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Sean and Jung HyeYeong reveals most recent of youngest son HaYul!

Representative celebrity couple Sean and Jung HyeYeong reveals the most recent photo of their youngest child Ha Yul.

The photos were posted up on Sean‘s minihompy on 9th January, and HaYul who was born last June was seen wearing a pink outfit with a pink hat decorated with a flower.

The title of the post went ‘Boy Over Flower’ and Sean wrote, “Recently we kept taking photos of HaYul which brings smiles to omma^^ HaYul also smiles^^”

Netizens’ comments to the photos were, ‘HaEummie, HaRangie and HaYulie are all really really beautiful”, “The hat suits him and he has grown so much since previously”, “how can a baby be so cute?” etc.

S: TVDaily

HaYul previously

27 Responses

  1. soooo cute.

    “how can a baby be so cute?” – lol, this just sounds weird. like “how can a monster be so scary?”

  2. OMO… kyupta! ^^

  3. I would kidnap this baby in this instant ^_______^ It’s so adorableeeeeee

  4. when the baby smiled, it was the cutest thing ever…omg.

  5. such a cute baby ❤

    Sean posted more pics of the kids on his cyworld


  6. His daddy is cute! LOL.
    Sean is so cute and has that thug, rough appeal. Such a turn-on!

    And this post was about the baby! LOL!

  7. awwww so cute

    a YG baby ! <33

  8. How can a family be so perfect?!!! ahhh so jealous!

  9. Awwww… he looks like my nephew. Sean’s family is just perfect.

  10. OMG My favorite family (:
    Theee kids are tooo adorable.
    I ❤ Sean-HyeYeong

  11. kyaaa so cute ~~ they’re my fav family ^^

  12. Cute baby >0< kkotboda agi kkkk~

  13. omgaad i’m stealing him

  14. SO CUTE!!

  15. So cute!

  16. they have the cutest babies ever! <33

  17. awwwwww ❤

  18. perfect family ❤

  19. ^^ Awww boy over flower, lol.

    The whole family is adorable!! ❤

  20. omg, he is unbelievably cute, the noonas are already falling for the little guy 🙂

  21. Beautiflul couple, beautiful childeren.. Cute ! =D

  22. Ahhh, I love these two. Their children are so adorable as well.

  23. dammit, i just wanna squishhhhh the whole family. can they be any more perfect?

  24. This couple is daebak!!! Love them

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