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MBC Music Core 09.01.2010 – Jo Kwon and GaIn perform ‘We Fell In Love’ live!

2AM Jo Kwon and Brown Eyed Girls GaIn did a special stage with the live performance of their duet song ‘We Fell In Love’ for MBC We Got Married on Music Core on 9th January.

Also under the cut are performance cuts for the show including:

  • HyunA‘s solo stage with ‘Change’
  • F.cuz‘s debut stage on MuCore with ‘Jiggy’
  • Jewelry‘s goodbye stage with ‘Love Story
  • Hot performances by After School, BEAST, SHINee, T-ara, YounHa, Brian etc.

Goodbye Stage

  • Jewelry with ‘Love Story’

Special Stage

  • GaIn & JoKwon with ‘We Fell In Love’

First Solo

  • HyunA (feat. BEAST Jun Hyung) with ‘Change’

Hot Stage

  • SHINee with ‘JoJo’
  • After School with ‘Because Of You’
  • T-ara with ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’
  • BEAST with ‘Mystery’

New Song

  • F.cuz with ‘Jiggy’
  • Shin Seung Hoon with ‘Fool For Love’
  • Hwayobi & Go Yoo Jin with ‘Ghost’
  • Lucy with ‘1 Year, 365 Days’

Music stages

  • IU with ‘Marshmallow’
  • Brian with ‘My Girl’ – He hurt his ankle during the performance
  • Hong Jin Young with ‘Battery Love (remix ver.)’
  • Younha with ‘I Broke Up Today’
  • Kang Jong Kook with ‘Laugh’
  • H-Eugene (with IU) with ‘Love Alarm’
  • AB Avenue with ‘I Love You Guys’
  • Lee Na with ‘Planting Flowers’

32 Responses

  1. whoa..i didn’t realize that jokwon’s hair was like…red. weird.

  2. can i spazz? okay..i’m gonna spazz…
    UMM…KWONNIE-OPPA, GAIN-UNNIE…I THINK YOU GUYS HAVE ENOUGH SIGNS NOW (dot dot dot dot dot…lol i couldn’t resist) THAT PEOPLE ACCEPT YOU GUYS TOGETHER. AND YOU GUYS ARE OBVIOUSLY ADORABLE AND WE CAN ALL SEE THE LOVE. haha. anywayss…i don’t want to force anything…but…DATE! or get MARRIED. anyways, bye.
    p.p.s. you guys should make a whole album together. do a side project. form a duo called “adam”. LOL.
    p.p.p.s. you guys should go on tour together.
    p.p.p.p.s. you should perform on music core every single week.
    p.p.p.p.p.s. your performance on music core was amazing. it was perfect. except for kwonnie-oppa’s hat. gain-unnie looked soo pretty..and kwonnie-oppa would’ve looked perfect without the hat. we wanna see your beautiful hair (:
    p.p.p.p.p.p.s. this is what happens to lame high schoolers with no love life…they obsess over fake (hopefully real) couples…and they spend their whole week looking forward to watching them for 30 minutes every saturday…and they watch each episode about three times…

  3. Gain & JoKwon awww love’s in the air ♥

  4. LOL! Eunjung at the end!
    how adorable!

  5. I really enjoy Gain and Kwon’s performance. I fell in love with this song when it was released. Gain was giddy and that makes her adorable. I think they both enjoyed the song. Kwon, ahh, kissing Gain’s hand is very cute. Yes, I think they should date for real. I also hope they will promote this in other music shows too. I would like them to see win.

  6. And Younha looked so sick and tired! She needs more rest. T-T

  7. I loved Kwon+Gain’s perf. ^^ It was super sweet and they sounded great. :] I wish they were doing more perfs.

    BEAST was extra hot. 8D I liked their stage too.

    Brian! Enjoyed his perf. =D He’s not performing tomorrow. Tomorrow’s his bday!!!

    Hyuna did better in this perf than yesterday’s. She had loud fanchants. ^^ I liked her outfit more too.


  9. Ga In and Jo Kwon looks so cute and good together. =))

  10. Hyunaaaaaaah
    I like her outfit better in Music Bank but this perf was better.

  11. Nobody notice that they were wearing the ring. Well they botth threw that same heart ring on their finger

  12. OMG.. the performance of Gain n Jo Kwon is sooooo sweet~~~ Gain look so cute today… *loves*

  13. Hyuna as usual so hot and powerful. I really like the rap in her sng

    Younha please rest!!

    Can’t wait for T-ara’s next promotion

  14. Im so proud of Hyuna .. till now she is doing a great job I liked both of her performances but I agree today performance was even much better than yesterday and I expect her to get better with each performance also I liked how the fans were showing their support to Hyuna … I think anyone who see Hyuna performance can till that this girl will have amazing future she has a powerful stage present plus she is powerful dancer yes vocally she is weak but half of the kpop idols cant really sing and i feel like Koreans don’t really care if their idols cant sing anyone Hyuna fighting

    • **presence**

    • the backtrack for her was louder then yesterday so it covered her weaknesses. *not to be a downer or anything*

      • o.0 sorry but ur being a total downer the girl did a great job today and yet ur using the loud backtrack as excuse to say that she did not do good when in reality she did a great job… even if the backtrack was loud but u can still clearly hear her voice plus today she was more confident and her stage presence and her dance moves was more powerful than yesterday and I’m sure that the backtrack cant cover for that

      • I never said she didnt do a good job.
        wow be defensive but don’t twist my words.

      • … just pointed out the fact that the backtrack was louder today, which is a mere statement of fact. mubank usually has softer backtracks so we can hear the voices of the artists more clearly.. no need to get all defensive.. everyone agrees hyuna did well today..

        i may be the only one, but i liked yesterday’s stage better. with her grand entrance and all.. dancing today was superb as usual. can’t wait for inki tom (:

  15. Jokwon and ga-in even drew couple rings!! ^^ And when he sang the line “You deserve the most beautiful things” he looked at her hand!! So cute!!!!

  16. ga-in and jo kwonnnn~~~! 😀
    they’re so cute together

  17. Dang, After School is going all out, those clothes look really expensive. Gahee – diamonds on my wrist, diamonds on my wrist.

    Sad farewell for Jewelry.
    2PM’s farewell stage next wekk. =[

  18. Ya, basically. They don’t give out awards so Music Core just lets their Top Artist of the week go last as Finale.

  19. Who was Finale on Music core today since 2PM wasn’t there? Don’t tell me T-Ara?

  20. HyunA is so MUCH BETTER than yesterday
    Yesterday maybe like Hot Issue debut, she ‘s too nervous. I think she cried after the perfomance today 🙂

    U r the Queen HyunA ah, fighting
    A little wild horse now become a Queen already

  21. that right..kwon ah..ask her to go date for real..plese!!!

  22. omgh. younha seems SSSOOO sick. she should rest.

    and jewerly was awesome as usual, although jugah seems weaker during “love story” promotions than before. is it cuz she just got well from H1N1?

    what is up with all of them getting sick?? T.T

  23. Kwonnie&GaIn unnie should DATE FOR REALZ!
    their perfect for each other<3(:

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