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Netizens vote Lee SeungGi and Kim TaeHee as the #1 celebrities who will continue to remain single in 2010

Actress Kim TaeHee and all-round entertainer Lee SeungGi has been voted as the #1 celebrities netizens think will remain solo/single for the year 2010.

During KBS 2TV Entertainment Relay aired on 9th January, about 12,000 viewers did a survey on the poll ‘The celebrity who will remain single this year’.

And Kim TaeHee and Lee SeungGi are were voted #1 for the female and mae celebrity category with 20.3% and 20.4% of votes. Following behind are Lee Hyori and Kim HyunJoong at #2, and Kim HyeSoo and Rain at #3.

At #4 are actors Han YeSeul and Bae YoungJoon, and Son YeJin and Jo InSung at #5.

The results to the poll “Celebrities who will get married this year’ are also announced on the show.

Kim JaeDong, Lee HwiJae and Kim GunMo are voted top 3 on the poll.

S: StarNews

13 Responses

  1. these beautiful people in this poll should just pair up with each other….

  2. Lee seung gi and kim tae hee lol!

  3. yeah I would like to see Kim Jae Dong get married. I miss him on SGB!

    Lee Seung Gi, i can agree, but Kim Tae Hee? poor thing..she’s not getting any younger!

  4. Kpop people love to do those mundane poles. Bet you’ll never find that kind of thins in others place. mundane but some kind unique … amusing

  5. Lol lol weird polling.
    So they are artist who have to stay single 4 fans in 2010? ^^
    haha hyunjoong and hyori in #2

  6. i don’t know. is this even a compliment?

  7. Haha! My gad.

  8. lol why dont they do a poll on celebs most likely to have a secret lover in 2010.
    that’ll be more interesting haha.

  9. what kind of poll is this, i don’t even…
    was LOL-ing, though =X

  10. With an awkward shirt like that, of course Kim Tae Hee will stay single! JK. I have a weirdness for noticing bad placement of decorations on shirts.

  11. Lee seung gi ❤
    hahahha , who knows ?

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