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Park HaeJin for perfect female transformation on Family Outing!

Actor Park HaeJin transformed into a female perfectly.

Park HaeJin took part in the ‘Miss Family’ competition on Family Outing aired on 10th January.

The team which loses at ‘Miss Family’ will face the fate of going out for crab fishing at dawn. There were 2 teams – DaeSung team consisting of himself, Yoon JongShin, Kim SooRo and Jo HanSeon; and Yoo JaeSeok team consisting of himself, Kim JongKook, Park HaeJin and Kim SeongSoo. DaeSung team did T-ara’s ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’ performance while Yoo JaeSeok team did 2PM ‘Heartbeat’ performance.

And what was surprising was Park HaeJin dressed as a female, he had looked really pretty in the dressup and to much surprise of the other Family members.

Meanwhile, the winner team was DaeSung’s team and Yoo JaeSeok team had to go out for crab fishing at dawn.


Park HaeJin and Jo HanSeon in one episode is daebak!! ><

Just watching them preparing for their performances is funny enough! haha

And it was funny in the beginning when they were watching Fin.K.L’s performance that they keep picking at Hyori’s choreography mistakes

See the members dressed up as females in the later part of 2nd part


42 Responses

  1. i just watched this with subs~ He looks soooo prettty!! he looks like Jiyeon from T-ara when she had short blonde hair during TTL http://img251.imageshack.us/i/9ao771251.jpg/

  2. …is it just me or does he look like nicole? lol

  3. OMG, and I thought he was lee hyori !!!!
    then she appeared, and I said….wow..she has twin !!!!!!!
    he is pretty as a girl..not as a man lol

  4. i thought he was Hyori at first! HAHAHAH!
    omg sorry haejin πŸ˜›

  5. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O_o *screaming*
    i thought he’s a real women .. ><
    coz i don't know him and i didn't recognize that he's
    a man .. .. he looks pretty as
    a women … WTH!!!! sorry guys but .. i'll just shut up =_=

  6. i was watching this via streaming… and at first i couldnt recognize him… he looked sooo pretty, and some angles, he looked like hyori!! hahaha!!
    i wanted to pause and rewind this thing coz i couldnt believe my eyes… so now im gonna go watch it on youtube and BELIEVE.

  7. he looks like lee hyori….

  8. omg i didnt even realise that it was haejin after reading the title -o- haejin is a pretty girl XDDD

  9. LOL when i first watched the cuts from their ‘heartbeat’ parody i thought he’s the female guest!hahaha

  10. llololol he looks like Lee Hyori

  11. i can see hyori in haejin^^

  12. holy crap haejin

  13. OH HYORI <- my thoughts.
    actually, he looks like a hyori with boa's new hair xD

  14. LOL. I watched the videos of the parodies. Hilarious.

    Kim Suro! Oh my he took me by surprise.

  15. I swear, daesung looked just like minji during bo beep bo beep

  16. homygohd. he looks really pretty its not even funny. O: im actually amazed. its like. O.O

  17. Disgusting

  18. Omona! How could HaeJin transform into such a pretty girl;O At least he doesn’t look bad as a girl;p

  19. I can’t believe my eyes, Haejin looks just like Hyori!!! its scary.

  20. o_O he looks like Yoon Eun Hye mixed with Jiyoon from T-ara

  21. dangggg! haejin’s that girl?
    ohmy, he could pass as a girl in that outfit ;]

  22. … I was watching the parody videos just now, and honestly thought he was a girl, especially since the quality wasn’t good yet. … OMO.

    The Bo peep parody was hilarious hahahaha. Daesung team was just wacky.

  23. OMG!!!!!!!!He looks really pretty…I can’t stop laughing…SO PRETTY^^

  24. haha he reminds me of hyori & nicole :DDDDDD
    he looks so pretty x3

  25. he looked like his co-star in hot blood.. jo yoon hee. so cute πŸ˜€

  26. LOL.. he’s so pretty!!

  27. crap, I’m seeing Hwang Bo in PHJ.. too much alchohol >.<

  28. omg i thou he’s a she before i read the actor in front of his name!!
    he’s pretty!

  29. oh my god, he looks like a real girl!

  30. Today episode is very funny.
    Kim SeongSoo surprised me a lot, he’s damn hilarious and handsome.
    Heartbeat parody! LOL

  31. oh god, we found hyori’s twin!!

  32. haejin rly looked like hyori in the video. mann.

  33. Oh, my, god. It’s freakish how womanly he looks! He could fool people!

  34. Wow, just from looking at the cap, Haejin really looks like a pretty lady~ o:

    LOLOL @ Daesung in the back with his flaming red wig. XDDD

    This EP sounds good! ^^

  35. sorry for asking…
    who’s park hae jin
    [stupid me]
    i thought it’s a woman…
    he really looks like a girl!!

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