>>>>>>>Nicole
      and Yoona >>>>>>>>>>hara
      cant wait for FO2…

      • Well, maybe not Hara> Nicole (Hara is always a threat for yoona, and as a Yoona fan, I don’t like her, plus she’s not a natural beauty like Yoona), but I agree, Yoona beats them both. Gyuri’s really funny tho.

    • LMAO nice joke
      yoona is like a godness
      don´t misunderstand me
      i love nicole
      but they´re no match xD

  55. I’m not watching this show if they’re going to pretend to have a loveline. That is soooooo not what FO is about.

    • they are supposed to be a family, if they start with official lovelines that would be odd….

    • so true…honestly this season is probably gonna bomb..i mean seriously no Nation’s Siblings, No Stepmom-Game Devil, No Elder, No dumb & dumber..w/o them i don’t see this season going far…

      • Me too. And it’s not even because I’m getting jealous [Yoona and Taec don not even have chemistry to begin with], but because those lovelines are just plain unnecessary on a fun show like FO.

      • Agreed. FO2 better not be just another mere group of people going in the country side -_-
        There’s a lot of shows like that lately, but FO stood out for all the reasons you mentioned.

      • Although I’m not a fan of this sibling either, neither was I when FO1 came out. I only started to watch for Daesung. And it was with time that the stepmom-devil, elder, dumb&dumber thing started. So let’s all be optimistic and hope that this season can have some interesting characters as well.

        …but I agree with the opinion that Yoona, Taecyeon & Yoon Sanghyun were brought in for ratings. I too hope that they won’t make this a Yoona&Taec loveshow or a SNSD/2PM centered show. Otherwise, it will fail because only a small proportion of people will care much about an idol-centered show. (Remember all the SNSD-centered shows? I mean, it was great for them to have their own shows but…ratings sucked.)

    • Wasn’t there a thing between Kim Jong Gook yejin and hyori?

      • that was teasing. lol. it was never a thing cuz yejin and hyori were “sisters”.

    • agree. if they start getting “awkward” with each other…urgh. or when male/female guests come and wants to “get close” to Yoona or Taec and the other party gets “jealous”… just no.

  56. no offense to the new family, fans of them as individuals as well…

    but family outing 2 is going to suck.

    • That’s what she said

    • Korean Entertainment is different.
      They are up for high ratings so they choose eye candies (Yoona,Taeckyeon and SangHyun).

    • totally agree…I was hoping they’d go for more of a ‘family’ image like the original FO, but it seems they want a star studded family that will pull in viewers…

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