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SNSD YoonA, “I want to get married and live like Sean-Jung HyeYeong couple”

So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA reveals that, “My top life goal is to get a normal marriage and live being loved.”

So Nyeo Shi Dae participated in the recent filming of MTV ‘Girls On Top 2’ and the girls talked about marriages, complex and lifestyle, their dreams as women and not as girls.

YoonA was recently given a nickname of ‘elementary school boy’ by netizens and she voiced, “Do I really look like an elementary school kid, I want to be a woman”.

And talking about marriage, she said, “I thought of Sean and Jung HyeYeong as the ideal couple. My top life goal and dream is to get married and live like them. My ideal type of guy is one whose appearance is sweet but manly.”

Meanwhile, YoonA, who is the dream girl of many men, has also bodyparts which she does not want to show. She said, “Because my feet are not small and pretty like girl’s feet, I don’t like to go around barefootdd.”

The episode of Girl On Top 2 featuring the So Nyeo Shi Dae girls will be aired in 2 parts on 8th and 16th January.


24 Responses

  1. Agreeeeeeeeeed… I love Sean-Jung HyeYeong couple 🙂 They’re so cute together and they are totally in love with each other 😀

  2. I think she will have ALOT of options when she decides it’s time to find a husband.

  3. I think GD would suite her cause he is in YG just like Sean !
    XD haha *randomness*

    • If that does happen, Daragon fans are gonna start cutting YoonA up. LMFAO.

    • i will cut GD up instead coz boy must be crazy to choose Yoona. they two don’t match at all haha

      • actually gd and yoona were on a show together before and they looked hella cute. yes, that was before gd started dressing crazy..

  4. I think 2PM’s Nichkhun is very suit her as he is really sweet (cutieeee) and has chocolate abs (beastly) at the same time…ke ke.

  5. who doesn’t want to get married like sean and jung hye young?

  6. I am sure yoong unnie will have her wish come true someday~ ^o^

    Thanks sookyeong unnie for the updates~ XD

  7. Yoona is so cute and funny… love her in Hello Baby…
    YoonA Fighting!!!




    • y so emo?
      she’s cute little kid for me, since i’m her unnie fan..
      n yeah, she can be a great woman too

    • LOL I think Netizens meant it in a joking way.
      Yuri called her that during Intimate note to depict her way of joking….XD

      I want Yoona to find a nice guy like Sean of course.
      A good husband n daddy….

    • relax your balls sack mate

    • lol that’s her nickname. Yoonchoding/Im Choding (elementary school kid) Netizens didn’t mean anything bad about it. We’re netizens too.. I like her choding like attitude lol

    • dang, what’s with the capital letters.
      you’re saying you don’t understand why netizens say things like that, yet you’re the one calling them idiots..

  9. in a way i think lee seung gi would really be the ideal type of guy then

    because lee seung gi is now like the definition of sweet but manly

  10. Too bad she’s chained to SM for another 11 years.

    • lol.. she can’t get married before 30.

      perhaps she’ll be next SMer who will file lawsuit

      • actually, her 11years is not started when snsd debut, 2007..it’s started when she start modelling….like way younger

      • @ jaejoonglover
        SM can always extend it whenever they feel like it, though, like what happened to hankyung =/

    • wooo…i dun like to say this but..taecyoon couple would be great.dorky beast marries beauty.

      • hahahs yeah. at first i thought it was kinda weird, but they sorta look cute (: and taec totally fits “sweet and manly” (:

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